A sacred thread (shivika OS) by farin part 3


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Part 2: Here

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Shivay P.O.V–
Finally I could finish my walk from the 4th floor to the lawn.There Sahil was sitting.He was unaware of the whole situation as how his anika didi just had fallen from the staircase out of stress and dizziness.He would have gone mad till now if he did see the incident.Amid all this incident,Rudra forgot about bringing Sahil from his school,hence,I had the great opportunity to meet my pampered Sahil after three months.It was a celebrated moment for me.Nobody told me to bring him home,but I picked up the phone of Sahil what he made from his principal to bring him,on the landline.Sahil had his bunch of questions while coming to the hospital,where i had been in past days,why i didnt meet him and he didn’t forget to mention that how he had missed my hand made Apple pie which happened to be his 2nd favourite dish after his didi’s ‘PARATHA’.

The most unlovely question was why I was taking him to the hospital.How could I tell him that he is gonna get the biggest shock of his life.He knew about Anika’s child and had started considering it as his sister who would just look like his didi which I also believe to be.Sahil was never told about the mishap that happened with his Anika didi.What would have been the exact fact that they would could tell him,I wonder.He is too small to understand this,too innocent to understand my cruelty.I couldn’t think of the disgust that obviously would come from Sahil if he knew the coward manhood in me.

“Bhaia,where have you been since half an hour?You told me that you would only Take 15 minutes to visit your one relative in the 4th floor and come back soon.You never keep your promise,na?Now Take me home quickly.Rudy bhayia has kept a new videogame for me and anika didi would be worried for me till now.I am not liking this hospital.”

Sahil said so much.But shivay heard what he intended to,
“You never keep your promise,na?”
Shivay has a flashback—-

Anika and he had a challenge of making Rudra skip his protein shake for one full day and how tempting it was when Mr.SSO himself offered her a plate of ‘aloo puri’ made by himself only if anika win the challenge..
Anika not willing to let go the chance of shivay’s hand made Aloo puri,took OmRu,Saumya with her to her house and spend the whole day in distracting Rudra from his protein shack.
“Didi,I forgot to take my shake”
“Offo,Rudra,Let’s focuse on the pillow passing game.Later I will give you your fav chips…okay??

Thus anika had win the challege.But shivay couldnt make his time out of his busy schedule to make Aloo puri..Anika Had Said then,
“You never keep your promise,na?…….
——Flashback couldn’t finish just then Sahil shook me,
-“Bhayia,where are you lost?Let’s go,please”
-“Sahil,I have someone to meet you.Plz come with me,champ to the 4th floor.”

I could sense from Sahil’s eyes that they had some unknown fear listening my line.I did not wanted to make him cry like I did with his didi.

I leaned toward him and moved the crutches to his left Side making a place in his right one and sat there there.I didn’t know what to say,from where to start..

Suddenly the same nurse whom I bumped into some time ago,rushed to me,

-“Mr.Oberoi,Your wife’s condition is very serious.She has lost extreme blood and the internel injury of her uterus can lead to an operation,doctor is guessing that.”

I didn’t know how to react.Everything was so blurred in front of me.I think my heart beat had stopped for some minutes then.I so wanted to run to my Anika,wanted to hug her so tightly that all her wounds would get healed in a jiffy..I didn’t realize Sahil was there with me.I was so lost in dark.

-“Mr oberoi……Hey,…hey….Mr.Oberoi??”Nurse echoed
-“Hmmmmm”I could only say this much
-“Dont waste time.I didn’t find your rest of the family,so informed you..plz inform them.You wife is unconscious now.

The nurse saw Dadi,maybe that’s why she thought anika to be my wife..Who cares??
I was blabbering,”Unconscious…??What..do..you..mean by that?What the hell you all were doing your duty?How did all this happen?Sometime ago,she was fine…Can’t you keep your patient safe,damn it?”—I shouted the best from me..Sahil was scared listening my voice..security,Manager all came

-Mr.Oberoi,plz calm down..Our security system is always best..it’s not our fault at all.”

Nurse added,”We visit in every half an hour.When we went to mam room,we saw her blood in the floor and her blood string was stripped.She had already lost so much blood..and now this has lead to fatal.I myself had placed the blood string in her left hand.It seemed like she herself broke the string as it looked like stripped down…”

I didn’t let the nurse finish her words,”Heyyyyyyyyy,you,don’t dare to say this..Anika can never harm herself intentionally..she is the strongest..don’t impose your mistake on her…Now get lost and treat her..

All wnt to their places…My head was paining with the line,”It seemed she herself broke the string….”

“No,Anika can never think of doing such things..she tried to kill herself??”I asked myself

I broke down and was crying like a kid..I was coughing so badly but I didn’t stop crying
,”No..Anika can’t do this..No..no…never…She can’t…just cannnttttttt..”

Suddenly,I felt a hand in my shoulder,It was Sahil,
“Bhayia,Anika didi will be fine ,na?”–He spoke while crying..

I hugged him tightly.He said,”My princess will come to this world,na??I love her,bhayia…plz bring her to me..I can’t live without her nor without my didi..plz .plz..”

I had to words to console him.How could I tell him that I am responsible for all this,I,his bhayia,has forced his didi to death,forced her to feel so apathetic to his world that she tried to finish herself.
“I am sorry,Sahil”‘ –i wish I could tell this to him,but I am scared to loose him also.

That’s for today…Sorry for making it so short…i am really busy as my exams are near.In next part I will ry to put shivay and anika conversation..I am requesting to all the silent reader to comment.Your comment encourage me to write more and the best..plz whoever read this story,comment be it good or bad.At least put a emoji. That would be more than great to me.Till then stay blessed.Love you all.


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