Sacrifices (2)

“Dadi dadi….save us save us” shouted Imaan.

“What hap-” an old lady asked.

“Sakhu di will beat us” said Sucha “please save us.”

“Why? Have you done any mischief?” Asked the lady.

“No we havn’t done anything” said Imaan.

“Exactly nani” said Sakshi who just arrived “the haven’t done anything in their homework notebooks”

Imaan and Sucha try to run but the lady catches them.

“What did you think? You’ll run away? Remember, its not difficult to escape from the hands of Tejaswini Rajvanshi”

“Its impossible” said Sakshi holding their hands “now come or i will hang you both”

Tejaswini smiles seeing them.

A lady comes there.

“Maa have you taken your medicines?” she asked

“Ohh yes yes” said Tejaswini

“Don’t lie maa” said the lady “You thought you will lie to your daughter?”

“No no no Bhagya i just…” Tejaswini said

“Forgot? Right….how many times i have to tell you…please take care of your health…..your Bhagya cannot stay without you” said Bhagya.

“Okay my mother” said Tejaswini and both of them laugh.
Next morning.

In an isolated building there are two women tied up and both are sleeping. One of them gets up by the sound of unlocking of the doors.

“Didi…Chakor didi” said that girl “get up”

The other girl gets up. Some men enter and give them food.

Chakor sees a particular man and says “You?”

“Yes…me” said that man “I thought i gorgot your faces….just came to remember them again”

“We don’t want to see your face Vivaan” said the other girl.

“You have got no other choice Imli” said Vivaan “You have to do what HE says”

And with this those men left. Chakor and Imli eat the food

Hii guys….i know the update is short….but i want to update regularly….i can update this much only in one day.

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  1. Shreya.

    No issues dr…nd haan u daily update ur ff na tats enough….nd nyc part dr…where is Suraj?? I hv lot of qstns…mysterious story…loved it…eagely waiting for d next part…

  2. Very interesting, I’m curious to know who is HE. Thanks Dia, there is no problem if it’s short, we don’t want to make writing a chore for you. Looking forward to the next part.

  3. Dia

    Thankyou guys… i really needed supportive commentators like you….i’ve started many ffs but stopped bcz either there were no comments orthere were people like “plz update soon” “we need longer updates” when i had exams nd other stuff to deal with…..even after telling them they did not understand… i am very very grateful to you both and others too…..

    Loads of love

  4. sruthisreeya

    Its a nice and suspense story..had lots of qstns n my mind and I know I will get the answer s soon as the story progress he na diya?and I really liked this

  5. Sukorlover

    Interesting, where is suraj. Loving the suspence

  6. Dia

    Yes…i will reveal the secrets soon

  7. Nice n . I’m really curious to knw hw this story gnna buildup. It’s k tht it’s a short update the most importantly u update it everyday. I appreciate it. Eagerly waiting fr nxt part

  8. Dia

    Thanks a lot all of you

  9. Sory for late cmenting.amazing ffs nd unique too.continue waiting for next.

  10. Sorry for late comment and imli and chakor are alive

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