Sacrifice in true love – Rikara Fan Fiction (part 4)

hii guys here is 4th part of sacrifice in true please like it

part 4

om cares gauri’s hand and they both lost in each other then gauri came to sense

G : mr. jatadhari please don’t tell to anika about this or she will shout at me

O : don’t call me this jatdha…..all this

same time anika comes

A : gauri om what are you both doing here

O : wo bhabhi actually…….

A : oh my god gauri how your fingers is burnt

G : anika….

A : now you come with me you are really so careless

anika takes gauri along with her

om thinks they really care for each other

in room

G : anika its ok i am alright

A : gauri are you dumb kya jarurat thi kitchen mein jaane ki tumhe kaha tha na ki kuch chaiye to kisi ko bolna par nhi tumhe to apni tadi dikhani he

G : sorry anika

and anika gives oitment to gauri

A : you know what last 2 year when i meet you i realize that you are my sister

G : i am your sister ok and congrats for your wedding

A : and now you living here till my marriage

G : but anika…

then shivaay enters

S : what anika i am also your elder brother and it is my order

G : ok bade bhaiya

and gauri hugs shivika and go out of the room

after that shivaay close the door and pulls anika to him

A : shivaay………yeh aap koi dekh lega

S : dekhne do

o jaana…… plays

shivaay about to kiss anika and

then dadi comes

D : shivaay you know na my rules

S : but dadi it is not fair

A : ha dadi kuch samjhaiye shivaay ko

D : now anika stay with gauri

S : no……

Anika gives i don’t know look

gauri cross dadi’s room and see dadi is suffring from leg pain gauri goes to dadi

G : laiye dadi hum aapke pair daba deten he

D : nhi puttar you are guest how can you

G : but i am also like your daughter right

and she starts to massage dadi’s leg om see all the scene and thinks that she is good girl i misunderstood her

in hall everyone sits in dining table for dinner

R : gauri didi you are so sweet

G : thank you rudy bhaiya aap sab bhi bhut ache h

J : and where you live

G : ji barelly

R : how many members in your family

gauri’s eyes gets teary om notice it

A : gauri have no family

and gauri goes to terrise and starts to crying anika says to rudy what are you doing rudra

R : sorry bhabhi

om goes to gauri

G : where are you di i miss you

O : gauri

gauri fastly clean her tears

O : no need to clean your tears

G : i am sorry

O : for what

G : for ruin your dinner

O : you know what you are really fool

G : i know jatadhari

O : actually my name is om

G : ok can i call you omkara ji or jatadhari

they both laugh and bol do na jara song plays

hey guys i hope you like this and next chapter is also comes late because i am busy sorry

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