Sacrifices (11)

“Sakshi beta” Bhagya said entering Sakshi’s room

“Yes mumma” Sakshi said

“Beta….you are grown up now….you are going to college… its the right time to tell you our family history..” Bhagya said “You were very young when your Uncles and Aunts died in that landslide…at that time we did not tell you the full thing…..but I will tell you today..”

“Yes mumma….I also want to know how they actually died….what is Nana ji’s connection with it….why all of you act awkward when your chilhood is mentioned… Adi papa’s parents died….why Chhoti nani’s name angers everyone….and why does Ragini Ma sometimes blames hersef for all the things….I’ve got many questions mumma” Sakshi said.

“Yes…I will tell you everything…Sit” Bhagya said and they both sat on bed.

Suraj moves his hand. Chakor feels something. A goon notices Suraj. He goes to Vivaan.

“Suraj’s hand moved..” he said

“What? Call the doctor….fast” he said and went to Suraj.

“Now he is getting fine day by day….if he gets up then it will be big problem……no i can’t let them go from my clutches…but…” Vivaan said but just then he heard Chakor’s screams and he goes there.

There Chakor is trying to push the goons and completely freaking out saying “I have to meet Suraj….” while Imli tries to control her but in vain.

“Stop it” Vivaan shouted.

“Vivaan…vivaan…Suraj….something happened….i felt it…please take me to him” Chakor tried to tell him

“No one is going to him. You both are alloted times to see him….” he said

“Vivaan please….” Chakor said but Vivaan catches her hair and pushes her saying

“Why don’t you understand”….Imli holds Chakor.

“How dare you touch my sister?” She shouts.

“You…” said Vivaan and tried to slap her but Chakor holds his hand

“Leave from here Vivaan….just leave….i don’t want to see Suraj now…just leave” she said.

Vivaan gets off her and leaves with the goons.

Imli is crying. Chakor hugs her and whispers “Suraj is go8ng to get fine soon”

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  1. Sukorlover

    Awesome, finally suraj is getting better. Waiting for next

  2. Wah asusual fantastic i wona read more.waiting for next.

  3. Shreya.

    Woww..amazing part dr..loved it…finally suraj’s health is improving day by day..I hope Suraj will recover soon..waiting for d next part dr..

  4. Fantastic, happy that suraj is getting better. chakor feeling a change in suraj was so touching. vivaan is so evil how can he behave with them like that? Eagerly waiting to know what happened in the past.

  5. Wow suraj is getting better abd vivaan is so evil

  6. Dia

    Thank you guys….

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