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Sadda Haq 11th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ranawat asks randhir to do go to room and takes sanyu to his office. Sanyu says i know you are shocked about my wedding. Ranwat says i dont care about your personal life. But this will affect the team. Sanyu says i promise i wont let that happen. Ranwat says do you remember this book was given to you while joining the team. Rule 7 clause B. Sanyu reads. he says dream team drivers should not related in anyway. Or only one of them will be allowed. Now just one of you will sit in the car. sanyu says what will we do now? He says why didn’t you ask me before?

sanyu comes to lab and says why haven’t you all started working. Sanyu says tells them everything. vid says parth will drive instead of you. sanyu says i need to sleep on it. Randhir and

parth’s weight will be comfortable. Vid says why doesn’t ranawat want you to drive? Yoyo says he must be mad knowing about your engagement. Because you didn’t invite him. Vid says what rubbish. sanyu says shall we start working?

Yoyo says how ranawat find out? Was ranawat there? Parth says did something happened? Randhir recalls.Randhir says i dont know what. Lets see what she selects. I have to be the driver I think i and parth can do this.

sanyu is in her room. She recalls what raanwat said. She says stress wont give me a solution, I have to think best for the team. Vid leaves the work and pretends like its ankit’s call. Parth takes her phone and says you are disturbing us. Vid says you are jealous. Yes i love ankit he has everything i needed. You are jealous because you are worthless. Parth leaves.

Randhir tries to call sanyu. Vid says you run after her all the time. He says when you dont know anything. She says you are after her to become driver. I dont think sanyu thinks you are deserving. Your gf doesn’t trust your ability. and you called me hypocrite. I know what i want.
Randhir comes to sanyu and says listen to me. She says let me solve this first. Randhir says listen to me. He recalls what vid said. Sanyu says done finally. we dont get time for each other. He says dont you think everything is important than me. sanyu says this wont happen again. Tell me what you wanted to talk about? He says did you decide? sanyuu says not yet. He says the fact is i am better than you. He says what you think i am not deserving? Sanyu says its not like that. he says i will stand on finish line with your handbag? Sanyu says when i said that. He says fact is i am better and you know that. He leaves.

Vid leaves the work and says this is done. i am going to sleep. Randhir says we dont have time to rest. Parth says no one can do this.We all need rest. Sanyu comes and says dont argue. I can understand go and sleep. I am tired as well. randhir we will cover tomorrow. Randhir says i have to work on engine. he can skip sleep.Yoyo says come with us randhir. randhir says go if you want i will work. sanyu says you need to sleep as well. yoyo and parth leave.
Randhir says why did you let them go. I asked them to work you said go sleep. My opinion doesn’t matter. He says i dont wanna to go anywhere. sanyu says fine work. She leaves.
Precap-Ranawat says what you should do i am doing this. I am not responsible to finish this car. Have you decided who is the driver?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. After a long time we got a small Vidarth scene and im really happy…i hope they ll get back together coz they still love each other…parth was kind of jelouse when Vids was talking to Ankit although he tried to hide this fact and Vids as much as she tries to hide it she still loves Parth and i think if parth will give their relation a second chance Vids wont even think twice befor dumping Ankit and whole his money coz if we are sure of something is that Vids loves Parth beyond everything. About sandhir they are cute as always even when they fight…they are so in love…dream time will have a tough competition…lets see what happens next…

  2. Karina who will be the driver?,why they discloses that they are married even though they are not officially so.

  3. Recently heard that Sadda Haq is going to in season 2,please comment on the same

    1. Hey Deep….i saw the news about season 2 of SH too….i guess sanyu will be the driver and that’s why Rd again will be mad and coz of his immens ego and sanyu’s stubborness they will eventually get a divorce (as it was reported in an artical)….i guess that is why they disclose the truth so fast coz they had to move the story further in season 2 and if u ask me i think is better this way coz they arent dragging things in the show…i just hope in season 2 the rest of the cast will remain the same : parth, vidushi, yoyo, rd and sanyu’ s parents etc…what do u think will happen ?

  4. Hi Karina,I think driver would be Rishabh because his photo is in promo photo, regarding season 2,if again they show rift between Sandhir it will be boring because Sadda haq is not meant for repetition.As far as casting in season 2 according to me only parth is relevant than others.

    1. Oh i see…i never thought about Rishab…he can be the driver too but i still think sanyu will drive coz after all she is on if the leads in the show…as far as im concern although i dont like sandhir separation either i still think it will be a nice track coz according to the news they will eventually realise their mistake and will get back together and that means more romance 🙂 and also it will be nice to see their struggles in the real world and not only in collage so yeah i dont really mind if they split up for the moment….and as for the cast in season 2 like i said in my previouse comment i like all of them to be in it and as i can see in my first comment im a big fan of vidarth 🙂 so i still hope for their reiunion.

      1. one of*
        as u can see*

  5. Nice comment Karina,will every thing settle before season 2, I.e relation between Sandhir with their parents,Sanyukta and Randhir shares in their respective companies.

    1. I dont know dear…i didnt read anything about it….but i guess they wont get along with their parents befor the first season ends coz in season 2 we have to see their struggles in real life and that means facing the problems with their parents as well.

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