Sadda Haq 10th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 10th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir looks at sanyu making the calls. Avanti looks at them. Virat says were you about to attack him? let him have benefit of doubt. Virat calls his batch mate, he tells him about the Engineering mashup. He says it got famous because of FITAians. I am so sad to hear about it. Avanti says to someone when someone gets to know the CEO of such a big company is supporting us, we will get more like. She is about to fall, Virat holds her hand.

Aister goes out, Yoyo goes and hugs her. He says you were looking so cute while calling. Lets go buys samosay for everyone. yoyo comes with samosay and asks everyone to have a break. Avanti asks sanyu how is your mom? sanyu says she is seeing a lot of dream about my future. avanti says how do you pay rent and all? Sanyu says its randhir’s

Virat says to randhir i wish i could meet him once, may his soul rest in peace. Well you have someone to support you, randhir looks at sanyu. virat says i can see it in your eyes you feel for her. avanti says to sanyu you guys look at each other with love. He is not that bad. Virat says follow your heart. Randhir and sanyu say we are so different. Avanti says but still i think randhir likes you, randhir looks back at sanyu. Sanyu says its complicated lets start making calls. randhir says lets focus on work. They all get back to work. Parth says my phone is dead. Sanyu says we did our best in 8 hours. Only 15 minutes left for office to close. We have to send link to UGC. Randhir says mail me the links, their laptops shut down. sahil says we have to send this, the offices will open on my monday now. They go running to the solar panel.

Vidushi says to parth’s picture i did this because i don’t want you to ruin your career. They check the invertor. virat says there is a short circuit. Virat says i can make it work for five minutes. Randhir says that would be enough for us.

They all mail their links to randhir, randhir send it. Its 6:01, sanyu says we are 1 minute late what if they don’t accept. Yoyo says they will. randhir says its weekend tomorrow. sanyu says out hard work will go in vain. Avanti says lets go to his house, randhir says yes lets do this. Avanti and Virat get text that they should be at zubair’s office by 10 tomorrow. Yoyo says you came and help us that was enough. Avanti and virat meet everyone. avanti says to sanyu think about what i said to you. so does virat.

The dream team goes to the officer’s house. Vidushi sees them going she calls head of UGC and says what you think of yourself. Vidusi says you thought you would shut FITE down? I will fail your plan. who bribed you? We have signed petition to save FITE. We will ruin your name in social media, we are coming to your place.

The team clambers in his house. He says we will call police. sanyu says we had no other option, randhir says we mailed you a petition to save FITE. can you please see it? we were not sure if you got the mail. He says get out or i will call cops. prath says why are you shouting at us? sanyu says please accept out petition. He says i know they way you have insulted me on the page to show me the villain. He says there were drugs making in that college it should shut down. Randhir says what about the students who want to save FITE. sanyu says what about the future of students. Tiwari says you are threatening me? Cops come in, Tiwari says they are threatening me. sanyu says we are just requesting you. Inspector says go get out. tiwari says and forget that someone will save FITE till i am here forget about your petition.

They come back to college, sanyu says our efforts went it vain. Everything is over now. Tiwari wont ever listen. Sahil says there is something wrong. It was like he knew someone was coming. and why did the inverter. parth says yeah it was weird. Randhir says who could do this? sanyu says does it matter now? No one can stop FITE from shutting. there is no future left. randhir says how can you give up? we will find a solution. Randhir says lets get back to our rooms.

Scene 2
Next morning, parth’s mom call him. she asks is FITE shutting down? parth says yes. She says why are you not getting the transfer. think about your life. Parth says i am transferring don’t worry about it. Vidushi overhears about it and hugs him. she says i knew you will realize that it was all stupid. you could get to know when that solar panel was short circuited. But its not too late.

Precap-the dream team is leaving. Sanyu says the college looks so empty. Virat calls randhir and says we have a plan to save FITE.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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