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Sadda Haq 10th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vardhan is looking at photo. He remembers when he met Rao at the jail and he was not recognizing him. Them suddenly he said his name. And when his friend said to find someone who as some sources and Maya said that someone from college staff killed him.
Perth comes in. Vardhan asks what are you doing here ? parth says you said you will involve me in investigation. Vardhans ays I don’t need anyone’s help. I don’t need your help Time has not com or maybe has gone by. He says you find the link of that file. Vardhan says this casr is personal I don’t want you to involve. Leave now. parth says in heart I will be with you no matter what.

Scene 2
SAnyu comes to Agarwal. He says you all are expert in lies. Call the skin specialist who said they scars will

leave in few days. SAnyu says papa Samir said I should not stay in home. No one should see me. He said go to college, no one can see me there. He says its that you or Samir? Sanyu says you can ask him, I am just repeating what he said.

The college has started. Parth and kaustuki are already in their rooms. Yo yo is ragging newcomers. His friend asks what happened at darjling he said that doesn’t matter. What matter is that she will be in m class now.
Everyone comes to the class. Vidushi sits with parth and starts nagging about sanyu. He says you just came and starting saying all this.
Vardhan comes in class and says this is the most important time for you and for FITE. FITE will be particinpating in international competition and i want my team in my cabin parth. Parth says sanyu, randhir and jiggy are not here. Varrdhan says don’t know call them. Parth says Jigyy has not recovered. Vidushi says sanyu is engagement is postponed. He asks where is randhir ? Go find him out.
Vardhan goes out and sees that Randhir is hitting a guy. He stops him. The guy says i just said are you blind in love that you can’t see. He started hitting me like this. Randhir leaves. Vardhansays all i said has no effect on sanyu and randhir won’t come because of her.
Randhir is hitting the punching bag in his room.
Vardhan goes to randhir and says you know most efficient machine is the one that uses its fuel visely. Ue your aggression, your fuel in thje dream team not on other and this punching bag. Ranshir says i don’t wanna be part of this team. Vardhan says two things, don’t be loud to me ever again. Second, i decide everything about my dream team. Randhir says why this is not the rule for all ? One member left by choice. You have to follow my orders. I am not accountable to you. Vardhan says in heart you always trouble me sanyu, How can i bring you back.

SAnyu is back in college. She goes to vardhan and says sir you said you will see me after break. He asks whats with your face ? She says i did it to be part of the team. He says what will happen now ? SAnyu says engagement is postponed for two months. Vardhan says is that a summer camp where you will come for two months and leave later. SAnyu says please i ahev come for it. You know i can do it better. Vardhan sasy then she what the dream team means to you. Vardhan starts asking sanyu different question. He says can you slove the doubts of your team ? SAnyu says yes sir. He says then who is the most important member. SAnyu says randhir He says i should tell you that his focus is being diverted. He said to me that he don’t wanna be part of this competition. You were his motivation and you left. Sanyu says how is that possible. He don’t need anyone to motivate him. Vardhan says alone he can’t win and can’t lose. He might me efficient on paper but not really. You can bring him bcak. SAnyu says how can i ? He syas because you challenge his egi. Go get hjim back or this dream team won’t be left. SAnyu says okay sir i will try my best. He says one more thing tell him that your engagement is cancelled not postponed. No one figths for losing cause.

She goes out and collides with andhir. SHe falls in his arms. SHe says why are you starring like this ? I know my face has burnt. He says i don’t care if you come or not.You should be engaged. Sanyu ays you thought i will let you win like this. My engagement is canceled. I will keep challenging you. he says you can’t even save your engagement and you are talking about results. i will beat you in results and the task. Win the first task for dream team first.

Precap-Sanyu says what will i say to randhir after two months. I can’t lie to him. Vardhan says no reason is enough for keeping someone motivated.
Vidushi says to someone as much as i know her engagment got postponed not cancelled. Randhir over hears her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ya i remmbr d8 .jb sanyu ne yoyo ke frnd se kha. Bt RD lgta ni h ki tere ye papad kbhi kam aayenge.reli sanyu jese rude &sadu gl aaj tk ni dekhi ,us madubala parth se to khi khi kr ke baate krti h nd apn ke hiro ko to ghass bhi ni dalti.

    1. @ nayna : ttly agree with u…
      ek baar jab Randhir ne sanyu k madadh karne k liye (usski papa k factory problem) raazi hua aur sanyukta se kehtaa hai – jo bhi pehle is staircase se aathaa hai, usse tum i ♡ u bologe….. aur jab sanyu parth ko neeche aathe huve dekthi hai, to randhir se kehthi hai : nahi nahi, mei parth ko bahut respect karthi hoon, usske ego ko kabhi hurt nahi kar sakthi……. yeh ladki bhi naa.. parth ki beethi hui zindagi aur usske ♡ ko samaj sakti hai, LITS ladko ko badal jaane ki samaj hai uss me, kaustuki ki dhyaan aajkal yoyo ki taraf hai… yeh bhi samaj sakthi hai, KAAFI hamari hero ko hi samaj nahi sakthi… kehthi hai weird behave kar raha hai… ye bhagwan, koi sundar si, susheel si ek ladki mila do hamare mcp ke liye… thaaki sanyu usse dekhar jale… pls pls pls……

    1. yeh woow kis kushi me????

  2. I think who @ smriti ke idea pe reny ne wow bola

  3. wow i loved randhir’s reaction d way he gets ready nd is ol happy. i hope parth nd sanyukta ka bhi sb kch jaldi sort out ho jaye

    1. parth and sanyu ka sort out ho gaya to hamara rd fir se sad ho jayega….no,its better lyk this. Instead, Arpita wapas aani chahiye and then parth and sanyu ka sort out hona chahoye to rd ko koi danger nahi and parth bhi happy.

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