Sacrifices (6)

Sucha and Imaan’s classroom is shown. A boy comes to them and says-

“My parents everytime take me to holidays at my birthday. What do your parents do? Oh…i forgot you both are orphans…hahahaha”

“What did you say Arnav?” Asked a girl and there are 10-12 kids behind her.

“Hahaha they are orphans….they are burden on the people who brought them up” said Arnav.

The girl holds her collar and says-

“Never say that again!”

“But orphans stay in the orphanage….they have no right to come to school” the boy said.

“Their parents were like God” said one of the kids

“Yes the died saving us” said the other.

“If you say anything to them then the whole school will believe that you fell from the desk while acting like shaktimaan” said the girl

“But…okay” said the boy seeing the whole class staring at him.

Sucha and Imaan smile.

Chakor and Imli are led into a room. There is a person lying in coma. Chakor and Imli smile seeing him. Chakor holds his hand and says-

“Suraj…how are you….i am fine….imli is also fine….please get up soon….your Chakor is missing you…” She starts cring and sits besides his bed. Imlialso sits with her.

From far Vivaan is seeing them. He smirks evilly. A man comes to him.

“Vivaan sir…Sir is calling you” he said.

Vivaan goes inside a room and says-

“Sir, you called me?” He said.

“What’s the status of the plan?” Vivaan’s boss asked.

“Yes sir. This plan will be executed 10 days later……….” Vivaan explains whole plan.

“Perfect. Vivaan, you proved to be a royal dog. And Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi likes loyal people.” Biss says (face is shown)

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  1. Dia

    Loyal dog guys…nd boss says…in tha last line

  2. AMkideewani


  3. Nice update!, so vivaan is evil and working for Kamal Narayan. Is suraj in a coma or is vivaan giving him drugs to keep him unconscious? Does vivaan know that his child is alive?Can’t wait to find out about plan.

  4. Shreya.

    Amazing part dr….loved it…mm kn nd vivaan r together…eagerly waiting for d nxt part dr..

  5. Feel bad 4 Suraj nd Chakor nd glad 4 Sucha nd Imaan. Hate this Vivaan sooooo much! Wish he doesn’t turn out that bad in the actual Udaan seriel. Nice concept…. Cant wait 4 d nxt part.

  6. Sukorlover

    Awesome. Happy that sucha & imaan are handling the situation well. Felt bad for suraj & chakor.

  7. Wow amazing vivaan is so evil and poor suraj

  8. Dia

    Thankyou guys….thanks a lot

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