Sadda Haq 10th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 10th February 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 10th February 2014 Written Update

Jiggy gives the consent letter to Randhir and he tells him to pack his bag as well. Sanyu comes and Randhir tells her it’s almost time and she still hasn’t got the permission. Sanyu says she has already got it and makes Randhir talk to her bro. Ankit asks Randhir if this competition is going to be tough. Randhir says very tough and girls can’t manage it. Ankit tells Randhir to let Sanyu go. Randhir gets surprised. He tries his best to make him say no, but in vain. Sanyu is all smiling.

Sanyu and Kastuki celebrate. A peon comes to them and gives a receipt to Sanyu saying it’s for the fees that she paid for Vidhushi. Kastuki gets shocked. She asks Sanyu why she had to pay fees for Vidhushi who always troubles them. Sanyu says what she got from YSA contest was a

lot for her. She had extra and Vidushi needed, so she paid fees for her. Kastuki asks if Vidushi knows about it. Sanyu says no and tells her not to tell her about it as you don’t tell anyone when you help them. Sanyu goes to sign some papers and Kastuki goes to pack her bag.

Vidushi is putting Sanyu’s toolkit in her bag. Kastuki sees it and asks how she can take someone else’s stuff without their permission. Vidushi says she is not coming to competition anyway. Kastuki and Vidushi argue. Kastuki says Sanyu is coming. Vidushi gets shocked. She says when there are so many problems in her family, why she came to college. Kastuki was about to say Sanyu paid fees for her, but Sanyu comes there and stops Kastuki. She tells Vidushi to keep that toolkit. Vidushi gets mad and says she doesn’t want any free stuff and walks out.

While unpacking, Sanyu finds a letter from her mum in her bag. Her mum apologizes to her and says she was helpless as she also has some wife duties to fulfill. She loves Sanyu a lot and never wanted to come in between her dreams. Sanyu gets emotional.

All are ready with their bags. Sanyu and Randhir come face to face. Sanyu loses her balance while walking and Randhir catches her. They both have a small eyelock. Sanyu asks him if he will leave her. He leaves her and she falls on the ground. Randhir tells her to learn how to walk properly first. They are waiting for Vardhan and YoYo joins them. Everyone gets surprised. Vardhan comes and says YoYo is their helping boy. If anyone needs anything, then let him know and he will arrange it.

Vardhan tells everyone to decide the team leader, there will be a competition. He tells everyone how some big companies are lead by past dream teams’ leaders. Sanyu says in her mind, she will take her father’s manufacturing company to an international level. She wants to be team leader. Vardhan goes somewhere.

Sanyu calls her mum and says she didn’t have to write that letter, she knows how much she loves her. She tells her mum about the competition and how excited she is. Other hand, Jiggy also expresses his excitement to Randhir.

Vardhan comes back and tells everyone to put a blindfold. This is so no one knows where they are being taken to. They will find out what’s next once they reach the location. Everyone puts the blindfold on.

A bus brings them to somewhere. Everyone is annoyed with the blindfolds. Vidushi was about to take it off, but Vardhan comes and asks her not to dare to take it off unless they are asked to. He asks everyone where they think they are. Everyone does their guesses. After that Vardhan tells everyone to remove their blindfold. Everyone is surprised to see Sahil with them. Sahil says he got permission from Vardhan on last moment. They are in some village. Vardhan says this is where the competition will take place. Vidushi says but this place is not engineer type at all. Vardhan says he will decide all that, she doesn’t need to tell him. Sanyu asks him whats their task. Vardhan says they will find out when time comes, for now they will have to manage everything by themselves including where they will stay. He leaves. Jiggy tells Kastuki and Sanyu that he will find a house for them. Randhir goes somewhere. Jiggy tells them to follow him as he will definitely figure out something.

Sahil asks Randhir if he knows this place seeing the way he is walking. Randhir says by standing there with everyone, you are not going to find any place to stay. Jiggy wonders who will allow them to stay in their house. They all sit somewhere to rest. YoYo was about to sit beside Kastuki, but she says he’s their help boy and asks him to find a house for them and arrange food. Randhir gets irritated and starts walking. Everyone follows him. Randhir puts his feet on cow dung. He takes his feet off from it and Sanyu’s dress gets dirty with it. Sanyu says she knows he did it purposely and asks him to clean it.

Precap: Vardhan meets someone (Kabir?) who asks Vardhan if he came out of Niharika’s memory.

Update Credit to: Nishi

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