Sadda Haq 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 11th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aryan is working on computer. He tries to hack and listen to voices.
SAnyu walks past the corridor, she sees randhir and says hi. Randhir says hi in return. Sanyu says Parth was trying to contact you. Randhir says parth.. Where and how is he? Sanyu says he was in coma for 2 years. He recovered last week. I thought I should tell you. He says thanks, can I have his number? Sanyu gives him and leaves.
Sanaya comes in and asks you know her? Randhir says yes. SAnaya says FITE? Randhir says yes. Sanaya says how is she? Randhir says very ambitious, she can’t see anything in front of her dreams. She almost killed my friend to fulfill her dreams.

Sanaya comes to canteen with randhir. She sits with kirtika. Randhir says why do you buy when you don’t eat it? Randhir

says nirman wants us all to bond, sanyu sasy you are talking about bonding when you don’t even talk to anyone. Sanyu comes in. Worker says ma’am you have to sit here. Nirman has not allowed you to sit in room. Kritika says I told you she is not in our team. Sanyu leaves.
Sanyu comes out and sits in corridor, Aryan is sitting next to her. He says why didn’t you want me to come? Why did you lie? Sanyu is about to leave, he holds her hand. He says what happened? Sanyu says I don’t like depending on someone. You always help me. Aryan says in heart I will always help you. I am not going out of campus this time. He says what should I do? Leave? Sanyu says yes dont get me wrong but I wanna do this alone. He says okay.
All candidates are asked to report at Space lab.

SAnaya is very happy in the car. She says we will go in space on this. We will be alone and I will tease you. Randhir says there would be no food there. Sanyu comes in. Sanaya says I will hit you and leave. Arjun says there are so many drama queens appointed here. I guyess nirman is making a team. Nirman says only that person will go to mass mission who survives all the pressure form. I want you to sign this declaration. Its a bond. Nirman says sanyu with us as an intern. Sanyu says but.. He says agree or pack up. You will be with the team as intern.

SAnyu comes and meets a guy. He says did you hear the bird chirping. He collides with Arjun. Sanyu says what are you looking for? He says baya the bird, it was her voice. People says if we hear baya’s voice we find a new friend. I have found one. He shakes hand with sanyu and says hi. sanyu says I sanyukta.
Randhir says to sanya you should be serious and focus on your project now.
Arjun is playing darts. the new guy comes and says please teach me how to play it. Arjun bullies him. sanyu says apologize him. Arjun says get the hell out. Sanyu says sumit is my friend. Arjun says two interns. Sanyu says apologize him. Arjun says I wont, do what you want to. SAnyu says you are over groomed school bully. You fly so much in air.

Randhir comes in sanaya’s room and wakes her up. She says I wont. He says we have to go to gym. She says I dont wanna go. She pulls him and says you sleep too. I wont let you go anywhere. Randhir says get off me. SAnyu comes in.

Precap-Sanaya orders burger. Canteen guy says we can’t give you food. Arjun fights with randhir. Randhir hits him too hard. Arjun points a dagger at him. Sanyu says stop randhir.

Update Credit to: Atiba


    • rania

      I think Sandhir wanna mantein distance b/w eachother coz they know that if they come closer they wont be able to hide their fellings for eachother. I cant wait for their reunion 🙂

  1. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Hi guys…hi.karina n nisha…..sorry i thought lets talk here for a while..
    Now coming back to episode, the way randhir reacted after hearing abt parth…i.didn’t like it..parth was his bst frnd but still he considered him dead and dont evn cared to contact with him for 1s..I know he was not in the state but all of thm were in pain…
    Secondly sanyukta…her frndshp with aryan is not an offence but the way things are going…its making it worse…
    Thirdly this new cast is just intolerable…n for this sadda haq is losing its plot..and evn sandhir will
    not be able to maintain it if this goes for long…
    And there is more to vidarth’s story,vidushi’s career parth’s career thr love stories…bt i doubt thy wl show it…

    • karina

      Hey Suranjana dear 🙂 im so glad u came back…pls dont leave us again…me and Nisha missed u a lot…
      Yup dear i totally agree with what u said especially about Vidarth…and yeah i dont have a problem with Aryan being Sanyu’s friend but i think the CVs are trying to hard to make Aryan the hero of Sanyu which isnt necesary and im not saying this coz im a sandhir fan but im saying coz Sanyu was always a brave and independent girl…even Rd wasnt portraited in such a “heroic” mode and he is the main lead :))) i think the CVs should remember that this show is about how strong women are and how they make their way through life without a man….

  2. I would love to watch a love story of sanyu and aryan , randhir is not perfect for her he left her and onnogher hand is aryan so nice handsome and helping and also loving towards sanyu.plz plz pair aryan and sanyu

  3. sowmya

    i agree with aryu. really want sanyu and aryan’s love story. aryan is made perfect for sanyu.i hate nirman. how can he conclude that sanyu stole their project? without any proof?

  4. karina

    More then Sandhir and Vidarth reunion i wanna see Paran’s reunion…their bromance is killing me 🙂 they are really like brothers on screen and off screen as well 🙂
    So many new entries….i dont really like it…the old cast was way better…

  5. Ananya

    Aryan and Sanyukta make an awesome pair… Please Cvs make sanarya a pair and yeh I too want sanyu to be independent. And I think aryan is losing his imp inspite of being on of the leads.

    • pari

      No dear i think ur mistaken 🙂 pls dont get me wrong i have nothing agains Aryan but he is not one of the leads…the leads of the show are Param, Harshita, Ankit (Parth), and Nisha (Vids)…Ashwini is a supporting cast along with the others…at least thats how they are named on the pages of the show 🙂 im not trying to make an argument or starting a fight…i just wanted to clarify things…hope u dont mind 🙂

  6. elly

    Sandhir was…is….and will always be the best…Rd and Sanyu are perfect for each other…opposites always attracs…

  7. sofia

    Although Ashwini aka Aryan is a nice guy and plays his role well….he will never be able to match the chemistry b/w Param and Harshita as Sandhir. For me will always Sandhir be the best.
    And yeah i also want Vidarth together.

  8. rania

    I want Vidarth back….i agree with Karina & Suranjana.
    And i also want Sandhir together. Aryan can make a good couple with Shanaya.

  9. common people

    Randhir is not a understanding person ..he still blame sanyukta for past …der is somthing hidden which will change randhir n make himm regretted for his deeds with sanyutka but his new frnd will make it more trouble

  10. adira

    Aryan n sanyu make the best couple rd is not meant to be sanyu he never understood sanyu n her dreams aryan is the best

  11. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Good morning guys..lets discuss…
    Firstly , dont you think its the misunderstandings for which sandhir are seperate….They are jst masking their feelings with indifference??….n definitely a love triangle is near
    Secondly,Vidarth….since most probably ankit has got a new show..will parth come back??will there be any vidarth??Misunderstandings are also between thm..vidushi thinks parth hates her n doesn’t want her…n parth thinks vidushi doesn’t love her n thinks she is heartless..
    So Sandhir reunion will happen..but is vidarth possible ??
    Guys plz share ur views

    • karina

      Hey dear…i agree with u sandhir are trying to be indiferent with each other but their feelings cant be hiden for long time….their love is too powerfull and they’ve been to a lot together so that they can behave like strangers for long…they will definitely not be able to hide their love for long….
      Coming to vidarth….i was thinking about the same….Ankit (sanyu’s bro) got a new show and there he has quite an important role (i know coz im seeing the show) so i guess now vidarth reunion can happen coz as far as i know parth hasnt confirmed anything about the news of leaving SH for the lead role in that SF show….so dear be happy coz our dream of vidarth reunion might happen 😉

  12. edge

    Hey guyz
    I am new to this discussion but I am a huge fan of Sandhir and I hope they reunite soon because I am hating how they are behaving with each other, specially Randhir. He is still holding grudges against Sanyu….Not fair. Hope to see some good scene between them.

  13. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Guys I have somethng to share….
    Firstly, there’s going to be a Valentine’s day episode on monday 15 feb..
    In that episode randhir – shanaya
    ankit – vidushi
    so guys we have to tolerate this..
    I got to see the pics on twitter ….
    Besides nisha told me on twitter tht there is not mch of vidushi in season 2

    • karina

      Thats such a sad news 🙁 thanks for sharing dear….im already missing Nisha as Vids and Ankit as Parth…
      And abput the Valentines day epi…if these are going to be the pairs then it will be a total flop….but i read on fb that on Valentines episode Sandhir will get drunk and will confess their love and the truth about what happen 2 years ago….so i guess there wont be the pairs of rd-shanaya and aryan-sanyu…actually channel V also posted a video of sandhir from valentines’s epi and sandhir were together 🙂

  14. nisha

    hey suru welcomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee back my sweethearts how r u meri jaan.

    I have always faith on you that you came you came that day when u find happiness in any scnee and you came here once again.

    See my sweetheart.

    Hey dear We are extremely happy that vids is participating in valentine episode and is looking gorgeous seriously thanx karu for the pics all are mindblowwing dear.

    I love the video toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

    hey karu meri jaan how r u

    just a little fever that’s why not coming here dear.

    but now fine. love u karu and suru yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    waiting for watching valentine episode eagerly

    sanyu and aryan talk
    sanyu and randhir talk
    the things that we didn’t know surely will unfolded
    and also for vids performance

    so many things to watch guys hey suru yes dear aryan and sanyu bond is also friendship bond

    but sanyu feel as a friend aryan we all know.

    but in the end sandhir will have to be together for sure.

    there can be hurdles but they are meant for each other.

    love u suru and karu and karu once again you made my day sweetheart I am smiling now.
    loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u both

    keep smiling

    once a friend always a friend

    • Suranjana Bhattacharya

      Hi nisha , how are you??i hope u are not having fever now??
      I know sandhir are meant to be…
      But, what will vidushi do in the valentine’s day episode?!

    • karina

      Hey my cutie Nishu 🙂 pls take care of ur health dear…i hope u ll feel better u 🙂
      And yeah still hoping for sandhir and vidarth reunion…
      Suranjana dear i hope in this Valentine epi they will show Vids with Parth or at least if they show her with Ankit they better make Vidarth to remember each other and think about their moments together…

  15. Sanahki

    I don’t understand why people are loving Aryan and praising him. Yes he’s helped Sanyukta but there’s something fishy about that gut, the way he looks its just scary, always serious, arg hes a turnoff. If they pair him with Sanyukta they’ll become the worst couple. I don’t understand were the story is going but I don’t like anything about this track, the writers have lost the plot. The story should focus on Sandhir but I’m seeing unnecessary characters still don’t even know who their names are..
    CVs should change their storyline asap!!!!! I miss my old SaddaHaq. This new season doesn’t have the same essense as season, everything is chaotic..

  16. anonymous

    Hey guyz! Im new here and love sadda haq to the core. I was following it from the starting and love sandhir. And ya most of all missing Vidarth and the whole cast of SH s-1. They were rocking and dont know why missing even pkc

  17. karina

    Hey guys a new iv on Parsh is coming soon…u can go and see the promo on youtube on tellybytes page….i tried to post the link here like 3 times but TU Team didnt posted my msgs…donno why…
    And also a new iv on Parsh by Glitz Vision is posted also on youtube on Glitz Vision page…i tried to post it here like 3 or 4 times but TU Team didnt post my msg…so guys if u wanna see them go on youtube…the videos are awesome..
    The iv of Glitz Vision is superb at a moment Harshita said that she likes Parsh and put her head on Param shoulder and he smiled in was one of the best Parsh moments 🙂

  18. nisha

    Urgent query guyz plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    answer karu and suru

    I didn’t see sanyu and randhir wedding when happened happened or not.

    I didn’t see that episode please explain

    does her family members attended at that time how his family against randhir then how come this wedding happened how come sanyu became Mrs Shikhawat I just saw some pics of their marriage how come pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    telll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

    luv u karu loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the video dear

    happy valentine day karu and suru love u both keep smiling

    once a friend always a friend.

    and yes I am fine now . love u

    • Suranjana Bhattacharya

      Nisha, thy were half married..just 7 pheras were shown..only parth knows abt thr marriage…neithr vidushi nor agarwals…..n nw thy r separated

  19. निशा

    hey suru half marriage means there are married or not .

    I mean something happened on that day I mean they did 7 feras and not the mangalsutra dalna etc.

    love u dear to tell me parth knows that I mean now also parth rejoin them for sure he will make them to close each other now for sure.

    and may be the raaz to be unfolded today or tomorrow.

    dear I saw the awesome pic of vids in the pics of valentines day

    for sure if she is participating in the valentine day episode then she will perform also .

    I have faith in vids she loves dancing

    so are we.

    love u suru love u karu and do answer if knnow.

  20. निशा

    What are you saying harshita gaur really

    Not so sure dear

    Tell us something which make us beleive that you are harshita gaur

    less chances of any star existence on Tu dear they have so many other works and if they really want to talk

    then they prefer twitter or instagram but here less chances

    but still if u r real then prove it.

  21. karina

    Hey my cutie Nisha thanks for the pics 🙂
    Suranjana dear im so glad to see u here again…pls dont leave us again 🙂
    Love u both…take care 🙂

  22. Shreya

    nisha randhr and sanyukta married each othr,bt it was a scret mariage. on d day of vidushi,s engagment..thy only knws 4 pple..rndhr,sanyu,parth nd yo yo. actualy at dat day the ritual was dne by parth..bcz of unavlblty of pandits(al pandits hve sme puja). and dis marriage s nt knwn to agarwals,vdhushy or any othr.

  23. Shreya

    Their marriage tkes plce wthout mangl sukth and sindoor. thy jst did 7 pheras. aftr dat parth cnfrm dat thy r mried..bcz parth did d rituals bhlf of a pandit. i thought thr mriage s incmplte.. its shwd..aftr sme days dat acdnt hppnd thn thy seprtd

  24. Mariposa

    I too am a Sandhir fan. and I am for Rd and Sanyu. not this other guy. he can just be a tool to mend Rd and Sanyu. the jealousy can let Rd realise that he doesn’t wanna loose Sanyu.
    Sandhir is the main.
    and Vidhushi and Parth. I wa t them back together.
    they were the bestest couple
    please pair them back together

  25. NISHA









  26. karina

    Where is today’s WU ????
    What’s happening with the updates of this show ??? Why arent they being posted….friday’s wu wasnt posted as well….pls give us the WU…the fans are waiting…thank u…

  27. Manshikha

    Hi I m new here and I regularly read the WU because my tutn is from 6:p.m. daily but u r not posting the WU frm 12 feb. Plzzzzzz post the WU I m dying to read the WU

  28. Shreya

    u r wlcme nisha.. gdmng all sandhir’nz..hve a happy day… y dnt thy update sadda haq episodes 12th feb onwards..?? whre s wu??

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