Sadda Haq 10th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 10th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kritika keeps calling Joy. He says give me the phone. Randhir picks the call. Kritika says joy where are you I have been waiting for you and you didn’t even answer calls. Joy says I am busy with my friends. I will talk to you later, Kritika says you asked me to come here and I have been waiting. Joy says I am playing video games. He hangs up. Kritika says what the hell.
Joy says what are you doing with my life. Rnadhir says I know these girls. Except for Sanyu.
Sanyu comes in room and sees Kritika in anger. Sanyu asks you okay? she says no nothing is okay. Kritika says that joy what does he think of himself. He asked me to come on date and didn’t come. Sanyu says when did you start dating him? Kritika says texted me and asked me to come. I was just half an hour late

he refused to meet. Sanyu says you were 30 mins late. Kritika says when I called and asked where he is. He said he is playing video games. Kritka says joy started mattering so much? Kritika says I should have ignored him. He is stranger for me from now on. Right. Door knocks. Peon says these flowers.. Sanyu says tell randhir I don’t want them. He says but these are for kritika. Kritika says who sent? He says check it. Kritika checks the flowers.
Its joy, he says I hope you know your smile is more beautiful than flowers, Please don’t be mad. Joy. Kritika says joy sent them I can’t believe. He is so sweet. Sanyu says but that stranger thing? Kritika says I mean to say he is not that bad. He is very sweet.

Becky says on video call did you dinner baby? I will later, Arjun takes her phone and says who is this Karan. Becky says I am moving to banglore. I found him online. I would need company there. Arjun deletes him. He says I deleted him. Becky says I can add him again. Arjun says please give me sometime. She says yeah you can take your time and come banglore. He says why are you playing these games with me. She says I added him again. Arjun pushes her to wall and says Becky enough. I want to tell you something.. She says what? He says nothing. Go wherever you want to. I don’t care.

Sanyu is working Randhir comes in. He says in heart I really want to help you but you would think I would trouble you. Sanyu looks at him. She burns her hand. Rnadhir says where was youd mind? You always create trouble. He takes her med care. Sanyu says its fine. Randhir says shh. Sanyu says in heart why are you like this, Randhir says I never want to hurt you but always end up doing so.
Sanyu says I am fine I will manage. Randhir says stay quite. He dresses her wound. Sanyu says you want to say something? He says there is party will you come? Sanyu says what party? I didn’t know about it. Randhir says now you know. Will you come? Sanyu says yeah. He says okay then take care of yourself till then. Sanyu says thanks. He says always.. Sanyyu says always? Randhir nods.

Sanyu comes to room. Sanaya says who dressed your bruise? Sanaya hugs her and says I am so happy. You guys are together. Sanyu says its not like that. He asked me to come to party with him. SAnaya says have you forgiven him? Sanyu says not so easily. He is behaving normal after so long. Let him stay that way. Sanaya says this time I am on your side. Boys have to sacrifice this time.
Joy is with Arjun. Kritika comes there and sits on the other seat. Kritka says why is joy not looking at me. Arjun says she is here. Arjun says laugh after I count till three. Joy laughs. Kritika comes there and says hi boys. She says joy can I talk to you alone? He says I and arjun are have an important discussion. I will meet you after 10 minutes. Kritika says in heart why is he so confusing.
Joy comes and says whatsup kritikaa. She says I wanted to thank for the flowers. He says oh you deserve them. She says you texted me.. Joy says what text. He says I have a call. I will talk to you later. You will come to party right? Wear your red dress. Will suit you. He leaves. Kritka says why is he so confusing.

Joy comes in, randhir and sumit laugh. Joy says is it working? Rnahdir says she must be missing you. Sumit says she visited your profile 10 times today, Joy says thanks randhir. Tell me whats next? Randhir says we will finish your game on party day.
joy says how is it with sanyu? Randhir says progress is very slow. You know there are troubles between us. Joy comes in. Sumit says what happened? Joy says everyone has same problem. Sumit says no woman no tension. Randhir says you are self sufficient? Arjun says whenever I see her with anyone else. I get so mad. I am addicted to her. Rnadhir says I thought the same that I am addicted to sanyu but the fact was I was in love with sanyu. Arjun says but I don’t love becky. Joy says Randhir is right. You are in the same boat. Arjun says kritika loves me. Her choice.. I think you would fail. Joy says her eyesight was weak. I will show you. Arjun says I don’t care about her. They both start fighting. Sumit says we should stop them before they kill each other. Randhir and Joy stop them. Rnadhir says what if I say something about becky? Arjun says I am sorry. Joy says this finalizes one thing. Your love for becky is genuine.

Randhir calls sanyu. She says its too late to call. He says not too late to hear your voice and you are not asleep. Sanyu says were you missing me? He says yes I am missing you. Sanyu says why are you predictabe? Why don’t you do something productive. You are running after same girl? Randhir hits the punching bag.Joy says calm down she is just testing your patience. Randhir says why are you working? Mission is suspended. Sanyu says I am lead I have to be ready. can I go now? Rnadhir says yeah yeah do what you want. Don’t forget about the party. I hope you wear red in the party.

Precap-SAnyu is in lab. randhir comes in. He collides with sanyu. Sanyu says so sorry I didn’t see. He says I have another shirt. I will wear that. Randhir changes his shirt there. He comes near sanyu. Sanyu I.. He comes close.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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