Sacrifices (8)

Kids come home.

“Sakhu di sakhu di” they called and went to Sakshi narrating the whole incident about how basti kids defended them.

“See. We have to prepare the kids to live without her.” Ragini said.

“Not only the kids. But Arjun. He is pretending that he is okay. But I know. He is also sad knowing Sakshi is leaving for Lucknow in a week.” Bhagya said.

“Atleast he is prepared. Kids know that she is leaving but they have never faced seperation from any of us so they do not know the pain of seperation.” Tejaswini said.

Aditya is working in the office. A man comes there and says.

“Sir, some skeletons are found near the old factory where….where that incident took place.”

“What? When?” Aditya asked.

“Just now sir. They are still counting. We will send them to lav as soon as all the skeletons are taken out. The identities will be known in 4 days after the test.” He said.

“Okay” said Aditya slightly shivering “You may go.” He said and the man left.

He sees a photo on wall of three kids. On the frame ‘Vivaan Aditya Chakor’ is written. He thinks “Should I tell about this at home. No. I think i should tell after the test results come.” He gives the one last look to the pic and goes back to work.

Chakor and Imli get the food. They start eating after a prayer. Imli sees Vivaan through the window. She recalls their old good moments and their marriage. (Do pal ruka khwabon ka kaarvaan….aur phir chal diye tum kahan hum kahan) She recalls when she got to know Vivaan’s reality and how Vivaan misbehaved with her pulling her hair. (Do pal ki thi ye dilon ki daastan…aur phir chal diye tum kahan hum kahan)

Chakor sees her and thinks “Imli is falling weak….God please make Suraj fine soon…..plan is ready but just Suraj…God everything must be fine…”

Sucha is playing with the ball. She accidently breaks her and Imaan’s photo on the wall. Aditya looks on.

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  1. Shreya.

    Asusual amazing Dr…loved it…waiting for d next part…

  2. Sukorlover

    Interesting update. So aditya is still finding sukor & imvan

  3. Amazing update, I hope no harm comes to sucha and imaan. Looking forward to the next update.

  4. Very interesting. Hope Suraj gets better soon.

  5. Annabeth

    Ur ff is really interesting loved it☺

  6. Dia

    Thankyou guys

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