A sacred thread (shivika OS) by farin part 2


Hi,this is Farin again..

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Anika P.O.V-

I could feel the empty sounds inside my womb.I was rubbing it so vigorously yet so lightly to feel the ashes of one who left me sometime before.Doctor told me that my uternus had been damaged so extremely because of the heavy fall that I could never regain the ability of holding a life in it.Why doctors are so entangled in their words?Can’t they say clearly that I can never become a mother again? Again?It means I had become once a mother…no..no I was going to become…

I remember the night——

“Anika,don’t go there,putter”-it was not a plead,instead it was my mother’s claim on me.Oops..why I forget it she is shivay’s mom,Pinky Singh oberoi,who had not seen her biological son since past 3 months just because of A raped victim like me.She left no stones unturned to feel me like her daughter and her own princess.She was so learned in my matter as she is also a mother.Somewhere in the farthest corner of my heart,I would always thank shivay for doing so heinous to me.Sarcastically,I got a family,their unconditional love which is not enshrouded by the compensation of their son’s mistake..No,that was purely not a guilt.I could see the reflection of their love for me in their eyes everyday,every second,every minutewhich I once craved for to see in shivay’s eyes…why once??Am I still not craving for it?I don’t wanna search for the answer..

OmRu and Dadi also accompanied mom’s voice,”plz bhabi,don’t go down…you don’t need to see that moron.”

“He is your brother,Om”-I corrected him,but Om just blew my words.

Dadi added,”Anika,puttar,why will you stress yourself?You don’t have to face shivay.We will talk to him.He will go from here.”

“Why Dadi?Why are you pushing your own grandson because of me?Why?I am not even your daughter-in-law.”-I had stopped there as I knew my words had hurted them like a digger.

Rudra just cried,”Bhabi,is this all you had to say about our relation?You really need a name to define your bond to us?”

I couldn’t answer him…I changed the topic,”Dadi,plz let me go for once.I want to know why he has still the gut to face me.Why on the earth he has come to meet me?Why he found me?I want answer,Dadi”..I almost cried while saying those.

Without letting to stop,I went ahead to meet him in the drawing room that had just 1 floor distance from my room.While walking,I had so many flashbacks in my head.When Dadi had learned about my child,she was hellshocked.

Rudra for the first time had raised his voice on his bhaia for me,”I am taking my bhabi with me,bhaia.Dont you dare to stop me.I will never let your shades to fall on her anymore.Just spare her.”

Mom had slapped Shivay lika a herd,”How could you,Shivay?”She had spitted on him ,”Dont you dare to call me your mom”

Except Dadi,everyone just lashed out at shivay.But dadi’s silence had killed the beast shivay,I know.He was numb..he had then a minor heart attack.Making him alright,after 16 days in hospital,one day Dadi just had held my hand and trafficked my body from Oberoi mansion to shivay’s dadaji’s firm house in Goa.Till then,Shivay had been all alone.He had not his brother nor his family with him.Did he deserve those?
I hit my head,”Why are you being so sympathetic to him?Jusst don’t..never”

Shivay then had left OM where his every relation just used to bite him like a snake in every pillar..Where he had been in all these months?I had read in newspaper that shivay Singh Oberoi is seen spending his whole day in an orphanage…seen participating in road cleaning works with juvenile volunteers….How did he grow so much fondness with such works?Is this his redemption?
Oh!why I was thinking about him?”–This thought had stirred my head..

I had dizzines thinking those haunted memories.Coming close to the staircase,I then had looked down and shivay had been standing here.He was still so handsome,exotic yet I felt nothing seeing him.Why hadn’t I felt nothing seeing him?Had all my love had turned into disgust for him?

I couldn’t walk Anymore..and just as soon as had I put my first step in the stair,I kept rolling the ride…

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” I shouted falling from the first floor with my child in my womb.

I only could see shivay shouting my name like crazy..he was barely breathing.He might have had his one more heart attack,I didn’t l know..

I was in so much pain,but I loved listening my name in his mouth.Shivay rushed to me holding my head in his lap..just then mom jerked him,
“Dont touch her,Shivay.I am warning you”

Shivay was taken aback.He was so sweating seeing me like that..He was crying,I could see with my blurred Vision..

“Mom,She is bleeding.Plz let me take her to hospital.”

“we are there for our bhabi,””OmRu made the situation more appalling saying those words.

I was cringing in pain…

I can’t remember anymore…meanwhile nurse just now finished giving me another dose of injection and I just couldn’t know it…I was so lost in my thoughts..

That’s all…Plz comment as I really need all your support…thank you…love


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