“Imaan…..Sucha……Imaaaann….” a voice echoed in the Rajvanshi haweli “Suchaaa…ohh where are these two now….”. That girl was wearing a yellow top with denim shorts and looked like in her teens.

“What happened Sakhu?” Asked a lady who was having a little infant in her arms. She was wearing a suit and looked like in her 30s.

“Ragini ma, they both haven’t done their homework and are nowhere to be found” said the girl (Sakhu).

“Don’t worry they will be around playing” said Ragini.

“Or hiding” said Sakhu.

Just then the Sakhu’s phone rings.

“Hello, yes” she said in her phone “yeah Sakshi Khanna speaking. Ohh. Yes yes thanks a lot. Yes I will. Ok thanks” and she cuts the phone smiling.

“Who was there?” Asked Ragini

“Call from Lucknow University” said Sakshi happily “I got the admission”

“Ohh….that’s like my girl….congrats” said Ragini hugging her.

“Thankyou Ragini Ma” said Sakshi and kissed the infant on his cheek.

“Party Party Party Party” came the voice of kids and two kids (one boy one girl) ran towards them shouting. They both looked about 7-8 years old.

“Ae you both…” said Sakshi running towards them “see Ragini Ma i told you they are hiding…..wait you both….now u will get SLAP party” and the three of them ran.

Ragini laughs seeing them. She walks and sees 4 pictures having garlands over them. She sees her baby and says “Ansh, they are the people i want you to be like. You should be wise like Chakor, courageous like Imli, strong like Suraj and kind like Vivaan.”

Just then she hears a sound of vase breaking. She sighs and goes towards the sound.

Hiii guys….m dia….m not a daily commentator but i love this serial UDAAN….please comment…lots of love….

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    Interesting concept. Are sukor & imvaan dead

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    Interesting concept. Are sukor & imvaan really dead

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