Sacrifices (12)

Bhagya was narrating the story to Sakshi

“It all started 30 years ago….when Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi, your nana ji, was the ruler of azaadgunj…everybody else was his bandhua…..the family at that time included him….his wife Tejaswini, your nani…..his mother Shakuntala, our dadi….his brother Manohar, your chhote nanu….his 5 years old son Suraj, your mama….and Manohar Chachu’s wife Ranjana, you chhoti nani…..Kamal Narayan also had a 10 years old daughter but no one knew about it….a pandit told him that the girl is really unlucky for him….and he believed him….so when the child was born he bumped the baby in an orohanage….the child grew up there….and she was named ‘Bhagya'” Bhagya paused in between when Sakshi gasped “as according to orphanage people she was really lucky….and after many years an old villager died….his son did not have a penny to do his shradh…so he went to Kamal Narayan..

Kamal Nayan agreed to give him money and in return he wanted Bhuvan ji to mortgage his unborn child to shich he and his wife agreed….the child was born and was named chakor and on the same day Ranjana chachi gabe birth to Vivaan….after a year Ragini was born to Maa and Chakor got a sister, Imli….Everyone except Ranjana did not like the bandhuagiri…but no one could stop him as he had terrified everyone….Maa and Dadi taught Suraj, Vivaan and Ragini not to follow KN and bandhuagiri….Manohar Chachu was also against this but he considered his brother as his world….after 7 years Chakor was bought to Haweli as a worker…..she was working well and soon became friendly with everyone in the house especially Vivaan….One day, a collector called Ishwar Rawat arrived with his wife Abha and son Aditya for some legal work with KN….the family instantly bonded with

Chakor…they wanted Chakor to get freed…so they took Chakor with them to Lucknow an KN had to reluctantly agree because of the work he had with Ishwar uncle….after Chakor went to Lucknow she started studying in Aditya’s school….she was excellent in atheletics so she started practicing under the supervision of school sports teacher, Arjun khanna….here in the village, KN had bought Imli with him cz he had lost Chakor and asked her parents to bring Chakor back…Imli had also befriended everyone in the haweli…KN blackmailed Chakor to come back otherwise he would have killed Rawat family and made Imli a bandhua to which Chakor agreed….after many efforts of Ishwar uncle, Arjun and Abha aunty KN was sent to jail….the village rejoiced and all the children were sent to school…then a girl entered the village….she had learnt about Ishwar and how he helpedthe village to get free…she wanted to write a story about it…so she started to stay in the village…”

“Who was that girl mumma?” Sakshi interrupted

“Her name was Bhagya…it was me” Bhagya said

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  1. Amazing.i wona read more bt jldi finish ho gyia.waiting for next.

  2. Sukorlover

    Interesting flashback , waiting for next

  3. Shreya.

    Asusual amazing dr….loved it…interesting flashback…waiting for d next part dr…

  4. Shreya.

    Asusual amazing part dr….loved it…interesting flashback…waiting for d next part dr…

  5. Interesting update, I like the changes you made from the original story.

  6. Bidisha Karar

    Nice story and I really liked it but thora bara epi upload karo na plz

  7. Wow so good kamal is really evil hear

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