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Sadda Haq 10th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
sanyu cleans the counter. she says what if he doesn’t come? he will i am sure. I shouldn’t think negative, should i call and remind him? she says i shouldn’t he will get mad. I hope he doesn’t ignore it this time. Anju comes to her and says what are you thinking? drink this juice? Anju says you are worried because what will happen when randhir comes here? do as i say. everything will be okay. she says i hope so.

parth comes in room, randhir says i can’t decide a shirt, parth says i shall help you. he selects one, randhir wears it and says oh its not that bad. thanks. You helped me now help yourself as well. parth says randhir, you should think about yourself. Randhir says come on parth what is the problem? parth says its really complicated. He says randhir

i have to go, best of luck. randhir says i will kill all the confusions today. We will get everything okay today. he calls raghini and says your flight is in a few hours.

yoyo tells vidushi that randhir is going to meet sanyu’s mom. Sahil says they love each other. Vid says some people dont know what love is. yoyo says we shall celebrate it, sahil says yes. parth will you come? Parth says yes i am really happy for them. vid says look people who dont know love themselves are celebrating others relationships. parth says you don’t tell me what love is, you have to repsect your partner and you can’t even respect yourself. vid says don’t dare to talk to me like that. sahil says lets get them settled in the party as well.

Warden says vid this parcel is for sanyu. Vid says who sent it? She says i don’t know there is no name on it. Vid throws it on sanyu’s bed. Vid says i should know who sent it, and whats inside it. She opens it, has documents of abhay’s brother sunil ranawat. She reads it she says sunil and abhay are brothers? who wants to tell this to sanyu.
Ranawat is shown in blood with his brother dying, his brother said you are not responsible for this, your design was perfect, it was just an accident, ranawat says chotay. but he dies. he says open your eyes, what have i done.

Sanyu brushes her hair, and gets ready. she says i trust you randhir i am sure you will come. i am sure everything will be okay.
Randhir is on airport with raghini. she says i am really happy, karan is my partner, he promised me that he will take me away from me. He never wanted to leave india, i will keep him happy. we will settle there and marry there. you will come there, randhir says quite. whya re you talking so much? he says i want to tell you something. He says i lied karan isn’t in singapore he is dead. Raghini is dazed. he says my car did hit him. He says i didn’t tell you because you were ill, doctors asked me not to. She is crying and sobbing, she sits down, randhir says i am really sorry. She says this can’t happen, he says you have to go. she tears her tickets apart and says i am not going anywhere. Randhir says karan wanted you to be safe. raghini says i will go to them and ask them to kill me. Randhir says you have to live for karan, alone. i know what you are going through, i can’t ease it but we should face bravely. Sanyu calls randhir but his number is off. she says he must be on the way. Anju sees her waiting, she says don’t worry everything will be okay. if he loves you he will come. More then love we need care.

Randhir you are only thinking about yourself. karan wanted you to fulfill your dreams, you become an interior designer, i have got you an admission there. you have two years go become something for him. can;t you do this for your love and my best friend? He hugs her.
sanyu and anju await for him. Karan says lets go. She is in tears, randhir hugs her again and says take care and be strong.
sanyu starts taking all the stuff. Anju says a man should always give importance to his love i don’t know whats your place in randhir’s life.

Precap-randhir shoves sanyu and locks her in the hall. He says you didn’t pick my call. sanyu says couldn’t you wait for one day? i was stuck in an emergency. sanyu says mom couldn’t wait because she has brain tumor.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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