Sadda Haq 10th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 10th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says vardhan was more important than this college and dream team. Aklaviya says think about it and respond me, I need your logical decision.

They gather in a randhir says he can never take vardhan’s chair. Vidushi says he guided me more than my family. yoyo says he helped me as well.

Vivek from dream team committee calls aklaviya. He says have you got our mail? aklaviya says yes. vivek says we need to meet you tomorrow and your team. So we can decide if they are okay with new mentor. eklavya says i would appreciate if you give me time till Monday, i just joined FITE. Vivek says i am sorry but we can’t postpone.

sanyu says he can’t do anything. sahil at most he can suspend us. yoyo says yeah it doesn’t matter. Eklaviya looks at the car

and sees that its all broken. He says what how is it broken? Azan comes in and says sir you called me? Eklaviya says how this car is broken? azan says no vardhan asked sanyu to do this. when sanyu was leaving the college. eklaviya says committee members are coming tomorrow. azan says they are all emotionally shattered. Eklaviya leaves. Azan starts working on the car.

Dream team is in eklaviya’s cabin. He says i completely understand your condition. Dream team members are coming tomorrow to inspect the car. Randhir says you can never understand our feelings. we have lost out mentor. eklaviya says what if vardhan was here? would he been happy to know that his dream team has given up. This opportunity will be given to some other college. parth says we can’t focus in studies. randhir says we can do nothing without vardhn. they all leave.

Scene 2
Arpita asks vidushi what are you studying? vidushi says 100 ways to kill annoying people. Arpita says i think i should get insured. Vidushi says everything is a blo*dy joke for you right? Our feelings vardhan sir, its all a melo drama for you. get out. sanyu says she was trying to cheer up. VIdushi says don’t try to be her lawyer. sanyu says what you think insulting arpita would get everything nice between you and parth? she is a nice a girl. vidushi says i am the only bad person here.

Arpita goes to ground and cries. parth comes to her and asks what happened? He says don’t cry like this. Arpita says everyone is so sad and depressed and i can’t do anything about it. I can’t see you guys like this. Vidushi comes and sees this. Vidush wonders what is she saying. vidushi says i came here to apologize and you are provoking parth against me. if you try to create any misunderstanding between us i wont leave. Parth says she was feeling bad for you. vidushi says she is trying to get your sympathy. Parth leaves with arpita. Vidushi scream and cries.

Randhir sees azan working on the car. He goes in and says what are you doing here? and who gave you permission to touch it? Azan says i am member of dream team i don’t need your permission. Randhir says if you are deans specail doesn’t mean you can do anything. Azan says if i were vardhan’s student i would have worked on this car rather than sitting. randhir says don’t associate yourself with vardhan you can never be one of you.

sanyu faints in the cafe. Randhir holds her. He says sanyu get up. vidushi says she has not eaten anything since she came to college. Make her eat something i will bring medicine. randhir says to sanyu are you on hunger strike? He orders a plate. Randhir makes sanyu eat with her hand. sayu says you haven’t eaten anything as well. He says no its not like this. sanyu makes him eat.

randhir thinks about sanyu at night, so does sanyu. The song ‘saajna’ plays in background. randhir goes out in the ground. sanyu is there as well. he sits with her. sanyu places her head on his shoulder. she says when your close one leave, life is so meaningless. I feel like a part of me is not here anymore. he holds her hand.

Scene 3
Eklaviya welcomes the IDT members. he says lets have some coffee. They say no lets start the inspection. Eklaviya takes them to lab, azan is also working on the car. chohan asks where are other members? we want to meet them whole. Eklaviya says he alone is equal to team. they inspect the car. Chohan says you think this is the dream team project? can’t you handle the team? we can’t qualify FITE dream team.

Precap-all dream team members get a letter from vardhan. it says i agree you have faced difficult challenges. I feel pained to know that you are too much attached to me because it makes you weak.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Tami

    Good epi.. nope I dnt think vardhan is alive (m aware that indian tv series mostly bring people back from dead or s doppelganger) bt I guess it will b like how it was in “ps. I love you” movie. The guy before dying leaves a whole bunch of letter and suprsises to help her withstand the situation.

  2. akhil

    Agree with u Tami. I think the director want to prolong the serial,so he included few new and crucial characters. Now it takes couple of weeks to start bonding between original dream team,azan and ekalavya

    Myself-official wellcomer.
    And personally, warm hugs 2 alll of u

    Especiallly queen
    Hi di!
    Ap wapas aa gaye! Ab mat jjana plzzz

    Guyz yeh precap thurs ka spoilller tha. Maine fri ke w/u me post kiye the sppoilers…kisine padha nhi.

    I dont think he is allive.. but if not,


    May b he is in hiding…..

  4. Max

    S queen. u dont need 2 go 4m hre. I wont disrb u. bt I will wish u GM. tatz al. Many fakes r hre dont trust them. bye tak care. Gud n8.

  5. Hiiii to every one .
    Acc to me , vardhan is not alive & using hs name new dean/eklavya sends ths letter so that evry1 shud participate in DT competation . This is my POV . Not any spoiler ….. Lol

  6. Max

    S PK i care 4 queen. Nd queen take care. i think ur bit tensd cauz of ur xmas. stay cool i knw wil score gud.

  7. AN

    hi guys, good epi … i too guess that its that new dean who sent the letter not vardhan sir…
    noopur : vardhan sir ko zaroor patha honge ki yahi haal honge uske stu. ka if he went after all he knows them from this much time …n if he’s hiding wo thodi na pathatha apne students ko ki woh zinda hai warna wo log unko doondege na ……….
    …so i guessed that its probably the new dean…:)

  8. ye new dean eklavya ka personality bohot low hai.iss se toh maya or kabir achche hai.shq team ko soch na chahiye tha ki koi new entry la rahe hai aur bo bhi vardhan sir ( jinhe koi replace nahi kar sakta) ki jagaha par toh uska kirdar kuch dumdar hona chahiye.par ye eklavya ka personality vardhan sir ke samne kuch bhi nahi hai.usse toh bikram (agrawal factory bala) achcha tha.koi iss eklavya roy ko change karo pleeeeeeeeeeeeease.

  9. shenaz

    Hi guys gm yesterday I loved the song saajna and sandhir scenes on it as my morning started with it so I wish u all guys a very warm, lovely & butifull morning. Guys a bada wala GM….

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