Sacrifice in true love – Rikara Fan Fiction (part 3)

hello friends here is 3rd part of my fan fiction sacrifice in true love and thank you very much for like my story and ammu,palak,niriha,uf3355,nikitajai29 thank you very much for comment on my story please always support me like this

part 3 here

om decide to go back to home because in this state he can’t propose ishana and on the other side gauri also decide to go to oberoi mention because if she not go then anika is annoyed  with her so rikara reach to oberoi mention on the same time and after enter in house both see each other and shout loudly you…….!

all family members are sit on the hall and surprised that how om come in that state and anika is very happy to see gauri and also surprised that how om and gauri both come in that


Gauri : how dare you to come in this house?

Om : oh hello this is my house . what are you doing here ? i think you are following me right ?

Gauri : ek jhanp me deewar pe satta denge you…….why am i following you jatadhari ?

Anika : gauri you never forgot this dialouge right.

all family members are enjoy their fight but then finally shivaay stop their fight.

shivaay : hey guys why are you fighting like this and what state you both made

Anika : and by the way she gauri my best friend and our wedding planner.

Om : what……….? are you serious bhabhi?

Gauri : yes mr. jatadhari she is right.

and gauri takes blessings from everyone and pinky gives her glass of water and suddenly she slips because of her wet clothes and all water she threw over rudy.

Om : omg one work she does not do correctly and she is shivaay’s wedding planner unbelieveble

rudra : bhabhi is right she is like bhabhi but why always me?

om laughs….rudra says mom..

jhanvhi : om……its ok beta now you both change your clothes (and they change their clothes like my update cover)

gauri goes to kitchen to drink water and om also comes

suddenly something is burnt in gas and gauri directly touch and her fingers is burnt and om care for her.

om : my god what type girl you are you decide that any work you not done correctly and he cares her hands

hawayen song plays……..

hello friends i hope this is long chappy bye take care see you


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