Sacrifices (13)

Bhagya continued “I felt the connection with everyone in the house….Chakor also noticed similarities between me and all the family members and eventually figured out that i am the elder Rajvanshi daughter…..i was very happy to get my family back and everybody was also glad….but at that time KN got bail…he wanted to kill me but Arjun saved me from him…..he also tried to kill Arjun but for saving ourselves from him we ended up getting married in a group wedding……Ishwar uncle and Abha aunty saved us in the nick of time but they got killed by KN in the process…

Villagers again started to listen to KN as Ishwar uncle was no more…Arjun and I were forced to leave the village and we went to Lucknow taking Aditya with us…..after some weeks Manohar Chachu was killed in an accident…the accident was planned by KN and Ranjana Chachi as the both had an extra marital affair….Dadi came to know about this and they also killed Dadi and decided to marry…..Maa was made to leave the house and she took Ragini with her as Suraj and Vivaan were forced yo stay with them…KN tried to kill Chakor but Arjun came back and saved her….he bought her to Lucknow… Azaadgunj KN made Imli a bandhua and forced Suraj and Vivaan to work with him…at first they were reluctant but then they agreed to pretend that they were with KN….In 10 years Chakor became a very famous athlete but kept her identity hidden…..

after 10 years when she revealed her identity and returned she was able to control KN using her fame…She and Suraj fell in love with each other and Vivaan and Imli also…..but KN had a plan……and someone came to help him….it was Ragini…she was back and was supporting KN….KN again began to rise and everything was under his control……after Suraj-Chakor and Vivaan-Imli’s marriage, it was revealed to Chakor nd co. that Ragini was on their side but KN did not know this…..Chakor and Imli were pregnant….soon Ragini planned to expose KN in an factory inauguration….we all were invited there…but a night before that, Imli and Chakor gave birth to Imaan and Sucha….we all were in the hospital…KN kidnapped Chakor and Imli on Ragini’s saying and got them to the factory….Suraj and Vivaan got to know and followed him….Suraj and Vivaan saved both of them and KN was exposed in front of policemen and ministers….we also got to know about this but there was a landslide before we got there…Chakor, Suraj, Vivaan and Imli died and KN and many other innocent lives also….KN had also planted bomb there and it blasted after the landslide…but no one was killed in that…..”

Bhagya stopped with tears in her eyes…Sakshi was also in the same condition

“Mumma….i feel so sad and at the same time proud to have uncles and aunts like that….i promise….i will try to be like them….” Sakshi said hughing Bhagya.

Arjun was outside listening to all the conversation….Sakshi saw him and pulled him into the hug….

“If its true then….if Suraj Chakor Vivaan and Imli are alive then…..I wish everything gets sorted….” Arjun thought.

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