Sacrifice in true love – Rikara Fan Fiction (part 5)

hello friends here is 5th part :


om is successful to laugh gauri he is glad that gauri laugh because of him 

Om : if you don’t mind can we become friends

gauri : you know what omkara ji i misunderstood you you are too good

OM : me too i am sorry for shout on you morning

Gauri : its ok omkara ji mistake is mine also gau said when she playing with her hands

O : if you don’t mind can we become friends

gauri see him in shock

G : are you same jatadhaari hippy whose i met in morning

O : what you think abhi tumne mera asli roop hi kahan dekha hai om said with smirk smile in his face

G : ok we can become friends no no best friends

O : and what about your hand it is ok now

G : ya and why you are taking tension you and anika both are……e

O : not again gauri now we become friends remember it om said it cutely

G : ok ok abhi to chod rhi hun aage ka nhi pta

O : gauri what work you do what is your hobbies

gauri became silent

O : i am sorry if i asked something wrong

G : no no omkara ji but when true time come i will tell you everything

and she goes to downstairs and om stood silently when his phone ring and he is in still shock his eyes become teary and he rushes to somewhere noone is see him

gauri goes to her room (one more thing gauri’s room is just near of om’s room) and she think

there are all family members are good i don’t know why but i feel special feeling from anika like sister no but how can she is my sister my di is leave me alone in my childhood

hey guys please forgive me if i delay to update because my brother’s wedding in this month so……..



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