Sadda Haq 10th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 10th March 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 10th March 2014 Written Update

Vardhan is leaving when FITE students play the CD. Vardhan stops when he hears Niharika’s voice. Niharika’s voice reads the poem and explains its meaning to Vardhan that no matter how much she tries to stay away from him, she always comes back to him in end. She says she thought to write book for everyone, but then thought it’s enough if Vardhan reads it. Vardhan turns back and sees the students with CD player. He goes to them. Sanyu gives the CD and book to him and says he misunderstood the meaning. Vardhan says he was just testing the Dream Team’s students. He wanted to see team’s unity and he praises their team unity for finding Niharika’s book. There may be differences among team members, but there should be a focus which the Dream Team had. He starts walking

again. Sanyu asks him where he’s going with the bag, they passed the test. Vardhan says he’s going to make a new game box for them and says see you on Monday. He leaves. All students and Dean are overjoyed. Kastuki asks Dean if he knew Vardhan’s plan. Dean says he just told him a few moments ago.

Vardhan hugs Niharika’s book.

All students are sleeping and suddenly alarm disturbs them. Vidushi gets annoyed. Sanyu says it’s Vardhan’s alarm and she leaves with Kastuki. Vidushi too follows. All other students join them and they come to the classroom. Vardhan asks them if they are ready for the action. Sahil says it’s only 4a.m. Vardhan says get used to as they have to give 20 hours daily to the Dream Team. They have to give a report to Dream Team committee. They can go ahead only if they pass in that. He gives them reports of last 12 years’ Dream Teams project and ask them to study them. He assigns captainship to Randhir. Randhir says he will give his best. Vardhan says best is not enough. Last year’s captain gave his best, but he couldn’t handle the stress. Randhir promises he won’t disappoint. Vardhan says he doesn’t want promises, he wants results. When he asks for the reports, he wants it ready. Vardhan leaves. Randhir tells everyone they cannot waste even a second now. He asks them to get the files and meet him in library in 5 minutes. He leaves. Sahil and Kastuki get annoyed with Randhir’s boss style attitude. Sanyu says it doesn’t matter, if he shows attitude, then we will also show it to him. He’s arrogant as always. She asks everyone to get the files. She gets excited seeing first Dream team file.

In library, Randhir tells everyone to study 2 files each and then report to him. After that he will do further test and analysis. Sanyu tells Randhir he’s taking advantage of being a captain. Randhir says he so knew it Sanyu would say that. Sanyu asks others if she’s right. Randhir reminds he’s captain, they can’t do class project, how they will do Dream Team project. If Vardhan sir didn’t say to divide the files, then he would have done it all by himself. Vardhan is back and his expectations are high and he gave responsibility to him because he thinks he’s the best. He also taunts Parth saying he doesn’t want to become a losing captain in FITE. He sees the first Dream Team file in Sanyu’s hand and takes it away from her. He says that file is special and he will study it. Sanyu gets angry, but controls herself. He gives everyone three hours. Vidushi says it’s a lot so let’s take a break. Everyone leaves. Parth smiles at Randhir before leaving.

Parth calms Sanyu down. Sanyu says she felt like breaking his face, but stayed quiet thinking about his mum and all that. She then asks him why he didn’t say anything when he insulted him in front of all. Parth says he could do a lot, but it would be bad for him. He also felt Randhir is upset because of his personal life, so he let it go. Sanyu smiles looking at him.

She then tells him whenever she talks to him, she feels like she’s talking to someone experienced one. Parth says she’s talking like if he’s 80 years old or something.

Jiggy brings Kastuki to a quiet place and tells her that he almost kissed her in his dream. He flirts with her. Kastuki tells him someone will come. He insists her for a kiss. She asks him to close his eyes and kisses him on cheek, but Jiggy is still not satisfied. Kastuki says there are cameras all around here. Jiggy says she’s his girlfriend and he doesn’t mind getting suspended for her. Right then YoYo comes there. Jiggy says they are discussing about a project. YoYo tells them to go to library then. Jiggy leaves.

All students return to library. Randhir says Vardhan didn’t wake them up for time pass. Sanyu tells Randhir he could also go, no one stopped him. Randhir says, no one can stop him. It wouldn’t matter even if he had gone because he knows he can cover it up. He asks Sanyu if she can? Sanyu stays quiet. He tells her that she should be thankful to him as he took her responsibility. He asks everyone to start working now.

After a while, Randhir asks Sahil to get a cup of tea for him. Sahil doesn’t like it, but he gets it. Randhir asks if any progress. Vidushi says they are sitting there in front of him and asks him to give some time. She’s half way through. Sanyu tells him if he asks like this again and again, then it wouldn’t help. Randhir tells her she can’t do any work anyway. He read the file and the report is in his mind. He goes to her and says nothing has happened. He says he will do that report. Sahil interrupts and says they are trying to do as fast as they can. Randhir makes it clear to everyone that he’s not going to get his reputation spoiled because of them. Sahil says this is too much.. Vardhan sir and now Randhir. Vardhan comes there and asks what’s happening. Why they are taking his name. Sanyu says they are working on it, but Randhir is pressurizing them a lot. Vardhan says she always says that pressure brings the best out, then why complaining now? She says she is not complaining, but Randhir.. Vardhan interrupts and says Randhir is her captain and it’s her job to follow his instructions. His success depend on everyone’s performance so do as he says. Sanyu gets quiet.

Precap: Randhir says he’ll overtake the task now. Parth goes to him and says he’s overreacting. Randhir insults him saying he doesn’t want an opinion from a loser. Vardhan hears it.
Sanyu comes to Vardhan and says she knows that he’s looking for a new captain and suggests him to make her captain. Vardhan asks her what she has done in past one year that he makes her a captain? Whenever she achieved anything, Randhir was with her. If he makes her captain, then her goal will only be to take revenge from Randhir.

Update Credit to: Nishi


  1. Krishna

    guys …parth have some past and it will be revealed soon … he is a criminal it seems he will be arrested soon…

  2. hi everone my boards are going on and its gonna end this saturday cant imagine. eagerly waiting for saturday and yes parth is sweet but is a bit typical….. i agree he is a negative character…

    since excess sweetness is dangerous for health…..

  3. Krishna

    i luv parth and after this epi… i want parth and sanyu to be together ..randhir too arrogant …

  4. Krishna

    there was news abt some actor entering saddahaq …and he was doing a role of a rude police officer who comes to fite …to arrest parth;( ..

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