Sadda Haq 10th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 10th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nirman says those who gets 10/10 has brightest chance of going to mars, Any questions? Kritika says our partners? Nirman says you should know who is your opponent because that would be your challenge. I give 3.5 minutes to decide first pair. Remember you are against each other in this task. good luck.
They all wear suits and come in lab.
sanaya comes out of lab and says where is sheikho. He grasps her hand. She says someone please help me. He says you wont pair up with sanyu. She says why? Randhir says she can do even hurt you for her benefit. She says why does it matter to you? You don’t want me in your life. Why do you care? He goes in.
Joy says Nirman has confused us. Kritika says what? Joy says how would we know who is better for us. randhir says he wants us to

know our strength and opponents.
They all stand in front of each other. Aryan and Randhir, sanyu and sanaya, kritika and arjun, joy and sumit.

First turn is of joy and sumit. Joy is hitting the balls and sumit blindfolded defends himself. Joy gets 4/10. Joy is next. Sumit hits. Sumit gets 3/10. Becky says next pair is kritika and arjun. Arjun hit first. Arjun gets 4/10. Arjun gets hit on his head by kritika. She says in heart sorry but I have to perform well. It hits him, kritika says arjun.. Nirman stares her. Kritika gets 5/10. Next pair is sanaya and sanyu. Sanyu is blindfolded. She recalls when Nirman insulted her. she says I can’t lose. I have to focus on sound. Sanyu gets 5/10. Now Sanaya is blindfolded. Randhir says in heart if you hurt sanaya I wont leave you sanyyu. Sanaya defends herself well. Randhir smiles. Last ball hits her neck. She falls down. Randhir runs to her and so does sanyu. Randhir says stay away from here. He says I told you she can do anything to win. Sanaya says I am fine. randhir says I am warnin you sanyu stay away from here. Keep your cheap tricks away from sanaya. Aryan comes and stands in front of sanyu. Sanaya says I am fine. Sanyu says please lets go aryan. Nirman says enough. My so called best scientists have no controls over emotions. Back off everyone.
Becky says final pair is randhir and aryan. Aryan is blindfolded. Randhir hits the balls. Aryan is 6/10 by now. Randhir hits a ball on his chest and one oh his head. Becky says this is last attempt for aryan, it hits his neck. He is 7/10. Next is randhir. Aryan says bring it on randhir. Randhir is blindfolded. Becky says two more attempts for randhir which will decide who is the best. Randhir gets 7/10. Becky says its a tie. Nirman says mass is not an auditorium where we can display this drama. I can only see negative aggression in all of you. All you play to defeat others not to win. You should all change this attitude. If I change mine none of you will like it. Done for the day.

Precap-Nirman says gets ready for next task. it has few electric shocks. You have to unscrew a few screws and it should not touch the ring otherwise there will be a spark. A spark comes near sanyu, randhir comes in front.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I don’t like today’s episode. It just a waste of time

  2. The precap is awesome..the way Rd protects Sanyu it remainds me of old SanDhir…its awesome…that means they still love each other a lot…im so happy 🙂 SanDhir are the best…

  3. sadda haq season2 is so boring..sanaya one of the most irritated character..earlier it was so good,always d same story randhir tries to bring down to sanyu n atlast falls for her..i will not watch this serial anymore..begins to hate it..most worst serial of channel v now..

    1. I understand it completely Neha but if you recall the season 1 vidushi (in starting) was also too irritating but at last we get fond of her .. Similarly you will also like sanaya but I knew it will only look good when she will be paired with Aryan as these two guys are the blockers of our sandhir way but pls do watch Saddam haq especially of tomorrow ..
      Old feelings with new sparks ??????

  4. Drama and stuff!

  5. I just cannot make me understand that Ash is just a hero…feeling terrible.he also loves sanyu,supports her always!then why Rd?Seriously it’s getting worse day by day.

  6. Actually, m a silent reader.but would like to say that it’s really getting worse.if Randhir And Sanyukta r the leads, then why Sanaya and Aryan r getting attracted to them day by day!
    Really love Aryan on this show.

  7. M Disappointed…plz krep Aryan????

  8. Interesting epi enjoyed a lot, waiting to see sandhir chemistry tmrrw.

  9. God rd why r u so protective for that so called sanaya why do u always misunderstand sanyu. I’m sure u r gonna regret in future

  10. Guys pls don’t stop watching sadda haq just for our sandhir .. Look these cv’s are giving us hopes of our beloved sandhir reunion. Guys we should give some time to it and I am sure as these guys are giving us hopes they’ll surely make it happen for ever so don’t worry bcoz if you guys will stop watching then the trp will get low and our show will get replaced by the earlier show remember “friends – conditions apply” with season 2 .. They will replace our show
    If we want sandhir then first we need to keep calm and have some patience otherwise no sadda haq and of course no sandhir … Pls pls I request you to watch it guys pls pls

  11. Mxm no words. If I don’t get any Sandhir scenes tomorrow. I’m also done!!

  12. Please don’t leave the show please. They will definitely bring the old sandhir back and that too wid a bang…
    Coming to today’s epi, when sanyu finally blocked the last 5 balls there was a small smile in the face of rd which i think unknowingly came on his face(which bought a small smile to my face for a second).. also previously he holds sanyu unknowingly when she was about to fall and in the precap also he holds the spark as if as reflex to protect sanyu these all thing in this week proves that however much he tries to show he is unaffected by her, she is the one who affects her most he jst needs to realise that….
    This is sandhir they broke up several times but everytime they came back together more stronger than ever.
    But most of all missing vidarth they were the breathe of the show while sandhir is heart of the show.. both are important for this
    No offences for aaryan fans but i can proudly say that i am sandhir and vidarth fan
    sorry guys for the long comment

    1. Totally agree with u…well said dear…i also miss vidarth a lot and sandhir will eventually be together we just have to wait for it a little bit…

  13. This is not a movie everything to end in minutes and hours …Have Patience.. Enjoy the series…Serials take years to complete….At the end f d show its sanyu n Randhir together…pls do encourage even new characters…. Aryan n Sanaya are best in der roles…..

  14. Exactly it is not a movie k sab kuch sath dikha de pehle ap logo ko ye problem tha k tasks nhi dikha the but an WO v acha nhi lag RHA and guys think party avi to coma se utha hai directly isrc me kaise entry kara sakte hai some conditions are needed and vidarth will b back I am sure.

  15. Sorry its parth not party my mistake

  16. i want parth back in the show..i m missing parth..n if randhir loves sanyu how can he leave her for 2 years without taking any info about she is doing nothing..this serial has become waste of tym..everyday i go to see the serial with some hope but nothing…recently when parth appear i was so happy now again he is not permanent in d show..all bullshit specially sanaya..ya aryan is not dat much irritating he cares for sanyu bt i hate sanaya

  17. good episode but this is not our rd

  18. nyc epi enjoyed a lot….

  19. It is very boring nowadays we hope to see better in future .I just want randhir and sanyukta mesmerizing scenes eagerly waiting for that.

  20. Loved the precap….. just want to see some sandhir scene….even their fights…miss them a lot…

  21. The problem is that it seems like the writes have change Sanyukta and Randhir too much so that I can’t even connect with them anymore.
    I need to see the genius, proud Randhir who beloved he is the best and the Sanyukta who never allowed anyone to affect her. I want them to fight to argue, I want to see that they love each other even if they are not together. Seriously this track is the most boring track and the fact that they give Sanaya and Aryan more importance like they are the leads and Sandhir are supporting actors like. I think it’s about time they focus on Sandhir alone or together. I want Vidushi at ISRC ASAP only she can bring the drama that is lost, I want my RSS back not this Sheku who seems like Sanaya’s puppet..

    advs I’ll stay for now but if this Sheku Sanaya things continue and Randhir blame Sanyukta game continue really I’ll be done!!


    Loving the precap

    you know the whole episode is ok ok but the precap is phaadooooooooooooooooooooo

    really waiting for the precap.

    randhir save sanyu as always protective Ever ready to save her.

    Guyz one more thing

    Do you like sanaya

    What opinions have about her. Like or not.

    In my opinion. I like sanaya

    but just like when randhir protect her I hate her. The bond what she share with sanyu Loving it.

    but the chemistry between them is unresistable.

    digest nahi hoti

    coz we love sandhir.

    well aryan has more shades to share.

    because there is so much to see even negative evil as dark shadow

    rd ko sanyu ke paas aane ke liye aryan ko kuch fishy to karna hi hoga

    but what about sanaya

    howcome rannu leave sanaya

    What’s ur opinion.

    Love u all and keep smiling

    life is hard but always having a great time and loving meeting you all.


    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh god wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    so cute.

    guyz check it lovely

    jab tak sandhir nahi milte these pics are the healer

    love u all

    1. Hey Nisha dear thanks for the pic 🙂
      Hey dear did u read the ff on sandhir and vidarth here on TU? Finally someone started an ff on them. Its amazing do read it guys.

  24. Some people hate Rd some hate aryan, but actually they act so well that we are affected by their characters:p
    Rd was awesome in first season but now:/
    Aryan’s character is really moving and it’s a pleasure to watch him<3.Rd too will get on track n we will eventually start loving him as we did inSH1:)

  25. Hey guys what happened in today’s episode pls tell me I wasn’t able to see due to my board exams pls pls pls tell me .. I request you all pls ….

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