a sad news for sidhant fans


Hi guys bulbul here but today not with my ff but a news that can shake u completely
I don’t know how I am writing but I am feeling so bad

So guys the news is that SIDHANT is eliminated from jhalak dikhla ja

Yes yes u heared it correct
I am so shocked but thought to share this nrmews with all of u

In the 6 th episode of jhalak
Sidhant and helly are going to get eliminated

I got this news from tashan e ishq fc and I am still holding that this news turns fake but earlier their all guess or news was right

And chutti is coming back may be

I am hating it yr arjun is getting so low but still he is in the show this is partiality na

I am not against arjun but eliminating sidhant is not correct

He is way more better than many of them

Plz give ur comments and if anybody got any news related to jhalak dikhlaja
Plz share guys plz plz plz plz

And those who r expecting to sid to come back in tei is impossible because Naman has signed the contract so………..

Can’t tell

Bbye stay blessed

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  1. Yashasvi

    yes bulbul u right even i saw it on fc yrrrrrrrr really it’s soo bad , he’s a much much better dancer than most of the jdj contestants……… i’m really sad……………………….

    hope it was fake but they r saying it’s true…………. kaash fake hi nikle……………………

    thanxxx fr sharing this news with all !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ??????
    But whatever we r #ProudSidhantian…….??????

    keep smiling n stay blessed dear ??????

    Yashu !!!

  2. Shatakshi

    Ya bulbul
    Got the news yesterday
    N sidhant wings on insta confirmed it that it is gonna happen
    N agree with u….as Shakti is not better than Sidhant n in bottom 3 their was double eviction
    Belly , Shakti n Sidhant were in bottoms
    On twitter n Instagram many fandom are seeking justice for Sidhant as they r doing partiality with colours channel actors like Arjun
    But now it will be difficult for Sidhant to seek another project soon
    Hope for the best

  3. i have seen yesterday in twitter that sidhant and helly eliminate how can they eliminate sidhant just hope he will come back with another serial

  4. Sayeeda

    Even I’m very sad to know about this news…. ???…
    Yesterday whole night I was thinking about it…. Still I’m very sad but we can’t do anything… Nothing is in our control…
    If they would have opted for the public votings then we would have extended our complete support to Sid but we all were helpless….

    Since beginning I was having the instinct that Sid will be eliminated soon… As their were audience voting system….
    Feeling so bad for him… Being his fans we failed to extend our support to him….
    Whatever it is InshaAllah he will surely achieve height of glories in his life….. He also know how much his fans love him… Though he quitted TEI but still he is present among us through all our Twinj ff’s…..

    I’m just keeping my fingers crossed… That he will make a comeback to TEI… Though it is a false hope I’m carrying but still I wish to happen in real…. ??

  5. Rashiverma2199

    Bulbul I agree….colors channel is so unfair….they save colors celebrity….. They saved shakti….chutki coming back why????….
    They get low scores and they come back…
    Sid performing so well and he is eliminated ….
    Not at all fair….

  6. Thnx 4 informing abt d news. …
    Bt probably it’s d worst one. .?????????

  7. SidMin

    I have heard that Shakti,Sid and Helly were in the bottom 3 Helly is getting low scores so she might get eliminated but Sid he dances so well yar (sorry guys i have nothing against Helly but guys she does not dance so well) Arjun should get eliminated why isn’t he getting eliminated bias Show I knew they would make some colour’s star only win like Arjun,Shakti or Sidhant Nigam (wild card entry )
    Hope Sid comes back in TEI just wish it happens

    1. helly is a non dancer so she will eliminated i excepted this but sid unexpected

  8. WHAT!!! How can be this possible… I mean… I mean how??? Oh shit! I’m speechless… Why God this shocking things always happens with we sidhantians… I’m feeling like to cry…

  9. Loveleen

    hw cn chutki cm bck….this is unfair…ohh nw we cnt even see sid in tv..he sacrificed tei fr dat shw n nw he is out of it….

  10. yeah its confirmed sid got eliminated from jdj. jhutki is not coming back. he came to encourage contestants.
    judge said he is a strong competitor. rangeela proved they are biased.sid was the remaining who is not rangeela bacha. helly is always in the bottom and they made sid as a bait

  11. Jisha

    Damn….so sad yaar…such a bad news…he is a good dancer and a strong player…
    I wish he could come back in tei…but tei has moved on with naman…n he is doing his job very nicely…he is a good actor…I too love Sid over naman…but it will be unfair on naman’s part…

    1. Jennifer

      Common jishan di dont be sad he promised his fans dat he will keep entertaining us he will be back with bash nd yaa yaa im having gud news for all of u if u can visit jaipur on 1st sep

      1. Jisha

        Thanks Jennifer… hope he comes back soon… eagerly waiting 4 him…

  12. Know that…??????
    Itz confirmed!!
    What the hell @Colors

  13. Kritika14

    even i got to know about this day before yesterday and i felt so sad. Its like my heart has ripped into pieces. I don’t get the point, sid is being eliminated? He dances so freaking well. better than some at least. I am so pissed at the show now. And that stupid studio audience voting -.- If we were given the chance, this wouldn’t happen, at least not in the early stages of the show -.- Sid has given up tei for jhalak and now it will be difficult for him to get another work. Only if it was possible, he could return as kunj but the show has moved on with naman. Hoping for all of his hardwork and sacrifices to be paid off soon. Wishing him all the happiness that he deserves. Surely, all of us are there for his support. I just wish, he comes back as a wild card entry? or in tei?

  14. The news is true.. sid is eliminated ????? along with helly.. but this is really not fair.. he is a better dancer than helly arjun shakti karishma.. he deserved to be in at least top 3.. feeling so sad.. when I got the news I couldn’t believe it.. was hoping it to be fake.. but #biasedcolors.. ughh.. hate them.. we sidhantians are always with him and we’ll always support him in anything he does.. really hope he comes back in TEI as Kunj.. #ProudSidhantian ❤

  15. Soo meaaaannnnn colors channel is a crap………. Winning always is not importan but participation is more important…..
    Jhalak people have chosen Salman for competition WHY??? He has participated earlier also with Drishti Dhami and she had won so it is unfair
    Armin Bijlani had low scores but becoz of his popularity in nagin he is not eliminated ……..???????
    Abb Tei main I want Siddddddd…….but Naman Shaw is doing kunjjj. Butttttt

  16. It’s really a bad and sad news I hope it would be unreality

  17. Kruti

    Yes bulbul……i was at d verg of crying when i heard it
    Such biased shows……….i still hope for this news to turn out fake

    Fingers crossed hoping for the best

  18. Paavu

    I m very sad but guys do u know or do did u all noticed that bfore starting of jhalak also if we see contestant lost sid name wasn’t there and in all their promos or precaps he was not even shown I think this was their trick to trap our sid take hom out of the show tei then put him in jhalak so that we can see him as he have million of fans that love him so trp of zee tv wilk reduce as it was top show tei begging highest trps when sid was there but after him zee tv trp got reduced and colors trp increased its just a trick to trap him but we should all make a unity group and ask tei production to either bring him back in tei or any other production may make a new serial with him as we all love him so production of any serial should understand that with him trp will be doubled triple and what not love him so much as kunj and sid

  19. Angita

    I know.I agree I’m sad.?

  20. Sanjanaagrawal

    Yes ur right dear ….. they are getting eliminated ….. I read on helly shah fb page …. omg ….. I am watching this show for helly and sid and if they both get eliminated I will not watch it …… this jhalak judges are not good…. they are giving less marks to the contestants …… I hate that jacqline frendez ……

  21. Baby

    yes bulbul i got 2 no dat sidhant helly n shakti r in risk factor bt
    nt dis dat sid is gonna b eliminated no nt at all
    no yr dis is nt true n if it is den sid hv to cm bck to tei
    no he cnt leave his fans lyk dis
    mein har saturday ke lie mrti hun 10 o clock hone ke liye n ab dis
    yr dats nt fair he is soooooo gud dancer n how cn 1 eliminate him
    no yr dis cnt b true i really luv him
    abhi mein srsly bhot dukhi hun or
    teras r jst nt stopping dats d wrst news ever heard
    no it cnt b psbl

  22. Fan

    This is too much i mean sid is a far better dancer when compared to shakti n arjun..this show is totally biased..who can they eliminate a deserving contestant for thr trps??just because shakti n arjun have a bigger fan following than our sid they get to stay on the show….oh i wish this news is fake..now don’t when we will get to watch him on tv again?..lets hope he gets a new project soon..

  23. Hey dis is sad news really sad
    When he left tei I want to see him again
    Den I’m waiting fr jalak dikhlaaja
    Nw after eliminating frm it we will never see again so easily dis is really bad

  24. no problem we watch tei without sidhant and we will also watch jdlj9 without sidhant too

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