hey guys will be continuing from the story goin on wight now in the show,
sanyu tries to consol randhir by sayin that even she knows how it feels to looe a mother and hgs him. Randhir tries to remove her but then gets emotional and hugs her back. Then they have an exiting liplock. They recall all their old memories and pull each other more inwards.sanyu then starts coughing and faints, while randhir gets a bit worried and takes her to her room.He makes her sleep there but since he was too drunk he sleeps along with her.

Next day sanyu wakes up first and starts loooking at randhir when even randhir wakes up.They both recall last night’s incident nd have an eye lock.This eye lock is intrrupted by nirman’s announcment. They all were told to assemble at the lab.

every body starts revealing about the secrets they found about their partener.Aryan told everyone about sanaya’social survice while sanaya could not find anything about him. Sanyu told everybody about randhir’s mother but explosion wad when randhir said that sanyu was feeling guilty about what she had done with parth and that is y she paid for his treatment when sanyu said”it was not mu fault randhir i have told you thousand times”to which rd replies”oh really ,then who’s fault was it “then they both start arguing in front of everyone.feeling a little embarised rd took sanyu in his room and said”plzz dont give fake justification” sanyu replied”well you find it my mistake but you dont know that parth pressed that button not me and do you know y coz he wanted to kill me so that he coul separate us,well actually the one who drived agoungst we both would have been killed i knew he was planning some such thing that is y i did not let you drive the car” randhir was shocked and asked sanyu”what,why would parth do that.”sanyu replied”coz he found us the reason of him and vidhushi getting separated,you exposed vids and she got married to mu bro so parth thought that he will take the revenge by separating us but his plan went a little wrong and he got hurt instead of me”

Randhir hugs sanyu tightly and said “So sorry i shoul have atleast trusted you and asked you once”sanyu-“its ok randhir it was past we can be together now as such we did not have a divorce coz we did not have time for that, so we can have a new begining”she was intrupted by a knock on the door.They opened the door and saw sanaya and aryan.Sanya said”shekhu what happened did you sort the things b/w you both”sanyu replied”sanaya plzz dont call him shekhu from now on and yes we did resolve things b/w us.Aryan got angry and said “oh!it seems old bf gf had a pach up heh sanyukta aggerwal”to which rd replied”yes we did have a patch up but dont you dare take her wrong name she is misses sanyukta randhir shikhawat i will mind if you take my wife’s wrong name.”sanyu tried to calm randhir nd explained everything to both of then and promised that they will always remain good frndzz forever.

Credit to: Ragini

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