Sadda Haq 11th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 11th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says yes as soon as sanyu leaves. A guy stares at him. He says what leave.
Vidushi says in her room I will be sleeping on this bed all alone no one will disturb me. She has merged her bed with sanyu’s. Kaustuki says your happiness is for a short time only.

Sanyu comes in. vidushi is shocked. Sanyu says hi vidushi. Vidushi says I thought you will spent your emaining time with family. Sanyu says me engagement is cancelled. So can we convert this double bed again into single and please empty my shelf too. Vidushi says I heart why I went to your engagement nothing happened and my face is burnt. Kaustuki asks why you lied to her?

Scene 2
Yo yo is doing ragging of newcomers. He is making them dance with each other. Randhir comes there and says go boys party

is over. Yo yo says what happened to you ? You wer beating a guy and now you are feeling bad for these kids. Randhir says someone has come. yo yo who has come. Randhir says I mean official have come. His friend says isn’t he glowing like you glow when you see bhabhi.

SAnyu says to kaustuki I have to lie. randhir should not know. Kaustuki says so you will be lying to everyone. Sanyu says I have to do this for the dream team.

Everyone is in line to get the form. SAhil says hi to Sanyu and says its good to see you. I thought I will never see you again. PArth comes, sanyu is about to say hi but he moves forward. Some young boys taunt at sanyu and vidushi. They say I thought there will be young girls but look at the burnt faces here.
Parth goes to them and says will you go from here or should I send you? He says I am warning to not to mis behave with seniors. Vidushi says him thanks. He sayus you should not apply this make up accept the reality.
Sanyu stop parth and says I wanna thank you but he leaves.

Sanyu says to kaustuki why are you upset ? Kausuki says I will be alone after two months. Sanyu says go to hostel I will be there.

Scene 3
Sanyu comes to Vardhan. He says I am impressed that you motivated Randhir. Sanyu says but I lied gto everyone what will say to everyone when I have to leave after two months. I can’t lie all these couple of months.

Vardhan sasy what is this non sense. Just for once can you think about others. Think about dream team. Sanyu says how will I tell him suddenly that I was lying for two months.

There Randhir is getting ready in his room. He has shaved and changes. Parth comes in Randhir asks whom did you fight now ? Parth says since people like vidushi are here do I need someone else. Randhir says have you seen vidushi and sanyu;s faces. that’s the reason why hher engagement got cancelled. parth says just canceled for sometime. SHe belongs to a good family. SHe will get some good guy. This upsets Randhir a bit.

Vardhan says to sanyu stop thinking like you are doing something wrong. You can do anything to motivate someone. Sanyu leaves. He gets a call from doctor.

Vidushi comes to the book bank. She says how can I stand in such a long queue. She starts saying hi to everyone. but no one is impressed because of her face.

Vidushi goes to Sahil and ays my face is ruined because of sanyu. SAhil says please let me study. Vidushi sasy to hell with it. AS much as I knew her engagement got postponed not canceled. Randhir is over hearing them.
Randhir comes in and asks vidushi what were you saying about her engagement ? Visuhi says I thought its just postponed but its canceled now. But what he will get some other guy. they are rich and powerful. Randhri says as if I care. Should have left this time. I have to tolerate her more.

Scene 4
Sanyu says to kaustuki I have to lie. I really tried to make sir vardhna understand but he didn’t agree. That’s in a way better for Randhir. I really love my engineering and these machines.
Randhir comes there and listens to their conversation. Sanyu says papa always wanted me to get married, either it be SAmir or anyone I don’t care. I hate these relationships and weddings. Kaustuki says why don’t you get married to a machine. They both laugh.
Sanyu says to kaustuki I have to marry a machine. they are better than boys not demands no issues.

Vardhan goes to her dad. He asks doctor is he eating well ? He says yes. his dad asks why are you so late ? why don’t you take me out with you? They don’t tell me about anything. They don’t get me the newspaper I don’t know what’s going on outside. They keep using this weird thing. Vardhan says its called mobile. Its a new technology. papa says oh yeah technology. I have to solve these questions. They wanted me to sell this technology to them. I refused so someone came and did hit me in my head. Who was he ? Suddenly Mr. rao forgets who is vardhan. He says doctor who is he ? Throw him out. Doctor says he is your son. Vardhan says papa this is me. Rao shouts no I don’t wanna meet anyone. ASk him to leave. Doctors inject in him, a tranquilizer.

Scene 5
At night Varhdan is in his room. He recalls what maya said. He looks at two photos and says one of them tried to kill papa. They were in front of me and I never doubted them. He says now I won’t leave the person who did this to my dad.

Precap- Vardhan looks at a picture and says you did this to my dad, I am gonna kill you.
Parth wonders has Varhdan seen the file and got to know who did tjis to his dad ? He goes to vardhan’s room and sees the crumpled photo.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. DS

    —Vidushi – banaa diya khud ko laughing stock…

    —Randhir to yo-yo : while yoyo is ragging juniors – randhir kehtha hai – chalo guys, party is over…. bachhe hai yo-yo kahtha hai, arre randir paaji, thodi der pehle aap mandir ki ghanti ki tarah kisi bachhe ko maar rahe the…. ha ha…. 😛

    —Sanyu is focussed only on engg….

    I AM AGAINST FAKE ♡…… Randhir pls don’t make a fool of yourself…. sanyu ka peechaa karna chod de, aane do usse tere peeche…

  2. DS

    guys, pls clear my doubt…. pls bear with my ignorance… no laughing….

    i thought the trophy won by FITE in Techfest wlll be retained / kept in college itself as a treasure / sign / remembrance of victory… I also thought apart from merit certificates, every contestant wl b given medals… how come sanyu alone gets the trophy???? i know she was the captain of Techfest….. still…..

  3. DS

    yoyo paaji, jab kaustuki 1st year me thi, tab bhi aap usske senior the 3rd year, ab woh 3rd year me aa gayi hai, ab bhi aap 3rd year me ho… kam se kam iss saal kaustuki ke saath saath pass ho jao… & what was that u telling ur friends y/day – darjeeling me kyaa hua thaa, us baat ko chodo, ab kaustuki meri class me aa gayi hai!!! u were proud & happy abt it… lol!!! kamaal karthe ho ji……

  4. Srsly sayun sys she dont lyk relationshps!! I mean wth ??? She is bhvng so mean..m actly not lyking the way she thinks…poor randhir. Juz go away frm her she dont evn care abt him …i juz wnt randhir to strt ignring her bht hogaya!! She shld undrstd his value …tab patachalega!!

  5. Pooja i’vd too scene pokemon, bayblade, digimon and den bakugan, mirmo, hayate the combat butler, nobody’s girl, shakugan no shana and many more. Yes im der in facebook and u can b my frnd.

  6. AN

    any one who’s 13 here ????????? just a little curiosity ….. cuz i’m just 13…..
    good epi by the way and vardhan sir did an excellent job ……….
    randhir looks good in today’s epi or yesterdays ??????

      • AN

        my mate is a verry big fan of sandhir she’s really 12 years we discuss abt SH almost all the time but neither does she know about this site nor does she have internet connetion……………….

  7. DS

    did a/one notice the change in Parths attitude towards Randir… Randhir asks Parth – whats up angry man, ab kisse ladkar aaye ho?? n Parth actually imm answered him…. Only that Parth is still not coming to terms with sanyu…. so deep was his friendship with her… he had confided to her to that extent….

    • amelia

      Of course boys also watch but they have a little bit of pride in them so they dont acknowledge like my bro

  8. DS

    @ nid – s/time back, there was a gal named PIYALI who used to post comments here. ur tdys comment reminded me of her…. jab bhi randhir sanyu ko girne se pakadthaa thaa, yaa phir sandhir hugs pe, she used to say ” I wish i was in sanyu’s place…….” with cute little winking smileys….. miss her…

  9. Arre yaar, aaj to man kar raha tha ke mai sanyu ban jaau….
    I think ab randhir royega and sanyu comforts him and maybe hug…OMG.i wanna be sanyu
    Guys, did u see Randhir do thatYES! ?
    It was sucha small one i almost missed it….awesome yaar!!!!!

  10. saddahaqrox

    @ Amelia,

    6, silver croft,
    opp. mini punjab,
    junction of 16th and 33rd road,
    off link road,
    mumbai 400050


    505 DLH Park,
    S. V. Road, Goregaon (West),
    Mumbai – 400 062
    Maharashtra – INDIA.
    you can send gifts .Please do not send anything edible, perishable, explosives and delicate (easily breakable) times.

  11. sandhir fan

    mai mar jaungi abh oh mu god ye kitna acha tha randir ka yes! OMGOMGOMG
    mai Monday tak wait nai kar sakti nxt epi ke liye
    spoilers plzz
    saddahaqrox,tujhe itna bada naam hi choose karna tha kya?
    mai tujhe idhar bhi noopur bulau?

  12. saddahaqrox

    mai daalti hu :
    aaj, meri ek frnd (class me) mujhe bula rahi thi.mai dhyan nahi de rahi thi to usne mere naam(noopur) ko nurnur purpur kar diya. to iss format mein,hamare SHQ heroes ke naam:
    PARTH-(this is the best one)-papa tharthar
    VIDUSHI-(another gud one)-viduvidu sheeshee
    MAYA-mama yaya!!!!!!!!!!
    I knowit was a long one, srry if it bord u!

  13. DS


    courtesy :

    spoilers new-

    monday – vardhan storms into staff room on learning about the man who attempted to kill his father prof rao.. He holds PKC responsible, however Randhir and sanyu don’t think he is the real culprit.

    tues- vardhan is injected with poison that was meant to kill his father .will he survive to seek revenge from people who attempted to kill prof.rao..

    wed- randhir is heartbroken when his childhood friend refuses to help him . meanwhile vardhan is shocked to see maya as new DEAN

    thursday -will sanyukta be able to convince randhir to help her to help her create pitch good enough to present in front of prospected investor in dream team..

    friday ,wait will update as it comes….

  14. maya is the dean what the heck 😮 n wht happens to randhir after he listened sanyu’s not believe in love n relationships….. 😐

    • DS

      @ riki – Yes shocking news Maya as the new Dean…

      meri doubt sirf ek hi hai : Has Renuka Sanyal backed off from financing Dream Team Project just becoz Randhir refused to stand by his parents’ side reg divorce matter??? He had only 1 friend Karan, no help from him… (lekin kis baat ke lie…????) becharaa Randhir, he seems to get hurt all the time…
      In future, when he learns abt sanyus engagement, he wl b heartbroken again…. kyaa hai yaar….. kuch bhi nahi rahegaa Randhir ko – no parents love, no sanyu….simply nothing…

      Lots of drama is going to unfold in the coming week…

    • pia

      i think dean (old one) is the culprit & has fled after learning that vardhan might have found the truth.
      besides maya is new dean, she should work for better of dream team coz now its her college’s dream team & not her rival team.

      • DS

        did u read fridays spoiler – maya’s loyalty shld now b with FITE… then wth is she pulling a trick……. & RANDHIR as always is the one to get hurt….

  15. And i m not actually liking the way this story is progressing…..randhir heartbroken, sanyu sad, kaustuki sorry, vardhaan injured, parth angry, vidoshi unhappy……..what a bunch of dejected people..
    i think only yoyo is happy cos he is in kaustus class

  16. Meera


    Pyaar ki koi shaql nahi, koi shart nahi, koi rishwat nahi leta, yeh kam yaa zyaada nahi hota, pyaar yaa toh hota hai, yaa nahi hota.

  17. anamika

    Randhir is deeply in ♡… lekhin kekte phirthaa hai – sanyu college me rahe yaa naa rahe, as if I care… lol!!
    & he was sooooooo cute when he says to yoyo : “arre woh aa gayi hai naa…”
    yoyo : o paaji, kyaa aa gayi?
    Randhir : kaun aa gayi??!!!
    yoyo : paaji mainu ki pata aapko daya kyun aagayi…
    Randhir : main keh raha tha authorities aa gaye na, so ragging is not allowed….

  18. Afa

    Gyz…sanyu sd dat she like 2 get married 2 a machine…do u gyz papr danc wala din sanyu ne kaustu se kaha dha ki Rd ek mach ban gayi he. yez sanyu therz MCP machine 4 u

    • anamika

      @ saddahaqrox – pls clear my below doubts…

      — tum phir se peeche jaakar, july 10th k comments section me kyuun comment kar rahi ho????

      —teri comments se pataa chalta hai ki tum rayis kaandaan ke ho (mama ke saath car me chali jaathi ho school….) acche khaate peethe ghar k ho… tumhe kahan se phursat milthi hai, padayi k siwaayi, swimming classes etc. etc., facebook per ho (itni choti umar me) wahaan bhi friends ke saath chat karogi (hai naa???) aur upar see tv series dekhkar non-stop comments dethi ho… haan haan, ghar me naukar chaakar honge kaam karne ke liye, phir bhi……???? u must b having quite a hectic schedule daily naa??? kaise manage karthi ho?????

      • Ok, i will clear all ur doubts.
        No.1-mai peeche jaakar comments daalti hu,kyunki mai serial to tv par dekhti hu,yahan par to bas comments dekhne and karne aati hu. To wo 10jul ke ho ya 12.mujhe farak nahi padta.
        No.2- Mammi ke saath car se schl jaati hu,par bas ek din jab meri schl bus miss ho gayi thi. Rayeez khadaan se to hu,par mom mujhe doosre bachon ke tarah bus se hi schl bhejti hai taake mujhe bad habits naa lage.
        Mai swimmng ke saath week me do din dance classes bhi jaati hoon. Mai facebook par to nahi hoon,actually meri behen hai and woh bhi iss phone se hi comments karti thi yahaan.(u remember piyali?)
        To ye phone ussey hi recigonize karta hai,issiliye mujhe bhi blue color me dikhataa hain. Mujhe abhbhi facebook allowed nahi hai.
        No.3-non stop comments to isliye bcoz aaj sat. Hai to mom and phone, donno ghar pe hai.warna my phone time israat ko9.30 to 1.00and morning schl bus aane se pehle paanch dus min. Actually society vagera me mere koi frnds nahi hai,isliye yahan par friends ke saath do baaten hoti hai to achcha lagata hai.schl me to hai par ghar pe nahi.mere behan ke to 12 class hai to mere liye use time nahi raha.
        My parents r divorced to papa ghar pe nahi hain. To bus mammi ke saath time spend karne ko milta hai.
        Papa ke parents to rehte hai ghar pe but jabse mammi ghar pe aathi hai tab se leekar agle din office jaane tak ghar pe jhagade chaalu rehte hai. To it feels gud to escape into my room with the phone and my beloved shq. Isliye to tum logon ko itna bore karti hu comments daal daal ke. Aur mere behen ko mere liye time nahi hai to dekho,akshara achu jaise beautiful didi ko adopt kar liya!!!
        Hope that answered ur doubts,sorry if i bored u ….

      • anamika

        @ saddahaqrox : read ur full comments.. u r indeed cho chweet….. agar meri baat tujhe kisi tarah hurt kiyaa ho, i am so sowwie…
        comments ke baare me : tu us din kaa comments usi din k WU me post kar do pls…. thaaki peeche 10th aisaa koi dates per jaakar teri comments doondnaa naa pade… sirf sat & sun comments friday k CS per post karo… it w b easy for others naa… issiliye poochi…

        baaki sab to teek hai… lekin aur ek bhaat, tum iss tarah apne parents k baare me aur very personal matters publicly likna math.. FB shayad teek rahegaa, yahaan sirf serials & other general matters k baare me likho, ok.??? tum ab bahut choti..ho.. samajne ki koshish karo….

        Dance classes bhi – wah!!! kyaa bhaat hai… Wish u all the best for e/thing in ur life…. U r never boring…. ♡ u….

      • DS

        —Piyali is really your sis’???? Do let her know I enquired abt her….

        —And yes just as @ anamika has said, tum bahut choti ho aur iss tarah public WS per, never discuss ur too personal matters, ok??? Hope u u/stand….. don’t get into deep discussions like the exact place, name of school, section other blah blahs…. just to b on the safer side… it is for ur good i am telling u…

        Tum bahut boli baali ho, very sweet, god bless u dear……

  19. Afa

    Sure…us din randhir mera pehla pehla pyar act karne ko thayyar nahi dha na..dat ni8 sanyu told kastu frm their room”machine ke sath rehkar rd mach ban gaya h”

      • Meri paas bhi ek badi behan hai chotti, good for nothing. Selfish hai. Hamesha meri burai maa se karti hai aur maa muje dadti hai. Use shq pasant nahi hai nahi koi ore serial. Use sirf korean series pasant hai. Bahut boring hai vo.

  20. Afa

    Gyz jzt a try…sanyu’s thought aftr 2 mnths”vd sir keliye me thumse joot bola rndhir,bt nw kash yeh sch hota..i nvr wana gt engaged 2 samir..pata nahi kyu?!me thumari thaqat banna chahti hu..i wanna motivate u..not jzt 4 two months.. Bt 4evr..vo bhi vd sir keliye nahi apne ap keliye. . ….
    Jzt an imaginatn .. I knw itz boring bt jzt wanted to share wid u gyz:-)

  21. @sadahqrox I also agree with what DS n anamika said so u should be careful from now on n be proud of ur mother too… 🙂

  22. Ok guys,im really sorry, par maine kabhi itna socha hi nahi… that i thought over it, i understand. Aage se dhyan rakhungi. U all r really so nice!;)
    @DS, piyali says she remember u.

    • DS

      Good girl… itni jaldi samaj gayi…. Piyali – Best wishes & gud luck for your board exams…… do come out with flying colors…….

  23. AN

    102 comments good !! (now 103 including mine!! )
    ivide ethra adigam malayali’s undennu njan vijarichittilla !!!
    here every 1 r soo caring like DS , RIKI ,ANAMIKA etc…………
    nupur, is it ok if i call u nupoor ?? saddahaqrox is indeed a loong name !!!!
    u are soo lucky to get such a caring mom , and such friends ( shq frnds) !!!!!

  24. Hey guys whenever u write comments in malayali, can u plz translate in hin/eng?
    Mujhe to kuch bhi malayali nahi aati and i do like reading comments!!!!!

  25. AN

    wow good to know many malayali’s are here
    and noopur of course maybe like this u can also learn malayalam !!! 😉
    India is my country all sadda haq fans are my brothers and sisters =)

  26. Game changer

    akshara ……us ne comment kiya tha k use gf chahiye……ek nahi bt all the glz who r posting comments here including shq rox…………m so happy that his commentz removed……

  27. Sorry yaar lover boy words comments box me type hone ke wajey name box me type ho gaya….phone ae type kar rahi hu to kahi bhi haath lag gaya to waha type ho jaata hai. Hope u all did npt think ke mai lover boy ban gauee hu:-P:D

  28. Afa

    Gyz..during that village task while al r enjoyng d party arranged by CITE sanyu was simply remembring dat hate kis….she had any feelings 4 randhir?!

    • Could be yaar i think she does like rd…just a little bit, lot less that how much rd likes her…..and i simply loved that happyvreaction- its like hes sooooo happy but cant let it show.

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