Sadda Haq 10th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 10th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aryan says to randhir are you happy now? There is nothing special in your life? But I do.
At night, sanyu says on call I will go. Don’t worry for me I am not going home first time. No auto stops for her. A car stops in front of her. Two guys come out of it. They say all okay mam? All alone here? Don’t worry we will drop you where you want. Sanyu says no thanks. The guy says thank us when we drop you. Sanyu says stay away okay. He says come we will drop you. sanyu slaps him. He stares at her in anger. Someone comes and punches him. Its randhir. Randhir beats him down. They run in their car. Randhir leaves. He comes back with his bike. Sanyu sits on his bike.
He drops her. SAnyu recalls the old times.

Agarwal says look who has come. He hugs sanyu. Sanyu gives

him gift and says I wanted to celebrate with you. Sanyu gives ankit shirt. He says this looks cheap. Agarwal says okay then give it to chotu. Ankit says no no. Sanyu says I got my first pay check yesterday. Agarwal says I am proud of you. You do what 10 sons couldn’t.

next morning, ankit calls sanyu and asks why didn’t you meet papa before leaving. Sanyu says he was asleep. I didn’t wanna disturb. Sanyu takes coffee. She randhir looking at his old family photo. sanyu gives him coffee. She says wanted to says thank. He says I would do this for anyone. Sanyu says I know. He says not everything.He says thanks for black coffee but I have stopped drinking it. He leaves.
Sanaya says where were you randhir? He says I am really busy. sanaya says sanyu please help me. Sanyu I am very busy. Sanaya collides with joy. Box falls from her hand. He says is it that what I am thinking. Sanya says leave it.
Sanyu is fixing her PC. Aryan comes and helps her. He says helpline 234. Sanyu says are you teelpathy expert too now? He fixes it. Nirman comes and says something funny is going on? Sanyu says aryan was fixing my laptop. Nirman says you can’t repair your laptop yourself? He says in heart I have to take aryan out of your life.

Precap-Randhir says to aryan I will never let you achieve your goal. I will always be standing between you and it, aryan says I only see my goal. Randhir says I can break you relation in seven days. Aryan says I won’t take morethan 7 seven days to make her commit.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. karina

    This epi reminded me of old SanDhir bike ride…this epi was awesome…im so sad that they didnt show Vids in Aggarwal house…im missing her and Parth…

  2. oh god !!! the precap ! and the bike ride ! and the way rd looked at her sleeping ! it was …… omg ! it was a sandhirilicious epi !!! nice epi !! 🙂

    • karina

      Yeah i was wondering about the same…guys did anyone of u see the epi on tv ? Did they aired that scene when Rd tried to remove Sanyu’s chain from her neck ?

    • karina

      Yup dear u are right…he still loves her and a lot…u can clearly see it in his eyes..

  3. karina

    Guys why today’s epi was so short ? I mean every epi last for about half an hour and today’s epi was of about 15 min…why ? Actually i went to see the video of the epi on a site and it only last for 15…today’s epi was that short ? If anyone saw the epi on tv pls tell me how much it last…

  4. Ranaji

    hi guys….I liked bike ride today i watched 3 shows…ishq ka rang safed,vishkanya and saddha haq..simutaneously..but i watched saddha haq for 10 min and other two shows for 10 min..this show i like alot

  5. Aastha

    wow today epi was just fab and the bike ride it cannot be explain .IT was the most cute scene of today epi… Rd luv is strange he loves sanyu but donot want to express….. THIS made me remember a guy who luved a girl but he was not sure what she thinks abt him ….so he made circumstances that the girl lost all hrr frndz bcauz the guy thought if she will not i interact with anyone then no will steal her frm him…. his luv made him insane….. PLZ GUYZ REPLY WHAT U THNK ABT THIS GUY..
    Donot thnk i am new here frm many days i was a silent reader but i read each comment of u all. Through comments i am familiar with karina di..mukti..mayuri di.. revati and many more.. I just thought today to break my silence…..

    • karina

      Hey dear…first of all welcome to our group 🙂
      Secondly this guy which u are talking about it seems that his way of loveing the girl is a bit dramatic and somehow insane…but Rd’s character in the story isnt an obsessed lover…yeah he is possesive, jelouse…but in a constructive way…i know he made a lot of mistakes and the way the CVs made him its like he is more of a villain right now but he ll never do something like that to Sanyu…he is not obsessed with her…its just he loves her a lot but he still thinks that he hates her….so i think this guy which ur talking about its more obsessed with that girl…then in love with her…he should probably seek some therapy assistance…thats my opinion…

      • karina

        Its a huge differance in being trully inlove with someone and being obsessed it him or her…if that guy made all her friends to go away from the girl then i guess he is somehow a bit insane…but if ur trying to relate to the current track in the show…then its not the same…i know Rd made a bet with Aryan that he ll make Sanyu and Aryan to break but here its a matter pf ego and jelousey for both Rd and Aryan…coz lets not forget that Aryan too accepted the challange…and that means both of the boyes are at fault…actually i dont support either one of them in this bet coz they both are wrong…its not ok to bet on Sanyu…she is a human not an object….but the guy in ur story has some problems coz its not ok to try to make someones friends or family go away from the person u love…just coz ur insecure…thats insane…

    • Heyy astha…..welcum….
      Silent reader haan…..this guy is duty not like rd..from where did u read or saw this..

    • Revati

      Hey dear I thnk that rd is a fictional character n thts why we like it..
      Bt in real life it’s not good..
      So the guy u talking abt idnt thnk he is a good one..I dnt Thnk its true lv.I dnt kno much abt lv n all bt I,just thnk tht in real life no one shd do this..
      Just my opinion.hope it does not hurt u.:-)
      Anyways helo n welcm

      • Revati

        N dear randhir will nvr do this..ya he made many mistakes which r not acceptable in real life bt he will nvr do this to sanyu..
        N tht guy is obsessed with her. No truelvr will dothis..
        Dear I m not relationship or lv expert its wasa commonssense question..:-)
        Ok.then hope udnt mind

    • hey aastha ! a big welcome to our group ! 🙂 plz do comment daily frm now on if u can ! 🙂
      from ur name i remember aastha frm iss pyar ko kya naam doon 2 !
      i don’t know much abt luv but still i will tell u what i think. i think this guy is a teenager who is confused and is possessive … i think that being direct is the best i mean just say what u want directly to her … making her away frm her friends is … umm .. it will just make her unhappy .. so it’s best to not keep too many things in your mind !

      but i don’t think that’s rd ! i mean that he does luv her nd is possessive n all but he wants to hate her ! inside he cares 4 her nd luv her lyk anything but outside he is not lyk that … soometimes his inner self is shown lyk in today !

    • Sheena

      Hey aastha!! Welcome here !
      According to me, that guy shldn’t have made the girl lose all her frndz…friendship is a different thing…instead, he cld have made the girl fall in love with him, with his nature n personality…i don’t know much about love but i know very much about friendship…for me, friendship is the purest form of love…
      N rd is not like this, he wont make sanyu lose her friends…instead, he’ll make her fall in love with him

    • Mayuri

      Hey dear…. Thanks for knowing us .
      …we r being pleased with your comments dear and dear first of all welcome to the Sh family group dear 🙂

  6. Wat r u sayng guyzzz.. i saw rd removed d chain frm sanyu’s neck…. he came 2 her room at ni8… karina di didnt u c dat scene??? N d bike ride ws jsst awsm… reminded me of s1…. i guess nirman will evntualy help sanhir reunite as he wud remove aryan frm sanyu’s lyf….

    • no swarna , they didn’t see the epi .. they only read the update .. it’s not mentioned in the update that rd removed her locket so they were asking whether it hppned or not …

  7. Osm epiii….I wonder how rd knos where she goes….
    I missed today’s epiii….feeling to slap myself…….why why why…
    Missed it yaar……
    woow the challenge…suprrr exited..

  8. Revati

    Hey aliya di.yep u thnk it rit..
    N no I dnt mind nor did Dhruv he is very broadminded:-)

  9. daksha

    the episode starts with randir trying to remove the pendent from sanyus neck in night he stolen the pendent and says that he is doing this for breaking Aryan and sanyus bonding. next day in lab Aryan asks sanyu abt the chain and she realized it was not with her. she goes to search it. randir comes to Aryan and tells sanyu is irresponsible. but Aryan understands that randir is behind it. when Aryan sees sanyu in tension. he goes out and brings same model chain saying he got it in the corridor. when Aryan and sanyu entered in the lab sanaya comes and compliments abt the pendent. hearing this randir got shocked. Aryan comes to randir and ask to keep the stolen chain and gift it someone spcl.

    • Sheena

      Thank u so much daksha for completing the update!! I was so curious to know whether rd got that locket or not.

      • daksha

        ys.rd got that pendant that’s y Aryan brought another pendant for sanyu. sanyu became very upset knowing the locket is losted. aryan understood it done by rd so he brought another pendant and said he found the pendent.

  10. Revati

    Hey sheena di..the temple is as alwys a very grand n spectacular place with peace of the village is very dirty…
    N shopping I did lots of:-):-)
    All traditional footwear bracelets n I evn took tht locketof god..
    N many books on god:-)
    N yes I bought tht traditional duppata n clutchers n all:-):-)they r very very beautiful n bhai said I look more beautiful in all this thngs:-):-):-):-):-):-)
    N di the food was also yummyy…climate wss cool cz of rain:-):-)
    Di I enjoyed a lottttt

    • Sheena means u had fun..gud cutie…
      Dhruv told that u like traditional dresses…n i’m sure u look very pretty in traditional outfits..
      N its good that it rained…otherwise maharashtra in summers is too hot ..

  11. shreya

    OMG,randhir’s care towards sanyukta is can’nt be replaced by aryan nowdays he is trying to prove that he is the only special person in her lyf.I wish sanyu will not choose him over rd in upcoming 7 day challenge.
    Hey frnds i missed u like hell coz i lost my phone in the market so abhi new phone r u my lovely frnds karu my dear,nishu,babu,dhruv,sheena,mayuri,mukti,shivani,bk n aliya
    Hey ria welcome..i m shreya i m a regular commentator bt i ws phoneless so,could’nt cime 4 some days

  12. Hey everyone karu nishu aparna dhruv bhai revati shuvu sheenu swarna……how r u all. ……..
    Where r mayuuu sanyuuu shreyu diii aishu ayeesha rakshi mukti ritss vishuuuu nd all….everyone is missing here…cum bak all….

    • karina

      hey dear 🙂 the voting is still going…SSEL is still on the first place…then comes IKRS and then SH 🙁 but between these two is a small differance so keep voting guys…

  13. Revati

    Hey richu di ya I m back:-)
    Yep shivani di dhruv bhai is alwys u know we must be independent..bhai alwys tells me tobe independent n solve everything alone. so tht in life we can face all challengewithout anyones help..
    Rit na sheena di.u also thnk in same,way.I read ur cmnts na

    • Sheena

      Yup dear, u r absolutely right…
      We must always be independent so that we can handle ourselves as well as our loved ones…
      I rarely cry infront of ppl…i cry only infront of mirror…i don’t know why, but it makes me strong…i love laughing infront of ppl..n i love to make others laugh..
      Btw, u r very cute as well as mature dear..always be like this 🙂 luv u..

      • Sheena dhruv she’s very cute n sensible too..maine bohot cute log dekhe hai but vo log itne sensible nahi hote…lagta hai vo ap hi ko follow krri hai..
        See reva..maine tumhare liye hindi me likha..u r bored of conversing in english na..u told..

  14. A.D.

    aaryan I love you!
    you are the best for sanyu. u understand every plan of randhir and never doubt on sanyu, never hurt her, never misunderstand her and always encourage her..all unlike randhir. and today what you did just made me cry out of happiness. you bought the same pendant again..from your pay cheque. you don’t have a family and that’s why you value sanyu a lot. randhir had a family but lost it due to his arrogance, attitude and ego. niw he will lose sanyu too. he doesn’t deserve sanyu at all. never trusted her. aaryukta are best!

  15. Guyzz i think sanyu na to aryan nahi rd k pass jaegi.. i thnk theres smthing diff in stock 4 d viewers…. becz param said in wn interview dat in 1-2 months v’ll cm 2 know y rd is behaving lyk dis… I guess watevr it is sanyu will nt b comitted to aryan…

  16. Shringarika

    i m a silent reader bt today i have to speak both aryan n randhir are taking sanyu as a challenge is she a doll or something that they are competing for aryan loves sanyu bt he should think what sanyu wants nt wat his ego wants n randhir dont have any work rather than taking revenge disgusting

  17. Avnisha

    Hi guys..i am a silent reader..thought of commenting today..i am watchin sadda haq since season 1 nd i luv sandhir

  18. Sheena

    Hey swarna!! Seeing u here after so r u?
    N today sooo many silent readers coming up..- avnisha, shringarika, aastha..its nice to have u all here..
    Hi frnds!! How r u all?
    Sanyu n liya, where r u??

  19. dhruv

    Thnkgod profersr u came mised u somuch..
    N wht is this di kbhi gir jati ho kbhi fn ghuma deti ho..take care of urself dear plz:-)
    Now raj sanyu pari miley come back plz

  20. akshay

    Y u all reported m I said sory to all.sory dhruv..
    I had only 1 acc.n I hv right to cmnt abtsada haq.u al dnt talk to me this in injustice..u all thnk this place is only for ur frnds..I wntto talk abt sh

    • sharon

      Hey bro all did this cz u used bad language..if u dnt use kno one will do this..n u cn comment..plz dnt talk bad abt anyone.:-)

  21. akshay

    Yes I will cmnt frm this acc..I Dnt want talk to u all..revati sory.
    I wnt talk abt sh..nisha who r u doing this? Plz dnt do this again.or I wil report u

    • karina

      Look Akshay i dont wanna fight i just wanna clear some things…i saw all ur msgs but i didnt got time to replay…noone said to u that u cant be our friend…we always welcome new members in our group as u can see…but the think in ur case was that u used so words that made my friends unconfortable…dear its not the same to adress someone as sweetheart to adressing someone as s*xy…thats why Richu felt unconfortable…and yeah we do say i love u to our friends…but its a friendship love…its not like we are proposing someone…abd about the reporting TU clearly said that its a public site and that they ll block everyone that use abussive or inapropiet language…and i dont think u have the right to report Nisha coz she didnt bash u or curse u…she explain the situation in a polite manner…so pls…im requesting u as a friend dont start fighting again…ur most welcome to join us if u want abd i hope we can be friends…and after all we are all Sadda Haq fans so we have at least this thing in common…i hope u understand what im trying to say…take care…

      • akshay

        I have not come here to hear ur lecture..
        N if u wnt reportmagain I will cmnt frm anothr acc.
        N abt nisha isaid Tht if she report again I will report her.m I hv right..who r u todecide wht rit I have

      • karina

        Well i guess it was a waste of time in trying to talk with u Akshay…u didnt get a word of what i was trying to say…but ok…u can comment here as much as u like but with this attitude dont expect us to be friends with u…have a nice life…

    • dhruv

      Hey bro plz stop this..u tlked so bad abt richu n aprna do u know them??
      Thts why nisha reported u..its not good to say such thngs to anybody..
      N to a girl its worst…they r like ur sisters..
      N if u hv a sister u must hv known most imp for thm is their safety…they always wants A secure place…if u do this all will leave this its good???

      N I took their side cz I respct thm n thy like my sis…respct them..evn if thy bash u respct thm yr…ladki se bat karne ka tarika hota hai..aur me nai yaha koi dusr ladka hota to usne bhi yahe kiya hota…so plz stop this yr or they will leave this page

    • Sheena

      Akshay pls….u cannot say that we didn’t accept u as our frnd…whenever a new member comes here, he or she is always given a warm welcome …same was with u…but u used words like s*xy n all several times…so richu cldn’t ignore it…n ofcourse nishu can report to tu regarding the same…it wasn’t an offence by nishu…n yaa, i think we all always want new members to come here n u also agree na that u had a warm welcome…n after that also, u are still blaming our frnds here…i mean that is very immature of u…u cld instead have just apologized n asked us to forgive u…pls don’t repeat this ok?

  22. Egde Black

    Today’s episode was Awesome….Loved the bike scene and the scene when Rd took off her necklace. Both of them try their best to hide their feelings but they don’t succeed. Rd always comes to aid when Sanyu is in danger and Sanyu always distract him when he feels sad…..if this is not love then what else is this??
    Though this is really bad, but I Hope during this 7 days challenge, Rd realize what Sanyu meant to him and he stop hurting her and himself……..Sandhir Rocks!!
    Hey Frndz….How r u guyz??

  23. Sasha

    Can anyone plz tell me the song name whoch was being played during the bike ride……plz plz plz anyone . I loved tht song.

    • sumo

      yeah…going to post same rqst…. plz tell det song name.. during bike ride in yesterday’s episode….plzz plzz any1 guys…

  24. richa (titli)

    niswaaaa dr maaari bhainsiyaaaaa kuchhhh zaada hii egoistisccc hot gai aurr c’gate bhaaji khaane lagiille ahmmm ooo seeeeeee c’ gate le liye dekho ki ho gyaa

    • karina

      hahaha my crazy Richa…only u could have posted such a funny pic 🙂 h r u dear ? and where is my cutie pie Nishu ? and my little Liya ?

      • karina

        And also where are Sanyu, Ayeesha, Princess, Rakshi, Himanshi, Raj, Bk, Sid, Rits, Vishal ? they havent come here for long

  25. richa (titli)

    seee niswa tinnawa??bojanam chesava i ???
    nd Kon-nichiwa pikachuuuuuu\
    O-genki desu ka ???
    pikachuu savinaye nivedan hai ki agar uparyukt vvakye samajh naahi aaye ho toh kripya googkle baba ko kasht de
    Dhnya vaaddddddd………….
    तुम्हारी पागल सखी

  26. Aryan was looking really like villian when taunting rd and he was just looking like sweet innocent child cvs ab toh samaj jao aryan ko OBSESSED villian ka role suit karta hai rd is epitome of innocence and cuteness usse hero hi rehne do

  27. richa (titli)

    एक बात और कहना चाहूँगी की निर्ममान ने मेरी भैंसिया को बिगाड़ दिया पतली तो नही पर उसकी तरह गुस्से वाली होकर आई है || आइसक्रीमका काम भी ठप पड़ा है| सोचती हूँ निस्वा की फ्रीज़ चेंबर उधार ही ले लू|
    ख्याक रखना फिर मिलेंगे 🙂

  28. richa (titli)

    the bepisode was good loved Rd’s expressions and Aryan alsoo smiled for first tym in the show i think 🙂
    Sanaya OMG!!! what dioes she hav DRugs???
    nyyayss nirmaan is really soooooo suchhhh aaaaa band dimaag i mean hav sooo much suchh a conjusted thinking 😛
    ? ? ? ?
    LOL Karu, princuuu hw r u??
    hope u all doing well
    Nisawwwwaaaaaaa hopeeeeeeeeee u r gooddddddddddddd
    hw is ur dayyy going?????????????????????????????????
    nd good luckkk alllll Xam ppl
    @@@@ all hw r u????
    LOL @all tc hav a nyc day 🙂

  29. richa (titli)

    welllll song dedicateddd for the current track nd Rd is..

    I walk a lonely road
    The only one that I have ever known
    Don’t know where it goes
    But it’s home to me and I walk alone

    I walk this empty street
    On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams
    Where the city sleeps
    And I’m the only one and I walk alone

    I walk alone
    I walk alone
    I walk alone
    I walk a…

    My shadow’s the only one that walks beside me
    My shallow heart’s the only thing that’s beating
    Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me
    ‘Til then I walk alone

    Ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah, aaah-ah,
    Ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah

    I’m walking down the line
    That divides me somewhere in my mind
    On the border line
    Of the edge and where I walk alone

    Read between the lines
    Of what’s f**ked up and everything’s alright
    Check my vital signs
    To know I’m still alive and I walk alone

    I walk alone
    I walk alone
    I walk alone
    I walk a…

    My shadow’s the only one that walks beside me
    My shallow heart’s the only thing that’s beating
    Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me
    ‘Til then I walk alone

    Ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah, aaah-ah
    Ah-ah, ah-ah

    I walk alone
    I walk a…

    I walk this empty street
    On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams
    Where the city sleeps
    And I’m the only one and I walk a…

    My shadow’s the only one that walks beside me
    My shallow heart’s the only thing that’s beating
    Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me
    ‘Til then I walk alone…
    ? ? ?? ? ?? ? ?? ? ?? ? ?? ? ?
    sooo jhoomeee havvaaa naache naache …………. ???????

    • Mayuri

      Ohh… Thanks Richa dear ….. U know I m having this song in video form as an amv … And this song with that amv always rocks … And this is one of my favorite English song 🙂
      Thank u so much dear 🙂

  30. dhruv

    Heehehee karuu I nvr read all cmnts it’s so boring to read 60 n80 cmnts na.:-P
    I read only 1 line or else 1commt frm 5 6…
    Hehe thts y I didn’t knew…hehe..kk I will vote now

  31. I don’t want any problem here bcoz of me….if I had said somethin rong I would surely apologize. ….
    Better to leave…..
    Akshay happy now.sry everyone. ..dhruv bhai proud of u bhagvan aisa bhai sabko de…
    Bye bye

    • dhruv

      Ok.leave then.whatever.I took side of u..fought with him for u..we didn’t had any issues of our own.
      Bt stil u wana leave then leave..
      My attitude depends on ur reaction..

  32. akshay

    Why I shd be hapy??
    I only said I time then I said sory n nvr took ur name.u al r doing this deliberately..
    Dhruv bro whtvr u said I agre cz I to hv a sister like u…
    Bt richu I said sory n then didn’t took ur dnt act like this..
    N idnt care u r here or not I cm here for sadata haq nt for anyone else

  33. BK

    Hey guyzzzzzzz gd aftrnun………
    Wtttt the hellllll guyzzzzzzzzzz……..I heard smwhr that sadda haq will end in a month…….
    Channel v and #SaddaHaq is very much part of our life please dont shut it..
    We all don’t want channel v to shut down pls we want our fav show sadda haq to stay #SaveChannelVIndia ?

    It’s not easy to give up on something with which we are THIS attached.

  34. Sheena

    Richu..why r u leaving dear??? Dhruv bro is right …we supported u still u r leaving..there’s no point in doing that

  35. hey richu …. why r u leaving ? hey everything is sorted out now … yaar plz don’t leave … ok leaving is ur choice but for what ? we all supported u nd always will .. u don’t hv to leave …

  36. richa (titli)


  37. Revati

    Hiiiiii frndssss..
    Hii karuu diii seeing u here aftr so many days:-):-)
    Hi shena di shivu di …aliya liya whre r u??
    Hey bk bhaiya is it true tht sadda haq is ending???
    Bt I didn’t read it anywhere..plz post the link plz:-)
    Hey akshay chill bro forget everything n take a new chnce to be our frnds:-)

    Hey richu di dnt take it one fighting happy n keep everyone happy.
    See al will be sad if u leaveing…so dnt do this ok.waiting for u dii:-):-):-)

    • Revati

      Dii all took ur side na..n u leaving…its a waste of time to help such people we fought with him for u u leaving..means u dnt understand our lv n frndshp..
      Anyways di choice bhaiya said him somuch for u.he cares for u na.

      N nishu di reported him for how Will she feel??
      Anywys if u dnt wna come then bye.
      It’s wste of time to call u again n again…

    • BK

      Hiii revati…….dear u just go to twitter or Instagram………there u’ll be get all ur answers….

  38. richa (titli)

    hy, Kareena how are you ?? cum merge viața ta?
    welll Am încercat română folosind Google traduce speranța u-a placut …..
    bine-mi răspundă în englishh ca eu chiar nu cunosc limba română: D;)

    soo ce crezi despre piesa curentă ?? care va câștiga piesa curentă ??
    oricum am uitat să vă întreb de AR Romsania dreapta si youy cunosc limba română ?? finaliza, de asemenea proiectul în curând și spune-mi cum am scrie și să aibă grijă și de a face bine în viață Dumnezeu să vă binecuvânteze 🙂

    • richa (titli)

      poți preda, mi ceva de bază bomboană Karu română ??
      și vă rugăm să vina Google pentru orice erori eu nu sunt nici un fel de defect ca eu nu cunosc limba …….

    • karina

      Awww my crazy Richa u tried to write in romanian for me…thats so sweet of u dear…loveeeeee uuu so much…

      Actually dear google doesnt translate all the words corectly…

      So i guess u wanted to ask me how i am ? well its not cum merge viața…it “Ce faci?” thats how u said it in romanian 🙂 love u dear…u made my day with ur comment

      • karina

        And of course dear i can teach u some basic romanian words…u just tell me the words and i ll translate them for u 🙂

      • richa (titli)

        oh thanx for the correction i will note it and plss give some basics plss and my pleasure if i cud make some1 happy nd m happy bcozz u happy 🙂

      • Revati

        Aaaawwww u frm romania dii????
        I didn’t knew..tht means. Didn’t understand anything I said in hindi:-(
        How is Romania di??it’s,in europe na.

      • karina

        Yup Revu sweety im from Romania and yes its in Europe…yup unfortunatelly i dont understand much hindi…just some words 🙂

  39. richa (titli)

    ok then Kareena Senpai i mean teacher classess start
    !)= how r u?? = ce fau ++++++ done

    2) had ur lunch??
    3; had dinner??
    4. had breakfast…..

    5. u know english?
    6. does anyone here know english..
    7. and vvvvvvviiippp thing if m in troble in romania s sooooooo number 7 is. Whwrev is the toilet 😛


    • karina

      hahaha ok dear lets begin 🙂
      had ur lunch?—— ai luat pranzul ?
      had ur dinner?—– ai luat cina ?
      had ur breakfast?—ai luat micul dejun?

      u know english?—-stii engleza?
      does anyone here know english?—–stie cineva engleza aici ?
      where is the toilet?–unde este toaleta?

      Done dear…this is the class for today :))))

    • karina

      srry dear i cant help u coz i donno the name…and i guess noone knows hence they didnt reply 🙁

      • sumo

        yup ..I got det name….I was also asking d same ….. song z LEHREIN from AiSHA movie … 🙂

    • Mayuri

      Hey sasha dear that song name is I walk alone …. I am having that song amv and for me that song is awesome …. Hope that name helped u 🙂

  40. Its OK everyone……
    Luv u coz u supported me….I don’t have any problem aid anyone…..
    But y is he having problem with me…..
    Sorry for annoying u….
    I’ll surely cum back…..
    But now….not possible…since I’m busy and my mod is off..I
    Would like to take a break from here…..
    Miss u

    • karina

      ok dear…u pls come back when u feel its right for u.. we ll wait for u…take care..

    • sanyukta rathor

      Hey my sweetiii

      How’s u

      What happend here dear

      Pata h 2 din se tum sab ko dhund rahi the 2 may ke bad ka koi update hi nhi tha

    • sanyukta rathor

      Hey richu tum kaha ja rahi ho ye thek nhi h abhi to me aai hu dear come back ok that’s my ordar fast

  41. sanyukta rathor

    Hey guys thank god tum sab mil gae yar

    Hey karu , nishu , richu , aalu, aparna,sheryu dii, dhruv bhai and all

    I miss u everyone

  42. sanyukta rathor

    Oppps sorry some name i forget

    Hiii shivu , aishu bro , mukti , himanshi , raj bhai and all of u

  43. mukti

    Hello frnds..hi karina aliya,nishu akshy dhruv baby:-P sanyukta liya revu rits richa richu how r u??
    Hey richu I camen u going??
    Wht happened who is akshay??
    Due to exms I cnt come..

  44. mukti

    Ohh yes richu this place has bcm worst..everyone week someone bashes….
    Tired of fighting….its such a shame tht people use such laLanguage…
    Jst leave this place..we cm here to relieve our stress bt now it’s not in limit…such a bakwas place telly updates hasmade..
    dnt evn thnk of cementing here again..byeee.

  45. sharon

    Hi frnds I liked this plce,a lot bt nw I dnt thnk it’s,safe so bye,will miss u all bye

  46. Mayuri

    Hey guys what is this … U can’t leave mukti , revu dear … Do u know some cheap people by purposely trick us by their own selfish means… And what they wanted u both r doing … So my suggestion is to not leave and stay here because I , Karina , liya , sanyu, aishu, aparna , shivani , Richa , richu , nisha and our brother itself is here
    … We all r very good friend and now become a family … So plz … Dear don’t leave …

  47. Mayuri

    Hey guys … Who is this akshay .. I opened the tu today only because I was very very busy and I read all the comments but akshay’s comments got deleted …. Can anyone tell me who is this guy and what have he done ??

  48. Mayuri

    Hiiii guys … I couldn’t comment coz I was busy but everybody forgotten me so early 🙁 🙁 that’s not good … I was missing everybody … Anybody missed me…

    • sanyukta rathor

      Ya dear i miss u a lot

      How are u

      ya dear me bhi yaha nhi the islye muzee bhi nhi pta yaha kya hua

      Sab ja kyu rahe h

  49. Hey Sharon it’s safe here and mukti and revati. What happens please don’t leave
    Btw hello every one
    Guys one confusion in above comments. I m not sure but just leave it
    Hi Richa how r u I m fine dear
    Hi dhruv bro. How r u why r u leaving
    Hi revati hi Karu,shreya
    Hi Nishu where r u today. Did u watch ts
    Hi sanyukta how r u dear

    • sumo

      hey Sasha…det song was…LEHREIN from Aisha movie….,I WS also asking d same… 🙂 BT I got it

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.