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Sadda Haq 10th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu recalls what Randhir said. Vid says turn off the lights. Vid says why you do all work yourself. Sanyu says how do you like me as captain? She says you dont let others grow. Randhir calls snayu. He says come here i want to talk to you. Sanyu says okay. He says meet me in canteen. Sanyu comes there and randhir has made dinner for her. SAnyu says your wife is your captain is that a problem for you? He says i dont care about all this. You are way better captain than wife. He hugs her. sanyu says i hope you mean it.

Next morning, Vid gets ready. She says how many times will you change the report? sanyu calls randhir. Parth picks the call. Parth says randhir is asleep. Parth tries to wake randhir up. sanyu says i have to talk to him about engine. Randhir says i have made it. Let

me sleep. Parth says he is not waking. I will call you back. Sanyu says ask him to check mailbox as well.
Vid gets a call from ankit. Vid says i am busy i will talk to you later.
Ranawat is reading the report.
Ranawat says everything is in place except engine. Where is randhir?
Sanyu says to randhir you didnt give me engine report. Radhir says you submit it late. Sanyu says we don’t have time. He says you dont have time for me. sanyu says how could I stop everyone. He says i thought you could do this for me.
Ankit calls vid. She picks and says what happened? I am busy. I cant come. I have a lot of work to do. let me do what I am here for. What no cook? so i will come there and cook. She goes out.
Vid comes to yoyo and says he is crazy said he wont eat unless he eats from my hands.

Yoyo comes to randhir and says missing her? You can go and meet her. you are so lucky. It was such a blasting wedding. See I took your photos. Bhabhi looks so beautiful. Sanyu calls randhir and says are you okay? You dont even miss me?
Randhir says we dont live together even after marriage. She says i miss you we will live together after college. Randhir says close your eyes. He says imagine i am there in front of you. Randhir hops in her room. sanyu says randhir. She hugs him. She says are you mad? he says i thought you would be happy. she says what ifsomeone sees you? He says no one will.
Warden comes and asks what is happening here?

PKC says to sanyu what is this? What were you doing? Sanyu says dream team. Randhir says we were working for dream team. Warden says you have work on them at night? Sanyu says sorry sir wont happen again. PKc says i dont want to see anyone. sanyu says so we can go? PKC says you will rearrange all books in library. Ranawat says why don’t you fine them? PKC says you both will fine. Contribute 500 each. Btw what did you meet for? sanyu says for dream team car. PKC leaves.

sanyu and randhir mock at pkc. sanyu says what did you meet your wife for?

Precap-Sanyu says you should have told him I went to meet my wife. Randhir days yes i could tell him that we married at your place. ranawat and pkc hear it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. OMG the precap is too good…ranawat and pkc heard sandhir conversation…cant wait for tmrrw to see what will happen…

  2. Awww so sweet to hear sandhir calling each other as hubby and wife and yoyo is hilarious with his ”bhabhi” thing. Im so happy for sandhir and still hoping for vidarth reunion.

  3. How i miss VIDARTH the show isnt the same without them
    Missing a lot VIDARTH passion and fire and crazy scenes
    Hope CVs will get them together again
    Happy for sandhir they make a great couple

  4. Sandhir romance is so cute. Still missing Vidarth and their steamy romance.

  5. Agree with u guys im also happy for SANDHIR but i miss VIDARTH a lot i want them together. Still SADDA HAQ is the best.

  6. Best show ever really sandhir are amazing precap looks like there going to a good twist

  7. so this was the secret to be revealed… I just hope SANDHIR won’t have any ego issues about dream team car and competition… can’t wait for next episode…

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