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Hi guys….

Firstly happy birthday angu… I hope this year bring u new happiness all the way…
This is specially for you…

Disclaimer- this os is not meant to hurt anyone and kindly co operate… Srry if anyone is hurt…

Lets begin…

Kunj is married to alisha but on his first night he listens alisha speaking on the call that she doesn’t like babies and have done something from which the babies cannot happen permanently (guys I don’t know if it’s there but in my imagination anything is possible…Hehehe…srry if anyone is hurt by this) and she was going to tell kunj that he cannot become dad by his own problem… Kunj gets heartbroken by this… And confronts her In which she reveals that she don’t want babies and she want to continue her modelling career… A heartbroken kunj leaves from his house where he meets his old friend twinkle who was in love with him but sacrificed her love for him… Twinkle didn’t know that he got married… When they met Kunj was heavily drunk and it was raining… They couldn’t control their hormones and get intimate with each other… Twinkle got up first and was really happy but she got a biggest shock when kunj revealed about him being married… A heartbroken twinkle asks him to forgot the night and move on… She cries bitterly in her room thinking about Kunj… kunj doesnt speak with alisha and also is guilty for his mistake…

After a week…..

Twinkle gets unconscious and kunj carries her to hospital where it is revealed that twinkle is pregnant… Both are in shocked state but then twinkle tells she want this child and why the baby is punished for the mistake which she have done… Kunj is happy knowing that its his child but is guilty for his mistake… He gathers some courage and asks twinkle if she can give the baby to him and alisha after he is out… He breaks down and tells his pain to twinkle of not being able to become a dad… He promises her that he will take care of her baby… Twinkle being the one who cannot see kunj in pain half heartedly agrees… Kunj tells the family that he and alisha wants to go to london… He takes twinkle with them… After a week… after reaching he calls his family and says that alisha is pregnant… The real thing was that twinkle will give birth to the baby and alisha will take her place… Kunj took care of twinkle fr 9 months but alisha was least bothered… Twinkle suddenly gets the Labour pain and kunj carries her to hospital… Twinkle gives birth to the baby prince… All family members arrive s there… By now Alisha have taken her place… Kunj first goes to inside… He takes the baby in his arms and gets happy… All family members get happy… She looks through the hospital window… (the window that is made up of strips in hospital… I hope u have understood…)
Twinkle sees kunj happy and smiles with teary eyes… She looks last time at kunj… Then leaves… All this is seen by bebe… Who doesn’t wanted kunj to marry alisha bcz of her character…

One month passes… Alisha and kunj have been back from london…. There is a party at sarna mansion… After the party while leaving baby falls off alisha s arms.. The baby is carried to hospital where it is admitted now… Twinkle gets to know about it…


Twinkle comes running tries to get inside the hospital ward but alisha stops her and pushes her…. But in the mean time our hero caught her… By seeing him she gets angry… And bursts upon him saying ” u promised me na kunj ke u ll take care of my baby then why u broke it.. Agar tum se nahi sambhala jaatha tho use kyun mujhse cheen liya… Mai khalyal rakhti uska… Maine tumhare liye itna sacrifices kiye… Tumhe meri virginity cheeni.. Mujhse mera pyaar china… Haan kunj pyaar (Kunj gets shocked and confused) … Aur wo ho tum..maine tumhari khushi ke liye mera pyaar apne ander hi daba diya tha lekin us raat tumne mujhe ek aur hope diya tha lekin tumne utkar kaha… I was shattered… Uske baad I just didn’t wanted to live a life like this… Lekin baghwan ne mere liye ek zariya bejha… hamare… Nahi… mere bacche ke roop me… I wanted to have that child… Tumne wo bi mujhse cheen liya… Us din mai tumhara rotha hua chehra nahi dek payi aur haan kehdi…lekin abb I can’t see him… Mera iss duniya me aur koi nahi hai….” by saying this she broke down.. No one saw this.. She moves to one corner and sitting cries hugging her legs… Kunj is shocked by her sudden confession and also is guilty… That is when he felt something hard on cheeks… Yes, babe slaps him hard and holds his collar “tune yeh ki karditta puttar…. itni vadi gal hogayi aur tune hume bataya tak nahi… Ek ladki ke saath tune itna bada khilwat kardia… Wo tujse pyaar karthi thi aur tune usse sab kuch cheen liya… Mera kunj itna lalchi kab hugaya…ye babaji….” kunj just bows his head down in guilt… Bebe continues “ab yeh muh latkaye kyun khada hai…. Ab tuhi yeh sab theek karsak tha hai…”
“Wo Kaise bebe..” asks kunj eagerly… Bebe says something to Kunj… Kunj first gets shock but then smiles…. He calls someone and says something…. After a while… A lawyer arrives there… Kunj comes to alisha and drags her outside… Every members of the family are there… They got to know alisha’s truth and about twinkle by bebe… First they got angry on kunj but then calms down… Kunj asks Alisha to sign the divorce paper…. Alisha signs being scared of police… Yah police bcz she is the one who leave the baby off stairs… After signing the papers kunj lifts twinkle in bridal style and lands her on the hospital’s temple… He picks up the vermilion and fills twinkle’s hairline… Twinkle first gets shock, angry and then forgives him… Then the doctor calls them and tells them that the baby is out of danger… Everyone gets happy… Twinkle carries the baby in her arms making her really happy… Both plays with baby… All smiles seeing the cute new found family…

After a week the baby is discharged… Twinkle is welcomed in the house by the rituals which is done for newly wedded bride…

After a month kunj too realizes his love and confesses it… That day both again became one with all their consciousness…

After two years they both are again blessed with a baby princess… Then they lived happily ever after with their two childrens…

______THE END______

Hw was it??? Srry for the long post… I. Hope I have not bored u all…

I m really sad guys… Like seriously 9 cmmnts on my last os… I m so sorry if my writing wasn’t well… For those who didn’t read the os…


Plz drop ur cmmnt whether +ve or -ve… If any mistake plz ignore…

Love you all…


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  1. Zuha Fatima

    Tamana di it was really nice šŸ™‚ I enjoyed it a lot šŸ™‚ So nice it was šŸ™‚ Seriously just loved it ā™”ā™”ā™” Happy Birthday Angoo ā™”ā™”ā™”

    Keep smiling šŸ™‚ Always šŸ™‚

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      thank you so much my lil sis.. I m so happy…

      love you

  2. Nice

  3. Hey tamanna,
    Luved the os…I was shocked at first but the last part was awesome, mindblowing, amazing.Totally different concept but luv it n thanks for extending the hand of friendship.

    Lots of luv

  4. Ayu

    Tamanna!!! Meri jaan!!’ Muaaahhh! Kya likha hai! Kamaal dhamaaal bemisaal! Aur tujhe joote khane hai kya? Kiss angle se tujhe boring laga???
    I loved the concept! It was original n amazing! N vo dialogues!!! Mah god?
    Vaise to bebe ne pehle ho chanta maar diya tha par tumhare dialogues were equal to virtual thappars! Mujhe to bahut maza aaya! N apne pichle os mein mera bhi naaam add kar de…bahut pyaara tha! Love uā¤ļø

  5. Ria

    This was amazing. The concept was unique and adorable.. Awwiiee!! Do post more..?

  6. Chiku

    Wowwww its amazing tamanah. Lovely
    Mujhe mazAa agyaaaa
    Completely new concept. Awesome ????????
    Love u

  7. Hey Tamanna ! ek baat puchu??? achha puch hi leti hu wo jo strating mein aapne special note diya tha wo hamein darane ke liye tha ya padhne se pahle hi humei rulane ka irada tha???? waise jis ke liye bhi tha but shoking tha I mean when I read that note n then 1st line of story I thought oh no kahi ye sad ending na ho according to the title but that last part wowww yrrr I was smiling like a mad…..seriuoslly yrr it was beautiful concept n superb OS…. I loved it…… n about ur writing skill to ab aise hi khubsurat se OS aur likho mere liye bcz I love ur writing skill which is very simple n cute…..To ab batao next kab post karogi but happy ending hi likhna…… n ya I don’t think it was longer than mine right?? ek min kya kaha long epi n bore… right??? iska matalab tum log mere long epi se bore ho jate ho aur meri jhuthi tareef karte ho… hai na???? haawww ab na main tumhare iss chote epi se bhi chota epi post karungi sachhi mein…
    N about ur last OS I have read them but due network problem main sabki post par cmnt nahi kar pa rahi hu…. so sorry for that….. but as now it is working so main uss par bhi cmnt kar deti hu ok???

    Ab chalo byeeee n tc…. come soon with new OS

    ā™„ā™”ā™”ā™„ā™”ā™”ā™„ Love uā™„ā™”ā™”ā™„ā™”ā™”ā™„


  8. Rashiverma2199

    Lovely… Awesome…. New and brilliant concept

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute emotional bt lovely os…..

  10. Wow amazing os.. loved it.. i really loved the concept n it was unique too.. keep writing more ā¤

  11. Ramya

    Wowww tamanna od was superb n loved it srsly bohat hi pyaara tha

  12. dreamer...arundhati

    Tammu wonderful….
    Angu happy B-Day

  13. Adya

    Tamanna di……wooowwww jst one word wooowwww… was aweeessssooooommmmmeeee….hnn one mistake….yahi ki u were soo late..
    …bt Jao maaf Kiya…..keep writing … u

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