Sacrifices (3)

In the haweli, Tejaswini is singing aarti with everyone (Bhagya, Ragini, Ansh, Sucha, Sakshi, Imaan and two other men) present there. While everyone has closed their eyes one man holds Ragini’s hand.

“Shhh Aditya!” Ragini shispered “What are you doing?”

“Romancing with my wife” replied Aditya.

“Adi…focus in pooja…now it does not suit us…we’ve got a month old son now” said Ragini

“Okk…so see them” Aditya said pointing towards Bhagya and the other man who were holding hands “Arjun Sir and Bhagya di are also romancing and Sakshi, their daughter, she has passes school now. But the problem here is, my wife doesn’t love me anymore”

Aditya gets annoyedand closes his eyes. Ragini kisses him on his cheek but he could not react as aarti was over and everyone opened eyes again.

Vivaan is talking to someone

“The doctor told that there is no improvement in his condition” Vivaan said.

“His health condition does not matter” said the man (just imagine face not shown) “But he should be alive. And you know why.”

“Yes, because of him only Chakor and Imli do not attempt to run away or disobey us” Vivaan said

“Yeah right. Chakor is a very wise bird. She can frame any plan to get away and Imli can do anything. But now they cannot do anything because Suraj is in this condition.” The man said

“Right sir” said Vivaan. The man gave him an sign to leave and he left from the room.

“Ouuu” Sucha shouted “Ahhhh”

“What happened?” Everyone asked

“My tummy is hurting a lot…i don’t think i can go to school today” she said.

“Ouu” cried Imaan

“Now what?” Bhagya asked

“My head is hurting…i also cannot go to school” Imaan said.

“Why are you both lying? You never did drama for school before?” Aditya said

“Yes…and your homework is also complete…then why?” Sakshi said.

“Because….because…” Imaan muttered and they both started crying.

“Because…unn….he teases us…unn” sucha said crying.

Hii….Sakshi is played by Tara Sutaria(Vinnie in suite life of Karan and Kabir)….Sucha by Ruhanika Dhawan(Ruhi/Pihu in yhm)….and Imaan by Shivansh Kotia(Naksh in yrkkh)….

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  1. so sorry dr I wasnt cmnting on this ff . actually I was not coming to TU n i missd ur previous parts This is marvelous n tht school drama was bit funny bt one doubt who is ansh , I think imaan is vimli’s child n sucha is SuKor ‘s child

  2. Amazing dear.keep continue.waiting for next part.

  3. Dia

    Hii……yes u r right….imaan is vimli’s son nd sucha is sukor’s daughter…..ansh is ragini and aditya’s son

  4. Hey I’m Sunny nd I’m Sukors big fan. I really love ur concept of Udaan. Is Ragini’s husband Aditya as in Chakor’s childhood friend?

  5. Shreya.

    Wow Dr…asusual amazing…oh no wat happened to Suraj nd y vivaan behave lyk dis…there r soo many qstns in my heart….I really loved it…it’s interesting…waiting for d next part dr..

  6. Wonderful, glad that sukor and imli are alive. Thank you for making vivaan a villain. This story is different! Eagerly waiting for the next update.

  7. Sukorlover

    Awesome, I also thought iman is vimli’s son & sucha sukor’s daughter. What happened to suraj. Is vivan really a villian or acting like that

  8. Unquie story line very good vivaan is evil cant wait to read more

  9. Dia

    Thankyou all for commenting….your questions will be answered as mthe story progresses….yes chakor’s childhood friend aditya is ragini’s husband

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