Sadda Haq 11th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 11th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir comes and stops sanyu from going in. He says you are going in your dad’s company like stealer. He calls panday. He says why don’t you accept that you have been thrown out, i will win best intern trophy. It will be fun if i get that cabin as well. Listen to your dad and get married. Sanyu recalls what randhir did on her engagement. They start walking in different directions.

sahil asks parth how is your internship. parth says they keep me on the bench. Peon comes and asks what are you doing in lab? sahil says practicing. Peon says there is shortage of raw material. sahil when did this start happening in FITE.

Watchman says to sanyu go from here i wont let you come in. sanyu washes her face and sits there again. the women ask her what happened? She says

i have finalized a deal for you, we can work here in night shift, they need more women. The women say we will bring them. SAnyu says no husband should know as they wont let them work. She takes their number. They leave.

Vidushi recalls the cops scene. She gets a call from unknown number, she doesn’t pick. She gets a text don’t be worried because of police. we have a new client, 50k is the offer. Vidushi accepts the call. they say are you ready to work? Vidushi yeh but 50k is less i want more, and the risk is more as well. She says i want one lac. He says done, i will call you later.

Ankit comes out of factory, he says to sanyu what you want? She says i wanted to apologize you. i didn;t you know you are stressed out and so is papa. you handle work pressure so well. I was so envious i am so sorry. He says okay g back to college and dont come here. sanyu says i wanted to see your cabin constructing, he says i will call you when it starts. SAnyu says i will be embarrassed when my friends get to know that you kicked me out. please let me do desk job, i will be receptionist. He says okay i will talk to papa about this. Sanyu says can i get my money in advance, he says okay i will talk to papa.

Workers are worried because of the suffocation, AC’s wiring is short. He tells vikram. vikram goes and checks the board. Vikram checks it and says get back to work. randhir smiles. aagrwal says why is the production so slow what are you doin vikram. vikram says there is not ventelation on the floor. Agarwal says nothing will happen to them, Randhir provokes the workers. A worker faints. Agarwal gets a call from his sponsors, he says we will complete your order. agarwal says we have to do something, sanyu comes in, agarwal says what are you doing here? sanyu says i hided and sneaked in. ankik says do you even know how worried we are. Our workers are not working, everyone is stressed here except for you. You keep doing things that keep annoying us. sanyu says i am sorry, i came here to talk about gupta’s wife. Sanyu says i just wanted to help. agarwal says if you want to help us go from here. sanyu says go from here. SAnyu leaves. randhir makes her slip in the grease, he says your dad will fall like this as well. sanyu says you are doing this all? SAnyu says you will fall in this grease as well. you can’t harm me or this factory till i am alive.

Sanyu sneaks outside the factory, she calls and asks the women to come. sanyu goes in and starts the machine. The women come in, with work suits. the women says we were scared to come but we feel good now. One says lets start working. sanyu explains the machines to them. They say we keep hearing about machines from our husbands. sanyu explains all the machines to them. one says it will be so much fun to work. sanyu says lets get started. they start production.

Nikil comes to parth’s room and mixes some drugs in a bottle. parth coms and sits there, he picks his energy drink, suddenly it slips from his hand and falls on the floor.
randhir says to sanyu where are you coming from. sanyu says mind your business. he says what you thought i wont know, if you think working in other comapny will solve your problem them you are mistaken, i will haunt you there as well. sanyu says are you done? should i go from here. She leaves.

Scene 2
Sanyu comes to factory. randhir says you wasted so many years in engineering. you became a clerk in the end, and when you were thrown out, you became this clerk. sanyu says can i go now? He says i will still haunt you, if yu want me to leave go and marry. Sanyu says i am happy with my new job and i know you must be happy as well. Sanyu goes to her desk and settles there. she says why am i being so restless? i have to relax. she starts working with the files. randhir says this all suits you. he throws away some files. sanyu says wanna do something else or this was enough? He says why are you being so motherly? Fight me shove me. sanyu says i am enjoying my new work.

Precap-randhir comes to factory at night and sees the women. Next day he goes to agarwal and says she is not here ask clerk. she has some other plans, watch cctv fooatge.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  3. hey anyone here?

  4. OMG ankit????
    uska dimaag thekaane aaya……. yayyy!!!!!!!!!!
    n next he will say ”anything 4 u, sis” 😛 😛

  5. Nice episode.

  6. ya yr ryt afeera

  7. i think u all know this that @the end of sh sanyu wil die nd there wil b sh season2

  8. Its a fake news!

  9. no its not fake

  10. how funny it was when rd made sanyu slip!

  11. I saw d interview of harshita n she said its nt true tht she wil die in d end!

  12. oh then u must b ryt

  13. ok bye

  14. Its becoming more borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring day by day….

  15. Arrey Natasha woh news bohat purani hain & it has been confirmed dat it is a rumour
    Come on yaar CVs itte bhi phattu pagal nhi hain
    Aisa karenge toh season 2 phuski jaaega
    Utna dimag toh DD sir me bhi hain
    Waiting 4 u dear!

  16. Hey aajka gaana batao na plz
    Woh kya hai na epi me play hota hainohih samajhme nhi ata

  17. hi saddhaqrox
    where r aisha n rohan

  18. Hate this randhir 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 but also i like randhir 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 CV please randhir ka character spoil mat karo 🙁 🙁 🙁

  19. Shanti yaa shraddha di
    Ab v day aa raha hain na
    Thoda ruk lete hain
    Dekhte hain hamari sanyu madam kya peshkash laati hain iss friday!
    Hope its a patch up
    *fingers crossed*

  20. And natasha di,
    Can u plz give us d link fm where u got d news abt sanyu’s death?

  21. best show bad script k karan wrost show band chuka hai…
    day by day they r loosng their viewers

  22. best show bad script k karan wrost show band chuka hai…
    day by day they r loosng their viewers

  23. PART 4:
    randhr sped up hs bike n nw they were near the highway. their hearts were racing n sweat trickling. randhr hadnt noticd the force wid which sanyu ws holding him.”Do u wnt 2 break me with ths strangling hold?” Sanyu easd her hands. She ws silnt. Ths silence strechd none f them tried 2 break it.Randhr ws gettin restles n finally as he cudnt take her silence said,”Look, I savd u doesn’t means things got solvd between us.”Sanyu ws silent. “I.. umm.. still wnt 2 destroy ur dream.” Again silence.A few minutes passd. “Why dnt u join sm cookery class instead f ths factory.” He thought ths ws bound 2 gt sm reaction. Bt still the silence strechd. With every passing moment it ws getting difficult 4 him.He wndrd has she dozd off. “Sanyukta?? R u ok?” he askd worriedly.There ws no answer. He stoppd the bike n turnd 2 her. Her face ws still,eyes fixd in space. He got down. n went 2 her side. Put his hand lovingly on her face. “Hey! u r out f danger. I wont let anythng happen 2 u.” Her eyes met his.n then….

  24. And then….?????
    I HATE cliffhangers!!!!
    Awesome update
    Ab kya hua sanyu ko!
    Well, jo bbi hua hoga, rd usset sambhal lega so usku tension nhi hain
    Update soon fast!!!

  25. And natasha di,
    If this is d video u were talking abt,
    Then its false
    Coz the track they r talking abt os looong over
    And second, harshita didnt confirm the news. She just said “Hi, m harshita Gaur & u r watching telly…(whatever it was)”
    And if it isnt,
    Plz give the link

    We know Sandhir story very nicely! Hw abt listening a diff story wit diff charcters.???

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