Sacrifices (14)

Rajvanshi haweli is shown. Everyone looks sad and worried. 4-5 big bags of luggage and stuff are seen in the hall. Tejaswini is standing by the side of pooja ghar. Bhagya is managing Ansh while Arjun and Aditya are trying to manage the luggage. Ragini is seen holding Sucha and Imaan’s hands. Sakshi comes downstairs. Everyone looks at her. Ansh starts crying and then Sakshi goes to Bhagya and takes Ansh who immidiately stops crying. Sakshi then goes towards pooja ghar and closes her eyes. Then she goes to Tejaswini and touches her feet. Tejaswini feeds her prasad and wards off bad sight from her.

“Nani, take care of yourself and take your medicines or time” she said hugging her and getting teary eyed.

“You also take care of yourself” Tejaswini said.

Then Sakshi goes to Bhagya and tries to touch her feet but Bhagya stops her.

Bhagya says “A mother’s blessings is always with her daughter. I will not ask you anything just….”

“Eat on time, sleep on time, call me in every hour, concentrate on studies and 101 other things on list. I know mumma. And same applies to you too. Now don’t cry” Sakshi says and hugs her. Bot start crying silently.

Sakshi then goes towards Ragini.

“Ragini Ma, our secret talks will continue over phone. And if Ansh starts crying then skype me. I will sing lullaby for him. And I will try to spy on Adi papa as before but it will be difficult now.” Sakshi says to Ragini.

“Yes beta. And everything will be like before. Except spying.” Ragini says hugging her. She wipes her tears and smiles.

Sakshi hands over Ansh to Ragini and sits on her knees to level with Sucha and Imaan.

“We do not need to do our homework now” Sucha said happily

“Yes….and no one will scold us when we don’t get full marks in test” Imaan said.

Sakshi was silent and was unable to say anything. She just smiled upon the 7 years olds’ innocence. She hugged them and said “Bye you both”

“Bye Sakhu di” they both said.

Sakshi kisses them both on their cheeks and tickles Ansh. She goes towards Arjun and Aditya.

“Pakhi has also come. Now lets go” Aditya said.

Sakshi looks at everyone and leaves with Arjun and Aditya. Bhagya goes upstairs. Sucha takes Ansh from Ragini and put him in the pram and take him. Ragini goes to Tejaswini and hugs her.

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  1. Shreya.

    Asusual amazing part dr….loved it….eagerly waiting for d next part…

  2. Nce one dr…

  3. Thanks for the update, it was emotional. Sakshi reminds me of chakor, she takes care of everyone. I;m curious to know what will happen next, eagerly waiting for the next update.

  4. Sukorlover

    Awesome, it was emotional update. Waiting for next

  5. Dia

    Thankyou guys

  6. Nice dear…its really cool

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