Sadda Haq 11th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 11th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu and Parth are talking. Param says I am leaving. Kunwar says where are you going? Param says ask them to do the show. They are good at gossping. Harshita says he is randhir again. He was jealous that sanyu shouldn’t be best friend of parth. Kunwar says we all face this situation. It is difficult to handle when your gf/bf has a best friend of opposite gender. He says so if we talk about equation of you three, it was really interesting. Lets see how sanyu and parth became friends.

Scene: Sanyu falls in the small ditch. She says is there someone to help. Parth gives her a hand. sanyu says who are you? He says come out. Randhir comes out and says you need help dude? Parth says she is in trouble. Help me in taking her out. They both pull her out. Randhir says who are you

doing? Parth says I am parth i was working out here. Sanyu says I am sanyu from FITE. He says I am from CIT.
Another scene: sanyu says to randhir you dont even know what ‘musalsal’ means. Parth comes in and says ‘musalsal’ means something that is ongoing and this couplet means that i am near you but you are not here. Sanyu says what are you doing here? Parth says I am joining you people. Parth says I have been transfered from CIT.
Another scene: Parth says to sanyu you will be chosen by a lot of companies. sanyu says you are am I that demanded? Prth says talent is always demanded.
Another scene: Randhir hits parth and says you better not interfere in my personal life. Parth says dont cross your limits. I know you are mentally disturbed. Randhir says i will tell you. Parth shoves him. Randhir is about to hit him with a chair.
Another scene:Parth says i have lost the bet. and I will keep my word. sanyu says part you dont have to do this. Parth polishes randhir’s shoes. Randhir says wow you are a professional. Parth says if i had not done this in childhood i wont be here. Randhir is dazed.
Randhir later says to parth i am sorry i didn’t know this was your past. Parth says if i had ever polished your shoes maybe then you would know.

Kunwar says how did you both solve these problems. Param says he was a nice guys i got to know. Parth says we were roommates. Param says I am from here and these both are from outside. My friends have become their friends. Parth says we are such good people that param’s friends like us more than him.
Kunwar says has this jealousy thing happened in real life? Harshita says I come in between them. Ankit says yes we are the entertainers.
Harshita says lets have sanyu and parth most important moments.

Scene: Sanyu is dazed, Parth sucks out the poisons from her food.
Another scene: sanyu is drowning, Parth comes to help her out. He takes her to medical room. Parth says sanyu please get up. Talk to me. Sanyu opens her eyes and says thank you Parth. sanyu says you must be thinking i get in trouble when you are around. He says its not like that. sanyu says you saved my life once again. And I am so lucky that i have a friend like you around.

Ankit says parth was really disturbed. sanyu says then there was a time we all became good friends. And then something happened in final competition that was really shocking. Lets have a look at that.

Scene: Sanyu and parth are in the car. They win the race, but the brakes fail and the car hits the wall. Ranawat says go help them someone. Randhir takes parth to hospital.
Param says this is really shocking. Harshita says in real we were really shocked as well. For a moment, it comes to you that would he go from the show? In real this was really startling as well. Ankit says we wonder too what will happen next.

Kunwar says today we have fans that would remind you of our sadda haq triangle. A girl and two guys comes. The girl says we feel like we see us when we see them. Param says is there love too? The guy says yes I and her are together. Kunwar says was he jealous like randhir? The best friend says we were planning his surprise birthday and he thought that we were cheating on him. Ankit says when you cheat on someone it can be seen in your eyes.
Kunwar says lets see whose friendship is stronger. You will be blind folded and you have to touch the chair. Your friend will guide. Param is blindfolded. sanyu guides him. He sits on chair. Now parth is blindfolded sanyu guides him. Kunwar says parth and sanyu won and randhir and sanyu won first. Sanyu says friendship wins over love.
Kunwar says lets take a selfie.
Kunwar says I will see you all tomorrow.

Sanyu says if you need documents printed in urgency and you don’t have ink.
You can fill it yourself. First take out the black ink compartment. You will it in with injection. Now we will fill colored ones.

Precap-Kunwar says you look really nice to vidushi. He says this calls for dance. Kunwar and vidushi dance.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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