Sacrifices (7)

Vivaan comes out of KN’s room and at the same time Chakor and Imli also come there led by some men. They stop seeing each other. Imli and Vivaan have an eyelock.(Teri khata hai….meri jiya…..unpe bharosaa kyu tune kiyaa) Chakor holds Imli’s hand and takes her. Inside their prison they are again tied up. After the men leave Chakor sees Imli who has tears in her eyes. (Sab jhoothe-2 vaade the unke…)

“Imli, I can understand what you are going through. But you cannot fall weak like this. Our plan is fool proof. Just Suraj gets fine once.” She told Imli. (Vo piya aae na…voo piya aae na)

“Yes Pakhi…yes yes….next week when we’ll go ther we will complete them. Yes. Okay bye” Sakshi said while talking to someone on her phone.

Bhagya, Ragini and Tejaswini are sitting nearby.

“Don’t know when did she grew up. She has comleted her school and now going to college” Bhagya said.

“Yeah children grow up like this. We also never came to know when Suraj, Bivaan and Ragini grew up” Tejaswini said.

Bhagya and Tejaswini look at each other. Ragini noticing the awkwardness tried yo change the topic.

“I don’t know how will we live without Sakhu. She is going to stay in Lucknow now and will only come in holidays. I mean she is the soul of the house. Nothing is complete without her.” Ragini said.

“Yeah….you are right. We can manage but what about the kids. Sucha and Imaan never stay without her. Even when Ansh cries sonetimes only Sakshi is able to control him.” Bhagya said.

“Yes beta. And Ansh can also be controlled. But Sucha and Imaan. They need their Sakhu di more than water to live.” Tejaswini said.

Hii guys….sorry for not updating one day….but i have started preparing for college entrances….so i need to put my time there also…nd thank you all for comments

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  1. Sukorlover

    Awesome, make suraj fine soon.

  2. Shreya.

    Awesome part dr…waiting for d next part…loved it…even I want Suraj get well soon…nd dia best of luck for ur entrance preparation dr…ND whenever u got d tym post ur FF..

  3. Nice update, thanks Dia and best wishes for your entrance exams.
    I get the feeling that vivaan is pretending to be evil. I wonder what’s chakor’s plan. Will sakshi find her aunties? Eagerly waiting for the next update.

  4. Dia

    Thankuou guys….thanks a lot

  5. I Want suraj,chokor back they are nice couple

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