A sacred thread (shivika OS) by farin


only takes 5 minutes or less than that to go down from 4th floor.I know this as I had a visit to this hospital before when rudra had his viral fever lasted for 6 days.I so clearly remember those days when I used to rush to the next dispensary to buy medicines and the ride on this staircase was so easy and hurried as I knew upon reaching his ward,rudra would cuddle.How dramatic he is?He had only 101 degree fever and he had capability to worry us through his tantics to make it look like a typhoid.Suddenly I came out my flashbacks which are so repugnant compared to the present situation..it’s been 10 minutes and I am still on the 4th floor 2nd staircase.Am I intentionally descending so slowly?

Oh!Come on,Shivay.You are shivay singh oberoi.You can do anything…yeah..anything..

I was watching my foot steps,they are shivering,I wonder.I had nothing to do,just go and inform someone about someone…wait,wait,Who is this someone?Whom I raped?Kind of rape it was?

I remember This someone begging his heart out to me to spare her,not to use her,not to undress her,not to impose my body over her,not to make her so insulted inside my arm what she thought to be the safest place in this world.Had I listened to her plead?No,no..those pleads were only the urge that kept bringing the beast out of me that night.The urge,to prove my virility to her that she doubted on.

“What will you do if I don’t marry you?You will touch me?You can’t do anything,Shivay..you can’t..just can’t..hey you,coward,if you have dare,then use your hormones for once.. hahahahaha….you can’t shivay,you can’t…..”

Those words still echo in my ears..ufff!!they are painting..
I was so beast to prove to her that I Can,I can dominate her,to prove her that I can never loose before a middle class girl like her whose body was already in auction that too at the price of 15 lacs.I couldn’t afford to loose my manhood before a road trash like her.

Then,I just jumped over her like a whore desperate to eat his prey..

Suddenly I bumped into a nurse carrying some injection.
“Watch your steps”-she shouted,”This is for your wife”-she added..
I suddenly remembered,my someone is so scared of injection but I forced her to millions of needles to get pierced again and again.I stopped the nurse,”Is the injection needed?”
“Hve you gne mad,Mr.Oberoi?She is so weak to not affording the injection.She had just lost the baby and that too in her 2nd month and you are expecting to loose her also by your foolish talks and wasting my time.”
“I am soryy”,nurse,I constantly answered due to the fear of loosing my someone..I can’t afford to loose her.I was already dead since the past 2 months,she was away from me carrying my fault in her womb.It was my mistake,still she let it grow up so gracefully in herself,she had started considering my fault as her life that she wanted to bring in this universe where beasts like me still exist.But I know she could have been the sheild of my fault,yet her love that she accepted as a blessing☆

But Destiny snatched the that love from her..now she is overcast by her sorrows that I gifted her.I gifted my love the most savaged offer that one can ever get..

I noticed I was still in the 4th floor staircase..I have to hurry now as my someone’s everything is waiting in the lawn for me to know about his didi’s unborn baby whom he thought to be his princees..

I tightened my grip,controlled my tears and held my feets firmly to complete my remaining walk to the lawn…I can’t loose my collected strength to face Sahil..I have to reach to him..
I started my walk again to bring Sahil to 403 number room where my someone is lying opening her eyes like a mannequin..

Will I ever be able to dare to tell her that she is not my someone,my everything,my Anika,my….
Let’s not talk more…I have to finish my walk.

That’s all…spare my mistakes…and if you guys respond,I will continue the IS
Thanks and special love to Nans for whom I could know how to submit this article..


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