Sacrifices (5)

“Yes Mumma…most of the formalities are over…now just a few left which i can do after i go there” Sakshi was saying to Bhagya.

“Okay….now just see whether Bijli has prepare lunch or not” Bhagya said.

“Okay Mumma” Sakshi said and she left.

Ragini comes there.

“Bhagya di, what happened?” She asked when she saw Bhagya’s sad face.

“No…nothing” Bhagya said smiling.

“Sakshi is going Lucknow that’s why you are sad right?” Ragini asked.

“Its not like i am not happy for her…i am very happy….but the thought of her going away just makes me sad.” Bhagya replied.

“I can understand di” Ragini said “Dii I am sorry”.

“Why are you saying sorry?” Bhagya asked.

“For the way i reacted tu Sucha and Imaan this morning. Don’t know why but I get scared and angry when anyone says anything about them” Ragini said.

“No Ragini its not your fault. You love them that’s why you cannot stand anyone who says anything to them or when they start believing on those taunts.” Bhagya explained “And that’s why their Ragini Ma is so special for them.”

“Seriously di…how can anyone say anything to them when their parents died saving the Basti” Ragini said ” I know Basti people love them and kind of worship them….but the outsiders….they have no right to hurt our children if the cannot do what Suraj Bhaiya, Vivaan Bhaiya, Chakor and Imli did.

“It hurts the most when you are called orphan in school….and i can understand it very well.” Bhagya said.

Just then Ansh starts crying.

“They’re coming” Chakor said to Imli “No we’ll see Suraj”

“Yes didi. I wish he gets fine soon. So that we can take ourselves and him out of this hell.” Said Imli.

“Yes. We are trapped in this place since 7 years. And 6 years passed and Suraj is in this condition.” Chakor said

“This is all because of that evil Vivaan. He acted all the time. His love for me and the help he gave us, all was fake. And they killed our newborn kids also and our whole family also.” Imli said.

“And after that for one year we thought that they are torturing him. So we couldn’t attempt to run away. And when we got to know the reality, they got Suraj into this state.” Chakor said.

Some men come there and ask them to come.

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  1. Shreya.

    Asusual amazing part dr…loved it…nd nw I understand teju, ragini, adi, arjun, bhagya, sucha, imaan all r thinking sukor nd vimli died at d same tym chamli thinks their kids nd family members r i ryt Dr…thn wat happened to Suraj nd y vivaan behave lyk dis???…I want to know abt these all so am waiting for d next part..

  2. such a amazing update…love this epi soooo much..u r rock

  3. It means they r not died right.

  4. Sukorlover

    Awesome, finally the mystery is revealed. So the family & vimli are thinking that the other died & vice versa. Waiting for suraj to recover & their escape from the kidnappers den. So vivan is a villain here

  5. Wow amazing vivaan is so evil how can he trap chakor and imli for 7 years wow i really like the way you think so unique

  6. Amazing! poor chakor and imli, they think that their family and kids are dead. I love the mystery in your story. Can’t wait for the next update.

  7. Dia

    Thankyou guys…thankyou all for such a suppory….i never got this support for any of my ffs……and yes u all are right

  8. Amazing dr. I understood tht family was thinking tht sukor n vimli died n viseversa. This is kind of a different story . More things to be relived. Loved this n it’s uniqueness .

  9. Dia

    Thanks dr

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