A sacred thread (shivika OS) by farin part 5 (epilogue)


Hey,Guyz.Farin again.I had no such plans to write an epilogue on my shivika Os as i had considered the past one to be the last.But I didn’t expect so much love from you,guyz.Neha has requested me to come with an epilogue.So here it is.This one is for you Neha and for all the person who read and appreciate my efforts.


Three years later,
Oberoi mansion is decorated joyfully.It got a festive look.The stairs were decorated with lighiting strings and there stood a compination of blue and white around the railing with a big long stole.A stage is adorned with conjugated rose and marigold flowers.Everywhere the house is chirping with laugh,songs,music.Everything looks like a fairytale.
A video is being taken of everyone’s reaction about the day.The camera is going near the stage where pinky is standing in a blue floral saree with open hair and tucked in one side.She has her front in camera,
“Today i am very happys..my dreams will come trues…See,I am looking beautifuls na??Mera shivay ka junior version Ana vala hai (my shivay is gonna have his junior version).O my matta,my make up is spoiled..Give me sides…i have to do my touch ups..”Pinky hurries her walk.

Om corrects her,”Its not touch ups,badi maa..touch up.”
pinky comes back and hits Om’s hair,”Stop your english lecture.Now,you will teach me how to speak?Touch ups,touch up same thing.I am very happy today thats why leaving you,okay?”
Om giggles but pretending to be understood,he nods his head in yes..Now he is in the video,

“I am sure its gonna be a baby boy and i will make his hair grow long like me.We are gonna be a kickass duo..yayyy…”Om couldn’t finish,dadi comes from behind.She pushes om and takes her position in front of the camera.

-“Whoever comes,he/she will be just like me..beautiful,elegent and obviously a ishqbaaz….”Om doesnt let her finish,”Dadi,You and your ishqbaaji..uffff!!!”
He forcebly shifts the camera to himself.He was about to finish his line.
Then again,the camera is shifted forcbly by shakti.He says,”My grandson will be like me.Humble,gentlemen,truthful and a maatarani bhakt (goddess worshipper).”
Om makes a grinning face listening this.

Again the camera is shifted and this time it is tej,
“It will be a she.She will be a diamond like me,Strict and a sharp brained..Hey shakti,i wont let her become a cow like you.”

Shakti then pushes tej and takes camera in front of him,”Bhayia,you r calling me a cow.”

Tej couldn’t stop his laugh.He breaks out,
“What will a cow be called..cow,na,??”

Everyone including dadi burts into a laughter.

Now the camera is moved in a 360 degree Angel and now the real cameraman shown.Its Rudra..

“Stop everyone,He will be a boy.And he will be as flirt as me.I will make him have eight pack abs.There will thousand of girls line behind him..I will just make him a ….”

Rudra also couldn’t finish.Everyone altogether shouts,”SHUT UP,RUDRAAAAAAA!!”

Suddenly a tiny voice of sahil comes from behind,
,”They have come,see”.

The gorgeous couple makes their way in the clourful stair.They are shivika..Anika is wearing big floor touch of black colour combining it with a big white stole that is let hung in one hand covering her baby bump.A slight make-up with red lipstick and a thin layer of eyeliner in her eylids made her the star of the eve.Her hair is open and left at one side…Shivay is also wearing a black sherwani color coordinating with anika.His hair is a lil bit puffed and they both r looking a hevenly made couple hand in hand.

They walked to them.Pinky came,”Oh My Matta,my anika is looking so crazily pretty..May no cast an evil eye on her.”-she says putting a black mark behind Anika’s ear.Anika blushes heavily.

Dadi adds,”Now lets start the baby shower ceremony”

Everybody takes them to stage.The evening was really a memorable one for Anika,she cant never forget..how enjoyable it was!!

Its night.Anika is very tired spending a hectic evening.Still she manges to go to pool area with a diary and pen.She sits by the near pool side.Heavy winds were blowing making her hair so apathetic.She starts writing in her dairy,

“It was a baby shower day or should i say its your day,my princess.Everybody is fighting outside on who you should be.But i know whoever you be,you will always be the thread that has made me and your papa altogether a shivika.”

Anika caresss her bump and gets into her diary again,
“Today i will tell you a story,story of a simple,prejudices girl who lives on her own ideologies and never bows before anyone and a story of a arrogant young man for whom his ego is his adornment.Then one day they collids and the distiny changes its path making a way to them.In that way,there happened——————————————————————————————————————————————–.Now the way seems to be their way of living.They happens to be your parents,princess.When you will get this dairy,you will know that you parents are the epic one,The shivika and you are the sacred thread that is making them come closer more in coming days.Come soon,my jaan…mamma-papa is waiting for you.”

Anika closes the diary.She is lost and looks at the wide sky indifferently.The breeze is very cold and is going through Anika’s body making her shivering.Suddenly she feels a warm shawl around her.Shivay wraps her arm along with the shawl beside her.
“What r you doing here?Lets go inside.Its so cold here.You will catch cold,Anika”

“But,I am liking here.”
Shivay doesnt make more argument and simply sits beside her giving her utmost comfort.He very carefully tucks her rugged hair behind her ears.Then places a gentle kiss in Her forehead.Anika extends the shawl around his shoulder And they both enjoy their company in the middle of the pool with the cool breeze waving around under a open sky.

Beside them,The pages of the dairy was also springing in the violent breeze.Still the title of the dairy is clearly shown-


The end

I hope i haven’t dissaponted you,neha and plz spare my mistakes…hoping for more comments.Pray for my exam.Waiting for all youd love and comments.Thank you.

Farin ???????

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