Sacred Relationships: SwaSan (Chapter 7)

Shumi calls all three for breakfast and they get ready to go.
Swara: (to Sanskar) come! (signs him to walk out first. He walks out and Swara hits Rahul.)
Rahul: ah! You daayan! (Sanskar hears them but does not stops)
Swara: shut up and beware next time. Don’t mess with me. Ok?
Rahul: ok mam, anything else?
Swara: no thank you. you know what? You look very cute while obeying me silently.
Rahul: my honour!
Swara: I love you.
Rahul: (smiles) I love you too. (side hugs her and she looks at him dreamy eyed. He notices this and immediately releases her) now come! (walks fast and comes to Sanskar. Sanskar has heard all this and feels bad but does not shows. Rahul thinks) there is only one week left in her marriage and she still feels the same for me. Why can’t she think of Sanskar like this? Why she always ignores him? I have to do something. (to Sanskar) hey! Do you have any idea?
Sanskar: (thinks) my ideas would work only when you will go away from her. (to Rahul) no!
Rahul: oh God! Looks like I will have to use my brains only here. I will think and tell you. (reach dining table and take their seats. Swara sits with Rahul and holds his hands.)
Swara: I know your favourites and I will serve you. ok? (stands up)
Rahul: (smiles and makes her sit down) you please sit here and ask his favourites. I will take myself. So Sanskar! What would you like to eat?
Sanskar: halva puri with tea and some sweet dish.
Swara: (makes faces and whispers to Rahul) how boring he is. I mean sweets in breakfast? Yuck!
Rahul: shut up! You should respect him and his feelings. Ok?
Swara: ok baba! Sorry.
Rahul: that’s like my girl. Now serve him.
Swara: do I look butler to you?
Rahul: (gives her irritating look) look swaru! You always used to serve me. Then why not to Sanskar. Come on! (Swara serves Sanskar and he gets happy) where is Ragini?
Swara: she must have left to college. It is late now!
Rahul: oh yeah! (they all have their breakfast and Sanskar leaves from there. Three days pass and Rahul asks Sanskar to take Swara for a long drive. He forces Swara to go with him and she agrees. Sanskar remains very close to her and she starts feeling for him but it is not love. She starts trusting him and accepts their relation. Now she is freely talking to him without hesitation. She shares her routine with him at night when he calls her. Rahul feels happy seeing her happy. His condition is worsening day by day but he manages to hide it from all. On her mehndi night, Rahul comes to her room.)
Rahul: hey Swaru! (touches her face fondly) you will leave tomorrow and I will miss you yar.
Swara: oye! Don’t get senti. Chill yar! You can come anytime to meet me.
Rahul: only if Sanskar does not mind!
Swara: he has no mind at all so don’t worry! (both laugh)
Rahul: hey! You did not applied mehndi till now?
Swara: I was waiting for you. (asks girl to apply mehndi.)
Rahul: sorry for being late!
Swara: it’s okay yar. You know what? You have a very special place in my heart and it will always remain till my death.
Rahul: (sits far from her) I know Swara! But you are going to get married tomorrow. Keep this thing in your mind. I selected Sanskar for you because I knew that he will keep you happy always because he loves you very much. He will never give you any sorrow!
Swara: I know Rahul but (teary eyes) I am with you like this for last time. When we will meet later, I will be having mangalsutrah and sindoor of Sanskar’s name with me. His name will be joined with my name. (caresses his face) I want to live this moment.
Rahul: Swaru! I don’t want to see you sad like this. Please smile. For me.
Swara: (smiles and a tear escapes her eyes) thank you. (intermingles her fingers with him and he leaves her hand)
Rahul: (wipes her tears) these are very precious. Never let them go waste. Now your new life is going to start so leave your sorrows for me. Ok?
Swara: ok! Could you please write Sanskar’s name on my hand? Actually, I will consider this as your biggest gift to me and maybe I will be able to love him.
Rahul: (thinks) I never thought that I will write someone else’s name on your palm with my own hands. (he tries to control his tears and smiles) yeah sure! (takes mehndi and writes Sanskar’s name on her palm)
Swara: sometimes, I think that you love me.
Rahul: no Swara! These talks are of no use.
Swara: why are you calling me with my real name Swara. You know na I am not habitual of this yar.
Rahul: I would not call you by nicknames from now onwards because only Sanskar will have this right on you.
Swara: our relation is not going to change. You donkey!
Rahul: (laughs) you will not leave your childish behaviour.
Swara: only when you will call me Swaru, doll or fatty.
Rahul: ok doll.
Swara: (holds his hand and drags him to balcony) tomorrow at the same time, I will be watching this scene from Sanskar’s room and he will be standing with me.
Rahul: don’t worry! He will not tease you. you will get rid of me. Don’t you feel happy?
Swara: stop it Rahul! I love you. (hugs him)
Rahul: (hugs her back) I love you too. Silly girl. But I am very happy because I will get rid of you. ah! Handling you is the most difficult task and now I have shifted this to Sanskar and I am sure he will do it excellently.
Swara: (rests her head on his shoulder) you can say what you want but I know that you will miss me.
Rahul: yeah! I know!
Swara: I accepted this relation because you selected Sanskar for me and I know you will never select any bad thing for me. (wipes her tears) would you like to do last dinner with me?
Rahul: yeah!
Swara: so come with me. (holds to his arm and takes him to her place and asks Shumi to send food. She sends and they eat together. Swara feeds him parathas and he tries to resist.)
Rahul: no doll! Do you want me to become fat like you?
Swara: I said open the mouth. It is the last day I am feeding you.
Rahul: (smiles) ok! (feeds him. After sometime, he coughs and drinks water.) swaru! Now I need to go.
Swara: as a good friend, you should remain with me till my wedding and you have not danced till now.
Rahul: no Swaru! I cannot dance.
Swara: you can. (all girls and Swara insist.)

Precap: SwaHul emotional dance and Rahul’s bad condition.

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