Sacrifices (4)

“What? Who teases you?” Arjun asked the kids.

“That…unn….new boy in our class….he got to know that our parents……unnn…..” Sucha said.

“He says we are orphans….unn….we have no one….we are burden on you all….uhunn…..we don’t want to go” Imaan said.

“And you believe him?” Bhagya says angrily. “You believe all the things he says? You think you are a burden on all of us? You don’t believe us? To the people for whom you are life…..You…don’t…be…lieve…” and she starts crying.

“Ragini beta please calm down” Tejaswini said and Aditya holds Ragini while Sakshi takes Ansh from her.

“Imaan….Sucha…come here” Bhagya sits on her knees and says “You both are very special for us. You know we see your parents inside you. Your parents who loved all of us. Who did a lot for us. And your are their reflection. You are not a burden on us. In fact we think we are lucky that you both are with us.”

“But Badi Ma people say we are unlucky….and we killed our parents” Sucha said.

“Yes…they say our parents died when we were born” Imaan said.

“Kids…you know what your names signify?” Tejaswini said “Sucha means real and pure and Imaan means pride…and your names are more special as they are made joining your parents’ names. You are not unlucky neither you killed your parents. Your parents were so good and great that God needed them so he called them. But without them who will take care of the world? So he called them after you were born so that you both take care of the world.”

“Your parents are not dead. Because good people never die. They are alive inside all the good things. They are alive inside you” Arjun said

“Really?” Both the kids asked.

“Really.” Everyone replied.

“Now if the boy teases you punch him on his nose” Aditya says but when everyone starts staring at him he says “Sorry…don’t punch him but explain him with love.” And he whisoered in their ears “and if he doesn’t understand…punch him”

Kids start laughing.

“Now come fast kids…we are already late for school”

“Okay bade papa…sorry….okay Arjun sir” Kids say and they go with Arjun.

“Now i should also go to office.” Aditya said and he also left.
Hii guys….thankyou all for ur comments nd support……this update is super short as yesterday i went to know why katappa killed bahubali…

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  1. Sukorlover


  2. Shreya.

    Woww..amazing part dr(asusual)….loved it…waiting for d nxt part…if they all dnt know that our sukor nd vimli r alive??…wow it’s interesting even I love both sucha nd imaan..

  3. Nice ff bt little bit sad.mujhe mera aapna aap dekha imaan nd sucha realy sukor nd vimli vo punch wala part awsm problem with short ff dear.bcz u update evryday na.nd aapko answer mila katapa ne bahubli ko kyun mara.ek baat bolu muje 1st part bahubli 2nd se jyada acha prbhash ur or not.mine is prince mahesh nd NTR.

  4. An emotional episode, felt sorry for sacha and imaan. Everyone in the Rajvanshi household seems loving and caring. I’m curious to know the circumstances that led to everyone assuming sukor and vimli are dead. Looking forward to the next chapter.

  5. Dia

    Sorry guys its Ragini who gets angry not Bhagya….thankyou guys….nd yeah i got to know…actually i am a north Indian so i don’t know much about South actors….

  6. Annabeth

    Today only i read all d episodes of ur ff loved them they r so intriguing waiting for d nxt one eagerly

  7. Emotional epi. Felt bad fr sucha n imaan. Looking forward to see why family believe tht sukor n vimli died?

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