Sacrifices (18) last shot

Guys….m really sorry for not updating……but tha facts are

Comments are decreasing day by day

I am not able to update regularly because of my studies

I am not able to compile my ideas

….so i am ending this ff rightaway.

I am giving u all some details/spoilers/ideas of what i had planned ahead

• Imaan and Sucha will runaway from home to lucknow to meet Sakshi
• KN’s plan was to make a minor bomb blast killing no one in that so that the world gets a hint
• Sucha and Imaan are near the blast place and get to learn about KN’s plan
• They try to get away but goons notice and tell this to Vivaan.
• Vivaan had to reluctantly kidnap both of them (his face was covered so they could not see his face)
• Kids are then put inside Chakor and Imli’s cell where they get shocked after seeing their mothers.
• They tell them that they are their children and ecerything about family
• Chakor and Imli get glad and they have an emotional reunion
• Chakor informs Vivaan about it and they explain the children about their situation (Vivaan’s acting and Suraj’s state)
• There the family get worried and sad and try to find the kids while Aditya suspects it to be KN
• Sakshi comes to kniw about it and tries to find them
• Chakor and Imli get a chance to see Suraj and they take the kids with them where Sucha holds his hand and something happens to him and they are made to leave
• Suraj gets up from coma and Vivaab explains everything to him using chits
• KN also had another plan to kidnap the family nit telling this to Bivaan as he believes that Vivaan still doesn’t know that the family is alive
• Sakshi is day by day getting hinted towards KN’s hiding place
• KN kidnaps the family while Chakor and co. along with the children try to escape but get caught by KN
• Now the whole family (except Sakshi) is together tied up and KN is in front of them giving his usual boasting
• Sakshi comes to know about it all and tellss the cops about it and they raid the place and try to arrest KN
• KN tries to escape taking Sucha with him and trying to kill her but Chakor saves Ansh and gets shot
• She is taken to hospital where doctors tell that there are very less chances of her survival
• Imaan tells Sucha to hold Chakor’s hand as she helds Suraj’s and she does the same and Chakor gets fine
• The family rejoices and everything gets fine
• Ranjana helps KN to runaway from jail
• They again come to Rajvanshi haweli angrily and hold them captive but before this they overhear Ragini telling Bhagya that Ansh is sleeping in his pram upstairs
• While Chakor manages to inform the cops and Ranjana comes to know about it and tells KN
• KN notices that Ansh is not there and he remembers Ragini-Bhagya conversation
• He goes upstairs and takes Ansh threatening the family and cops that he will kill him
• But he comes yo know that the cops had shot Ranjana dead and he angrily shoots Ansh
• Ragini gets shocked/sad/angry and hits KN with a rod making him unconscious
• The family believing that Ansh died start to cry but then they see kids coming there with Ansh
• Kids tell them that they had replaced Ansh with a teddy and everyone get happy while KN regains consciousness
• KN holds a gun aiming at Chakor but Tejaswini notices him and holds his hand turning the gun and KN gets killed
• The family finally get some peace and lived happily ever after (oh really?)

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  1. Sukorlover

    Interesting spoilers. No problem with late updates. Update the story as per your time

  2. Dia don’t know wt hapen to all of u ff writers.i like ur ff nd it jst 18th part y r u doing like this ples ples try to post ur ff is realy good.ples don’t think like that nobdy cmdnting actualy most of the ppl r silent readers here thts y.ples don’t do this ples.ur ff is realy tooooooo good n unique.u know wt all writrs r doing like this nd u r direct ending ur ff.sory if m hurting u wt i used to read 12 ffs including ur ff now i’ll read 11 fine.i couldn’t cment bcz of my accident bt if u’ll decide to write again i’ll definatly cment for ur ff.pleeeeese its my humble request don’t stop to write ur ffs ples.

  3. Your ff are really amazing dear… I really loved your aanya said here all are silent readers and many have exams that’s the reason for the lesser comments dear…
    If you get the time,pls upload the updates

  4. Hi Dia, sad that you aren’t continuing the story, I hope you will reconsider your decision. All ffs have been getting decreasing comments lately. The story has been excellent so far and what you planned ahead looks very interesting and full of suspense. If you decide to continue the story, do it at your own pace, no pressure or rush.

  5. Im really sad about u ending the ff but it is understandable as it is exam season dont worry dear even i have noticed less comments and its becoz of studies plz update ur ffs if u have time

  6. Shaira Naazim

    I m a silent reader and I like ur ff

    Pls continue to write

    You write beautifully

    Ramadan Kareem ✨??

  7. Dia

    Guys same problem is with me…….i have to study….i have to go for college entrances as i have passed my 12th with not so good marks so i cannot rely upon merits….i have to give multiple entrances….plus……my family n cousins thinks i am free from everything now so they invite me fir outings or functions and i have attend them all…..

    Guys less comments are not the only reason

    I kno u all have exams

    Please try to understand….

    1. Dia of course your future is your priority, we are just requesting you to continue the story if you find time later.
      Wish you all the best.

  8. ShanayaKhan

    Interesting spoilers. It’s ok if you update late. Take your time.

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