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Sadda Haq 11th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nirman is launching his mock. He says how did this happen randhir. And aryan you were handling IT. Randhir rechecks everything. He says it was mechanical failure. There was machine fault. Officer says he is right. Nirman says nothing to worry everything is under control we will do next mock in 2 hours. Officer says we need back up. Nirman says it happens in testing. He says if this can happen in testing what can happen while real operation. I can’t trust this. Niraman says we have best machines here. Nirman says you all have 15 minutes for to get second missile ready. Randhir recalls madam lying to him. He says you are behind this sanyu.

Randhir comes to sanyu’s room in anger. He smiles and claps. Randhir brilliant. Sanyu says I.. He says decide how you are gonna lie.

Now I get it. You manipulated everyone. Sumit and aryan were with you too. You manipulated Mr. Subri too. He says I used to support you lie aryan. I wont let this be successful. sanyu says it has no personal motive. He says why are you doing this? Sanyu says I am doing this for villagers. He says tell everyone that you did this or I will.
Everyone is team says to sanyuu why you did this? They all ask her questions.Aryan says shut up. No one will say anything now.
This, sanyu has plan to save their lives. The plan of ISRC will ruin their lives. They will be alive which will be worse than death. This mission is made on a failed plan. There are people who don’t deserve to be linked to be great. Randhir says this is old habit of old people. Randhir says I am going to tell nirman. Aryan says you will feel guilty as a person in the end. Randhirs says better luck next time. come on guys. No one comes. Randhir says they have decided randhir. Randhir says bad decision guys. He leaves.

Saanyu says don’t worry guys I will tell nirman this was my plan. Joy says we are not boycotting you. sanyu says I don’t want nirman to be mad at you. I want you stay out of it. Kritika says I am sorry I wish i could help you. Aryan asks sanyu where are you going? Sanyu says to talk to randhir one last time. Arjun says he will never listen. Kritika says sanyu I am in. Joy says me too. Arjun and sumit say me too.

Sanyu gets a call from agarwal. She doesn’t pick. Randhir says I know what you are here for. You can’t manipulate me. sanyu picks agarwal’s call. He says I had been calling you.Sanyu says it was launch. Her phone turns on loudspeaker. Agarwal says these channel say that lives will be ruined but they don’t know my daughter is working on it. They have hope in you. They tell me I gave birth to such a good daughter but this is all your mom’s wonder. Randhir takes phone from her and says you are crying your dad will cry to. SAnyu says papa I am trying my best to save their lives.
Sanyu says to randhir didn’t come to manipulate. Anyway upto you.

Randhir recalls everything. sanaya comes and says what happened?He says i am working and you are disturbing me. Let me concentrate. Sanaya says how can you? You have to kick out unwanted from your mind. Sanaya says sanyu’s plan..He says I wont be involved in it.sanaya says just tell me what happened? He says what is your problem. sanaya says problem is in your mind.

Peon comes to randhir and says nirman called you. Randhir says okay I am coming.
Nirman says any guesses why I called you here? randhir says mock failure. Nirman says thats past now. I made you lead because I see myself in you. I have had eye on everything. When a bird flies it thinks no one is above it.But when you are at top you can see everything. I know everything what sanyu is upto,aryan is with her. Rest of the team. I expect you to sabotage her plan.

Precap-Nirman says i nirman welcome you to the launch of this operation. An asteroid is coming in our direction but our missile has been launched. He checks everything. Randhir says there is a gitch. We need back missile.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    what a friendship

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    pout ka season hai

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