Sacrifices (9)

Aditya is thinking “Just 4 days left…I know the truth….but why am I thinking that the truth is beyond what we believe…..the test results will clear my doubt.

KN is thinking “Just 10 days left for the plan to be executed….its just a small plan but why am I thinking that it will turn bigger for me….but whatever happens…..the olan is to be executed.”

Sakshi is thinking ” Just 7 days left and me and Pakhi will go to Lucknow….I am really happy…but I am also sad because I will miss everyone there….and I am most worried about the kids…don’t know why but i think tgey are unsafe or in sortof danger….God please make everything fine”

4 days pass…….

KN puts a cross on calender remarking 6 days left.

There Bhagya is saying “Sakshi, you careless girl, just 3 days left and you haven’t prepared anything”

Aditya is a bit worried. He says “Ragini, I am going to office.”

“This much early??” Ragini asked

“Yes I have an important work today” Aditya said.

“But atleast eat something and your lunch is also not prepared.” Ragini said

“Sens the food to office afterwards….bye m going” Aditya said and left.

Doctor is checking Suraj. He says to Vivaan “His state is improving. We cannot say when but he will get fine”

Vivaan asked “We don’t care about his health. Just make sure he is alive.”

Aditya’s junior gives him the reports. He checks them and gets shocked. He turns the pages and reads again

“What…is this??” He asked

“Sir…this is the truth” his junior replied

Aditya looks at his, Chakor’s and Vivaan’s pic and again reads the report

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  1. Shreya.

    Asusual nyc part dr…full of suspense…bt I hope if Suraj get well soon thn everything will be alright…nd don’t know wat was in dis report…feeling bad for adithya….waiting for d nxt part dr…

  2. Annabeth

    Love d suspense waiting for the nxt one ☺

  3. Sukorlover

    Awesome, loved the suspense

  4. Helo dear i couldn’t cment for ur prevs ffs.bcz i read all today.all r nice nd intrested.waiting for next part.

  5. Dia

    Thankyou guys

  6. Awesome! I guess the report says that the bodies are not those of sukor and vimli. Hope the children are not in any danger. I’m curious to find out what is KN’s plan. Eagerly waiting for the next update.

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