Sacred Relationships: SwaSan (Chapter 9)

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Thank you so very much to all for supporting, reading and commenting. I am grateful to you all. Seriously I don’t have words to tell thanks to you people. Ah! About lead couple as the name indicates, it will be SwaSan only. There will be no vilian in my story. The deviation of situations will cause twists. Now no more bak bak. Back to chapter.

Chapter 9:
Next day, whole house of Swara is decorated beautifully. It is her wedding day. She is waiting for Rahul and calls him. He attends the call and she asks him to come. He is not feeling well but agrees. He enters her room.
Ragini: thank God! You came else she would have broken my head.
Swara: Ragini! Can you leave us alone for some time?
Ragini: yeah sure! (leaves from there and Rahul comes to her and makes her sit on bed.)
Rahul: (smiles) you are looking very beautiful like a fairy.
Swara: (excited) really! Thank you so much Rahul.
Rahul: for what?
Swara: for being with me every time. You did all work yourself.
Rahul: no need for it because I could do anything for you. I mean as a friend. But one thing is incomplete.
Swara: what?
Rahul: your hairstyle.
Swara: are you planning to destroy it?
Rahul: (laughs) no, I brought this for you. (shows her gajras)
Swara: wow! They are very beautiful. I love it. (kisses on his cheek) could you please tie it?
Rahul: (hesitating) sure! (ties gajra on her hair and looks at her through the mirror. Manly desires are arising in him and he bends on her neck. She looks on shocked but just then she sees him taking dupatta. She gives a sigh of relief.) what happened?
Swara: nothing. Maybe it was my illusion.
Rahul: (thinks) thank god! I controlled myself else she would have known my feelings for her. He smiles towards her) can I place it?
Swara: (stands in front of him) yeah! (he places bridal chunri on her head and she closes her eyes)
Rahul: (cups her face) now my duty is going to be over after some time. But I am feeling very restless. Are you happy with my decision?
Swara: yeah! I know that Sanskar will keep me happy and I trust him.
Rahul: trust is the first step to love. You will start loving him.
Swara: don’t know.
Rahul: don’t worry! (teary eyes) I will always be with you like a good friend. Ok?
Swara: promise me that you will not forget me!
Rahul: (hits her head playfully) silly girl! How could I forget you? I will never forget you even after my death.
Swara: but you just consider me as best friend. I am afraid.
Rahul: you are more than a friend to me. I mean there is a level above friendship and below love. I consider you at that level. You are very special to me. You and only you are on that position.
Swara: I will be of Sanskar after some time. Could you please give me a hug?
Rahul: (holds her hand) come here. (hugs her and she buries her head in his chest) I will miss you very much. Don’t know how will I live without you but you have to stay happy. Ok? Your happiness is my first and last priority. Do this at least for me.
Swara: (holds him more firmly) yeah!

Rahul: (releases from hug) now listen to me carefully. This world cannot understand our relation. Your family understands but not Sanskar’s. so take care. Sanskar and your relation is very pure like ganga. You will have to keep it’s purity and strengthen it by your love. And please don’t talk about me very much. He might feel bad. Your new life is going to start and I wish you best of luck for it. only think of Sanskar, not me. Ok?
Swara: it’s not under my control.
Rahul: you will have to control. (searches something in his pocket and brings it. it is a beautiful gold chain with a diamond at middle on which SS letters are written with black colour.) this is my gift for you. S for Swara and S for Sanskar. (ties it around her neck) I only had one friend and that is you so I want your happiness. Take care of Sanskar and his family. They are very good people. (sets her dupatta right and hugs her) I love you.
Swara: (a tear escapes her eyes) I love you too!
Ragini comes and coughs.
Ragini: Rahul da! This is time of mahurat. Mom is calling her.
Swara: (looks at him teary eyed) you also come with me. (holds his hand firmly)
Rahul: no doll! I cannot come with you. I have some work. You go, I will come. Ok!
Swara: ok! (Ragini takes her from there. He falls on his knees and cries bitterly)
Rahul: it is very difficult for me to see you with anyone else but I am helpless. I want to see you settled before I die. This was my biggest dream and it is going to be fulfilled. (breathes heavily and searches for pump. He gets it and feels relieved. He rests his head on the wall and a tear escapes his eyes. On the mandap, Sanskar and Swara exchange garlands. She is sitting beside Sanskar and searching for Rahul. Sanskar is mesmerized by her beauty.)
Ragini: di! Whom are you searching for? I mean jiju is here and you are…
Swara: shut up. I was searching for that idiot Rahul. Where is he?
Ragini: ok. I will go and check. You calm down. (pats on her cheek and goes. Rahul hears Shumi calling him and composes himself.)
Shumi: Rahul! Where are you?
Rahul: (comes behind her) I am here mom! (smiles)
Shumi: what are you doing here? Swara is waiting for you in mandap. Come fast.
Rahul: ok! (both go and Ragini stops the Pandit)
Ragini: stop the rituals pandit ji.
Pandit: why beta! It is inauspicious to stop while doing rituals.
Ragini: no, actually her friend Rahul has not come. So… (looks at them coming) look they came. (they start the rituals.)
Pandit: girl must keep her hand in groom’s hand. (Swara looks at Rahul teary eyed and he comes and keeps her hand in Sanskar’s hand. Pandit keeps flowers on their hands) drop this in havan. (they drop flowers in havan.) Now both should stand up for pheras. (Rahul ties Sanskar’s shoulder cloth to Swara’s dupatta. He gets teary eyed but composes himself and smiles)

Rahul: Swaru! Stand up for pheras. (Swara looks at him teary eyed and extends her hand. He holds her and makes her stand beside Sanskar. They both start taking pheras and after pheras, they sit down again. Sanskar fills her mang and ties mangalsutrah around her neck. She looks towards Rahul and he smiles)
Swara: (thinks) how happy he is to get me married to Sanskar. I must be happy in his happiness. (she smiles and looks downward. Pandit asks both of them to seek blessings from elders and they do so. AP hugs Swara)
AP: May God bless you both. (to Swara) you are looking very beautiful.
Rahul: (comes and stands behind Sanskar) jiju is not less than her. (pats on his shoulder) he is looking dashing.
AP: both are looking gorgeous.
Swara: (whispers to Rahul) I am feeling suffocated here.
Rahul: he will love you so much that you will forget everything.
Swara: (smiles) I hope so.
Shumi: it is time for bidaai. (Swara starts crying and hugs her while Rahul goes to Sanskar)

Precap: bidaai of Swara and Sanskar anry!!!!!!!!!!!!…..

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  2. I didn’t get one thing here swara expect everything from Sanskar, what about vice versa

  3. Simin

    Rahul’s love is sooo pure
    But eventually its swasan

  4. Arshaanya

    I love ur story… n rahul z love is so true n pure n hez doing all dis for swaraz happiness bt m disapntd wid swaraz bhvr… i agree she loves rahul bt now she hs acptd to get married to sanskar n expcts so much from him bt d wayz shez bhvng m not liking it… i knw it will take tym for her to love him bt still… if she cnt forget rahul dan she shud not ve agrd for mrg… n nw plz show swasan also

    1. Arshaanya

      Watevr rahul is saying shez doing othrwse she wil not even bhve proprly wid sanskar

      1. Agree dear, become fully puppet even not thinking whether he is saying right or wrong.
        Sanskar have so many expectation when he came to know her love wat will happen to him and before marrying him she should have told Sanskar. Its one kind of wrong thing

      2. I also agree…

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  6. Why everything Sanskar do its wong in Swara’s eyes.
    Srry but Swara is very selfish, she don’t care anyone feeling except Rahul.

  7. Alia

    Very nice but try to make swara not this much selfish n continue soon

  8. Nice

  9. Vyshu10

    nice….in precap sanskar is angry…..totally justifiable

  10. Feeling bad for rahul…Outstanding

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