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Sadda Haq 10th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir gave papers to some men. Another man came and asked him to update more files.
Some men asked sanyu is your plan cos effective? They left. Another men came in and asked sanyu to make the presentation ready by next day. Randhir ate burger. Another corporate came and asked him work. He looked at sanyu’s photo and said where are you sanyu. she said where are you randir? Randhir called her. She said I miss you. He said i miss you a lot. College days were so good. Its all radhir’s dream sequence.

He wakes up and says only three months of college and then everything will be over. Randhir wakes parth up. He says after 3 months college will be over. Parth says let me sleep. Radhir says i wont waste my college life anymore. He goes out and trips over yoyo who

is asleep in corridor. Randhir says we are wasting our college life only few months are left. he calls sanyu. sanyu wakes up and sees petals around her bed. There are arrows made of petals. Sanyu follows the path and comes to store room. She says randhir? Radhir has decorated whole room with balloons and roses. sanyu hugs him. He says we will make end of this college special. sanyu says who will work on classes, assignments, projects and team? Randhir says i am not in team. sanyu says i will talk to ranawat. randhir says he has proved parth and sahil are better than me and he doesn’t trust me. Sanyu says i will talk to him. He says when you try to be romantic you look cute. He says don’t call me cute. Sanyu hugs him.

Vid is watching parth’s strip video with the lady. She gives vid he money and says good job. There is so much money that you will be sick of counting if you are interested. vid says i am. She says there can be more deals like this. Vid says sure.
Sanyu is worried. Tania says whats wrong? sanyu says i have been calling ranawat I want him to take radhir back to team. Tania says he will never do that. Sanyu says maybe he has changed his mind now. Sanyu sees cash under vid’s bed. Sanyu says where is it from? Vid says i am not accountable to you. Taia says they are not from a good source. Vid says i have earned them not transferred from my dad’s account like you.

Parth comes and shows vid a paper. Vid syas what is this? He says our future. Randhir made me realize that there are only three months left. When placements start we have to apply in these companies. There is a high probability that we will stay together. Vid says we have to perform better than sanyu and randhir. He says we just focus on ourselves. She says why so motivated? He says there are people in my family who expect from me. Yoyo overhears this as well.
Yoyo talks to his beeji. He says i will pass out this year. Beeji says after you graduate come and help your dad in fields. Yoyo says i cant hear you and hangs up. Yoyo says to parth my family expects so much from me. Parth says you will get placement. Parth says i have criminal record. Yoyo says if we perform good in dream team we will get something. Parth says talk to ranawat sir to make you part of the team.

Ranawat says to yoyo how this wonderful idea came to your mind? For placements? yoyo says my reason is not wrong. If i perform well team will win. Ranawat says there are many speed breakers. He says only 5 will go to competition. You want to risk someone else’s place? Yoyo says in the end team will win. Ranawat says i want to be fair you will get a chance. Show me your hunger. Ready?

Rishab wakes up, he is not well. he tries to take a bottle but falls from bed. Some guys sees him. They pick him up. Tania comes in and asks what happened? He says i am better now. She says i was scared. Tania sees that bottle. She says what is it? He says medicines. He says these are anti depression pills? He says please be quite. Why you do this? He says please. he says i saw an accident in childhood. She says you never told me about. She says okay relax. He says dont tell anyone. He gets a call. he says yes doctor? Doctor asks how you feel now? he says better. Dont tell my parents. I will handle myself.
Randhir comes to workplace and sees his engine. he gets a call from sanyu. Randhir says i want to be back in team i want to be with you but how will i tell? No one will trust me. I have to convince everyone that i wanna do something for team.

Precap-Randhir takes some tools with him. Sanyu comes and asks what are you doing here? What are you concealing? he says i just came to take tools for my machine. Sanyu says what machine?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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