Sacrifices (15)

Vivaan enters with some men to Chakor and Imli’s cell. Imli looks at him. (Raanjhan dhoondhan main chaleyaaa….ranjhan milya na re)He starts pointing to the camera and says

“Thats the camera and mike. Repair it as soon as possible.” (Jigran vich aggan laga ke rabbaa…lakeeran vich likh di)

“What happened?” Chakor asked (judaaaiii)

“This camera and mike is not working. We have to repair it to keep an eye on you both.” He looks at Imli (kho gaya….gum ho gya…vaqt se churaya tha jo)

He goes toward imli and touches her cheeks. “Your beauty hasn’t changed a bit in 7 years. Only if you had supported me you could have been in a better condition.” (Apna bnaya thaa….vo tera…vo mera…..)

“I will not support you even in my dreams Vivaan….you filthy….betrayer…” Imli said (sath nibhaya tha jo…..apna bnaya thaaa…..” (sath nibhaya tha jo….apna bnaya thaaaa….)

“How dare you?” Vivaan shouted and pushed her. (Jadariya jeeni re jeeni….)

“Vivaan!” Chakor shouted. (Jadariya jeeni re jeeni)

“Take her away! And you all also go….I think I need to talk to my wife in person.” Vivaan muttered angrily. (Aankhein bheeni re bheeni re bheeni)

Goons follow Vivaan’s order and take Chakor out. Vivaan goes towards Imli (Yaadein jeeni re jeeni re jeeni)

Vivaan and Imli hug each other and cry (Jadariya jeeni re jeeni….jadariya jeeni re jeeni….aankhein bheeni re bheeni re bheeni…..yaadein jeeni jeeni re jeeni)

Vivaan kisses her cheek and breaks the hug. Imli cups his face while they both are crying. (Aisa bhi kya milna….sath ho ke tanha….aisi kyu saza humne hai payi raanjhanaaa ve)

They hear footsteps….they both wipe their tears. Imli sits on the floor spoiling her hair as if she has bedn pushed by Vivaan and Vivaan makes angry face again. (Phir se mujhe jeena….tujh pe hai marna…..phir se dil ne di hai ye duhaai…saajnaaa ve…)

Vivaan goes out with goons and looks at Imli while going (Lakeeron pe likh di kyu judaai….)

Chakor holds Imli and Imli starts crying

“So is this true Sakhu?” Aditya asked Sakshi. They both were in a car along with Arjun and another girl (Pakhi).

“What?” Sakshi asked

“That you spy on me?” Aditya said.

“Papa please turn on the AC. Its getting hot” Sakshi said

“Sakshi….” Aditya said again but stopped seeing a building where some work was going on. The building looks as though it have been burned. He looks at Arjun who looks back. Sakshi notices them.

“What happened…?” she asked

“This is the factory where…..” Arjun said.

Sakshi looks at the place

Imli crying in Chakor’s lap is shown.

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  1. Wonderful update! very emotional. I’m happy that vivaan is just pretending to be with KN. Will their family find them or will they escape after suraj regains consciousness? Looking forward to the next update.

  2. Sukorlover

    Awesome. So vivan is pretending to be with kn. Waiting for next

  3. Thank god that vivaan is good and he act like this…waiting for the next update

  4. Shreya.

    Ohh…that means vivaan is gud nd he is acting….happy to hear dis…nyc…asusual amazing dr….loved it…eagerly waiting for d next part…

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