Sacrifices (16)

“Till when didi….till when will we have to libe like this” Imli said

“Don’t know Imlu…..6 years and Vivaan has been pretending to be with KN. I am really broken seeing you both act in front of others… both love each other a lot….and i understand how painful it could be to show fake hatred towards each other……KN has fixed cameras everywhere….we cannot talk on our own…..only those chits are our means of talk”

Vivaan gives a chit to Chakor when he caught her hair…..when Imli was fighting with Vivaan then Chakor read ‘Suraj’s hand moved….his condition is improving’…..and then Chakor handed back the chit to Vivaan when she stopped him from slapping Imli
Fb ends*

Imli says “I wish didi that Suraj gets fine soon….as his state is the only obstacle we have got……otherwise we would have escaped 6 years before….”

Chakor looks upwards and closes her eyes and remembers Suraj (Gair sa hua khud se bhi na koi mera….dard se kar le chal yaari dil ye keh raha…..Kholu jo baahein….bas gam ye simat rahe hain…)

Suraj is shown (Aankhon ke aage….lamhe ye kyu ghat rahe hain….jaane kaise koi sehta judaaiyan)

KN is in his room. He is thinking “After 3 days, Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi will give a hint to the world, that he is coming back.

“Its our old home” Arjun said “your college is nearby….if you need anything then either call us or your Kangan Bua…..”

“Okay papa” Sakshi said

“Sorry…..but we cannoy stay here for long……we have to go back…..we have arranged everything here for now” Aditya said

Sakshi hugs Arjun and says “Papa take care of yourself”

“You too beta” Arjun said

Sakshi goes to Aditya and hugs him

“Good bye Adi papa” she said

“Bye sakhu dear” Aditya said “Did you really spy…….”

“I will miss you both a lot” Sakshi said (to avoid spy talk)

Arjun and Aditya leave

Ragini and Bhagya see Sucha Imaan and Ansh sleeping. Ansh gets up and starts crying and Ragini holds him. But ink falls on a drawing in the process. The drawing was a kind of their family photo. And the ink destroys two kids’ faces (Sucha and Imaan)

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  1. Sukorlover

    Interesting update

  2. Shreya.

    Asusual amazing part dr…loved it…hope nothing happen to both such a nd imaan…eagerly waiting for d next part…

  3. Great update, hope nothing happens to sucha and imaan. Does KN plan about them? I found aditya’s convo with sakshi funny. looking forward to the next update.

  4. Wow interesting episode

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