Sadda Haq 10th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 10th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Worker says is this some joke and how can you talk in ankit’s voice. sanyu says i can and shows them the app. sanyu says i didn’t know that i will get so worse please pardon me. worker says either she will stay here or us. Agarwal says I fire her right now. Ankit shoves her out and says i knew you will ruin everything some day. Agarwal asks workers to get back to work. Ankit shoves sanyu out and says don’t ever come in again. sanyu recalls when she came there for first time. She sits there is distress. randhir comes and says i told you i wont let you fulfill your dream i am done with my job your own family wont support you. sanyu says i wont give up like this, i will get back. he leaves.

Vidushi is looking for dresses on internet. she sees news that a gang is

using special bike engines. cops are looking for the person who has made these engines for the gang. she realizes it was her. Vidushi goes to parth, parth says whats wrong? She is sobbing, parthb hugs her. Vidushi says i told you about engines and you helped me. they were not for internship. A man called me and asked me to make those engines, he gave me a lot of money. parth says so whats wrong with that? Vidushi tells him it was some gang and cops have caught them. Cops are looking for the engine maker, please help me out i don’t wanna go to jail. He says i am helping you for last time promise me you wont ever conceal anything for me.

Check for all spoilers here added today….

Randhir comes to agarwal and says i did what you said. agarwal says because of you gupta could get killed. what if something happened to him? I should never have hired you, randhir says i did as you said. Agarwal says the one who can try to destroy his mom can do anything. i feel ashamed that sanyu loves you once. you should have been with your dad in jail. randhir says dont talk about my dad. Get out from here.

Sanyu says finally they won. i got one chance to prove myself but i lost. Anyway i wont ever give up. randhir recalls what agarwal said. he says i will destroy your and your daughter’s ego. sanyu you will get that cabin if i let that factory survive.

Scene 2
Randhir comes to sanyu’s room and burn her work suit. he says because of you dad worker was about to be dead not because of me. SAnyu says there is garbage in your mind. sanyu says i wont give up. You have made me even more stronger. Randhir says your dad wont hire you now and even if he does i will kick you out again. sanyu says than you for not leaving me any choice randhir.

SAnyu comes to factory, guard says you can’t go in. sanyu says i have to go and talk about what happened yesterday. Sanyu says you are gurad not owner here. ankit comes and says owner has asked him, if you were a guy he would have kicked you out. sanyu says i want to talk to dad. He says what you thought you will trap me and get me kicked? Sanyu says i am not saying that. ankit says to guard don’t let her come in. he leaves.

Yoyo goes to rana. he shows him first lot made in own lab. He says there is a lot more to do. rana says very good, keep working. yoyo opens the door and collides with someone in hoodie. Rana says are you blind? sir come in please. He asks yoyo to leave. rana says why did you come sir? this is risky? what if someone sees you. the man asks how is it going? Rana says its gong very good. We are asking students of best engineering college to make barrels. we will soon complete our mission black star. they can’t imagine what we can do them.

Sanyu is outside factory. watchman says you are here again? sanyu says i didn’t come for fight. you have been working for this factory for 10 years i wanna thank you. He says no one priased me like this, sanyu says i made this tea for you. He drinks the tea and goes to toilet. SAnyu goes in the factory again. workers say she is here again. kunal says to randhir you are happy to see her back? sanyu goes to agarwal’s room. ankit says how did you come in? what if workers infuriate again. sanyu says papa i am not responsible for what happened yesterday. ankit says you will blame someone else now? Agarwal says look our workers have stopped working already. SAnyu says they think i have done this but i have not. Watch cctv footage of yesterday you will know who is responsible. the footage is deleted. sanyu says he must have done it. agaral says i gave you the chance you wanted now don’t come here again. Ankit shoves her out of the cabin. randhir says oh technical problems. sanyu says i knew you are responsible for you. Vikram comes and says what are you doing here? randhri says she just came here to apologize.

Vidushi is looking for her phone. parth comes in her room. He says come with me, vidushi let me find my phone. vidushi says give me your phone. parth says cops are waiting for you in vardhan’s office.

Ankit says to wokers why output frequency so less? Worker says we don’t know how frequency changed, ankit says i need it rectified today. randhir recalls when manipulated the machines.

inspector says that gang called you for two or three times vidushi, you have to tell me truth. vardhan says here is fir of vidushi’s phone stealing. Her phone got stolen 5 months ago. parth says the stealer might be using her phone. Inspector says thank you for the time mr. vardhan and sorry for trouble. they leave. vardhan says to vidushi why don’t you use your mind? do you have idea it could ruin your future. parth saved you this time. here is your phone. leave now.

yoyo tries to talk to the girl, rana watches him, he asks him to come with him, rana says i asked her to make her your client. Yoyo says i was just sitting with her. rana says thats good for you and her.

Sanyu recalls when she went to watch a movie with randhir. some women see sanyu and say you used to work here? sanyu asks gupta’s wife how is gupta? She says i he is better now. sanyu sits there. ankit comes out with agarwal. ankit says what new drama you want now? agarwal says she is so stubborn, leave her.

sanyu gets up and says its like someone has stolen my dream from me. you can fire me but can’t take my dream from me. I will come to factory everyday.
sanyu goes and sits outside factory, randhir sees her while going in. agarwal and ankit see her, she sits there whole day. Nect day sanyu goes there as well and everyone sees her. watchman says this is so bad, you know we cant let you go in . why are you hurting yourself? Sanyu says sitting in hostel room is more painful.

Vidushi asks sanyu you come so early these days? sanyu starts crying? Viduhi says what happened? sanyu tells her everything. vidushi says find internshp in some other factory. Sanyu says i wanna clear papa’s misunderstanding. vidushi says how will you do it? sanyu says i wont leave it . i want to sit with him in his cabin.

Precap-sanu says to ankit i will do desk job of receptionist. i think i am made for that, randhir says to sanyu you have got promotion? you became clerk.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. …. Nyc epi ….

  3. Lagta hai rd kuch karega abb factry ko . OMG …. Itna bhi bura nahi hai rd .

  4. Good going shq. Keep rocking.
    Today’s epi was nice specially 2nd last scene. YEH HONSLA KAISE……… love it.

  5. Hey uh all, 1st 2nd kaha gaye sab ke sab?

  6. But mostly ppl like randhirs this devilish side so presenting him like this. I m liking nd enjoying this. Becoz when sandhir will reunite.. will be much more interesting.

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  8. AHAANA!!!!!
    waiting impatiently 4 d update dear!!
    And wht did u think abt my proposal?? Abt IF??

  9. Saddahaqsucks

    SADDA HAQ REVIEW: A good meal in gutter!!! Yes this is the situation of SH!!!
    Though having some good story poor acting of cast spoils it. Sanyukta’s expressons and dialogue delivery is not that good. Randhir’s MCP acting is satisfactory but romantic expressions should be improved.
    Only good theme in story is a girl fighting for gender equality. But sanyukta’s cheating in winning
    task detoreats her power her character. Being an engineering student, she goes to take coaching class stuffs are impractical. Tasks given by the college are unrealistic and imaginery beyond the limit. Showcasing educated family like an old orthodox one is most irritating ever!!
    Finally Sanyu working in her father office and Randhir joins there to take revenge is all a merry go round. Sanyu being topper in a reputated college acts like an idiot and Randhir shows off like a scientist!!! In each and every task it will be shown sanyu is going to lose but suddenly miracle happens and she wins!!!

    1. The quality of the show has deteriorated and gender equality that has to be a joke the show represents as if engineering is the forte of girls and boys don’t belong in a engineering college and Randhir aka Param Singh is a promising actor but his character has been totally wasted the genius always fails…
      Randhir Ftw.
      Hats off to the SH script writer probably has the brain of a monkey!!

  10. Yup i thought about that bt tell me should i start afreash or cntinue d last 1 in IF.

  11. Ahana pehle yahan pe toh dede update meri ma!
    Age ka badme dekhenge

  12. PART 4:
    The silence ws brokn by a scream.It ws Ankit.n behind him sanyu’s dad. they came running n behind them the furious wrkrs.”We’ll talk later first lets gt u safe” with ths he took sanyu’s hand n they rushd 2wrds hs bike. othrside sanyu’s dad n bro sat in their car n startd it. randhr’s lookd at sanyu’s dad n he nodded at randhr.Sanyu sat on d back seat. “Hold me tightly”shoutd randhr. Sanyu reluctantly put her hand on randhr’s shouldr. With a suddn jerk he strtd d bike.Sanyu ws forcd 2 hold him tight as he increasd d speed. n this they flew from that place.

  13. Wow
    Its getting more & more interesting!
    Ab kya hoga??
    *biting nails*
    U r an awesum writer re
    Keep it up

  14. Randhir 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 z n AB Sanyu ki shadi fix honi chahiye tab is duffer randhir ka dimag jagah pe aayega 🙁 🙁 🙁

  15. Yeah parsh . U r ryt .

  16. yaar sacchi bahut mazaa araa, RD/param keep rockn. 😛
    But ye sanyu ko insaaf kab milega…
    n parsh u r right uski akal thikaane zaroor aayegi lekin hame bhi thoda enjoy karna hai 😉 . whole cast of SADDA HAQ are awesome WE r ENOYING it soooooo much….. Lekin ye evil rana ki sacchai kab samne aayegi he is spoiln d peace in FITE 🙁 🙁

  17. b/t/w hi guys!!!!! liked d episod?????

  18. keep rocking team SADDA HAQ

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