Sacrifices (17)

“Diii……Sakhu di….” Imaan called “Di our school project”

“Duffer…..Sakhu di is in Lucknow….call someone else” Sucha said

“I am not duffer you are duffer” Imaan said

“Aunhun…he is calling me duffer….Sakhu di….Sakhu dii…he is calling me duffer…”

“What happened?” Bhagya came “why are you both shouting like fighting dogs?”

“Because we have to do our school project” Sucha said

“And Sakhu di is not here” Imaan said

“Wait…..I will help you” Bhagya said and they started doing tha project. After it was completed Sucha said

“I will go and show this to Sakhu di” and she got up and ran but stopped at the door. Bhagya looks on worried.

Next day

Vivaan goes to Suraj while a doctor is checking him.

“He is getting fine day by day. The only thing here he is not getting is a family atmosphere. Otherwise he would have got fine.” The doctor says

“Yeah whatever” Vivaan replied and the doctor left.

Vivaan thought “I wish he gets fine soon. Nothing should happen to him. We all are unsafe here.”

Sucha and Imaan are crying

“Sakhu di….please bring back Sakhu di”

while the elders are trying to manage them. They are crying a lot.

“Kids we are trying to call her but her phone is off. She must be in her class” Arjun said

“No no….ask her to come back.”

“Kids please calm down. See…your di is there to study…its for her good na?” Ragini tried to say.

“Call her back”

Sucha gets dizzy

“Sucha…sucha…what happened to her” the elders worried.

Bhagya checks her and says “She got high fever.” She also checks Imaan “They both are unwell”

“Let them sleep and rest for a while. After Sakshi’s class we will make them talk to her” Aditya said.

“I will talk to their teacher in school” Arjun said.

“I will make kada for them” Tejaswini said and left for kitchen.

“Now you both also go. We will manage here” Ragini said to Aditya and Arjun and they both left.

Ragini and Bhagya make them lie on the bed and look at each other.

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  1. Sukorlover

    Awesome. So sucha & imman are missing their di. So suraj is recovering. Waiting for next

  2. Poor sucha And Imaan they really miss their di… And suraj is improving..
    Nice update dear.. Keep it up. Waiting for the next update

  3. ShanayaKhan

    I just read your story in one go and It’s amazing….update soon

  4. Nice update, poor children, they’re missing Sakhi so much. looking forward for the next update.

  5. Shreya.

    Asusual amazing part dr…loved it…such a ND Inman r missing sakhu di…ND Suraj health condition is improving day by day…am really happy..eagerly waiting for d next part dr…

  6. Dia

    Thanks all of you…love you guys

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