Sacrifice (OS)


We know love is everything. So that everything has something and that something includes sacrificing. So here i am Sankara, a second year college student. I never knew wat love is untill i met him. Yes he is Bihaan Pandey. He is a rough and tough person to deal with yet has a beautiful heart inside. His love for his family is immense and that made my love for him immense. I first met him at the cafeteria. To be frank he looked stunning. But never mind coz for a calm person like me such expectations are little bit extra ordinary. I didnt see his face at first but when he turned back i realised he was none other than my school mate. He saw me and waved his hands. I wondered if he remembered me. He came and talked. We have met a couple of times and became close friends. We texted at nights and have had endless conversations. He was very close to me. I think i started falling for him which i never wanted to do. But still one cannot control nature. I fell for him. I was scared to tell him and i thought i cannot ruin this friendship.

One fine day he called me to the cafeteria. I wondered wat was wrong as it was not a usual hour during which he usually calls. I said i will come and asked him is nything serious? He told me Just come! I started my journey to the cafeteria with billions of thoughts. As i stepped inside i could see him talking with a girl in a long chudi with her hairs straight and she wore a heel. She looked sweet and kind. While i was seeing her B for Bihaan saw me and called me to come. I was still staring at her in confusion. He said this is thapki and shes my close friend. And thapki this is sankara my another close friend. Thapki smiled at me and greeted me. I too did. She said bihaan has told a lot about you. I didnt know wat to say as bihaan has never mentioned her name in front of me. I said oh thats great. The food bihaan ordered for me came. I started eating and bihaan suddenly said we love each other. I couldnt feel my breath. The whole world stopped.

The food that i swallowed got stuck in my throat. I held my teara back and my mind repeatedly playing bihaan’s words. I gave a smile and said thats great. U too make a good couple and i said im happy for u my best friend. Thapki too smiled. I luckily got a calll and excused myself. On my way back tears filled my eyes. I wanted to tell lot of things to bihaan and i wanted him to be mine. And i couldnt get him. But still somewhere my heart said love is everything and that everything is something and that something includes sacrificing. With a heave heart i somehow convinced myself and accepted it…

Hey guys! This is tess! Happy reading#spread love

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  1. Navami

    Intresting story drr…nice style of writting.. keep going.

  2. Garima

    oh wow great sacrifice by sankara.

  3. Wonderful thought and powerful way of presentation…..

  4. Nice one keep writing

  5. Manish ki deewani


  6. Good one dear..

  7. Vinolin.d

    very good story.keep it up

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