Sacred Relationships: SwaSan (Chapter 18)


Sanskar and Swara spend quality time together but Swara has cold behaviour towards Sanskar. He feels bad but is determined to win her trust back. He tries everything to make her happy and she also develops some good feelings for him. Next day, she asks Sanskar to drop her to Rahul’s office.
Sanskar: what? But why?
Swara: don’t you know he is going to US for a month as his boss is sending him for an important office work. It is the question of his job. He will leave directly from there to airport. I want to spend last day with him. (Sanskar gets happy hearing that Rahul is going and agrees. She wears a sleeveless saari with flowery blouse and beautiful white and green ghagra. She is setting her pallu right when Sanskar comes.
Sanskar: you are simple but still very gorgeous. (smiles)
Swara: (feels uncomfortable) you got only these types of Sarees for me? I mean these are sleeveless and very exposed. I never wore these types of dresses.
Sanskar: actually, my mom wears these types of Sarees and I never did shopping for any girl so I chose these. I will but some new clothes for you till you come back. Ok? (puts sindoor in her hairline) now complete.
Swara: (looks at him awkwardly) ok! Now come! (they both go and he drops her to office gate. She gets inside and Sasha sees her.)

Sasha: (thinks) who is this beautiful lady? (to Swara) how can I help you mam?
Swara: I came here to meet my friend.
Sasha: ok. What is his name?
Swara: is it Swara industries?
Sasha: yes!
Swara: (thinks) wow, what a co-incidence. A big company on my name. sounds great! (to Sasha) actually, I came here to meet my friend Ra…
Sasha: (cuts) ram? Oh he is a very nice guy. You sit here, I will call him.
Swara: no not ram. I came here to meet Ra…(shouting sound of Rahul comes. He is scolding Sonia) who is shouting here?
Sasha: terminator.
Swara: (shocked) what?
Sasha: no one. You please sit here.

Swara: how could anybody scold a girl like that? Doesn’t he have some manners? I will go and teach him a lesson.
Sasha: no mam! He will scold you also. He is like an angry young man. Our boss is very rude. You must not go inside.
Swara: I will go and check. (sasha tries to stop her but she enters his cabin and is shocked to find Rahul. Rahul freezes on the moment he sees her. Swara comes and stands next to him and glares at him angrily. Sasha is scared like hell and waiting for Rahul to shout on her but to her surprise, he silently stands there which shocks her. Swara slaps him so hard that he falls on the table behind and blood comes out. He thinks she got to know the reality and is scared. Sasha is hell shocked. PA and everyone gathers at the door. Rahul touches his blood and looks at her in shock. She shouts and scolds him) Mr. Rahul Mehta! How dare you scold this innocent girl? Don’t you have some manners?
Rahul: Swara! (PA gets alert hearing “Swara” and whispers)
Naksh: she is Swara. Our boss’s love.
Sasha: (shocked) what? Don’t try to play the prank again. Ok? See now sir will treat her like hell. You just wait and watch.

Rahul: I am sorry! (everyone’s jaw dropped hearing him saying sorry)
Sasha: Naksh! Pinch me. Am I dreaming? This terminator said sorry? Maybe I heard wrong!
Nisha: no mam, we all heard it. he was saying sorry.
Naksh: I said earlier!
Sasha: shut up!
Swara: (waves her hand in front of him) oh hello! Mickey! (Rahul laughs and hugs her and starts swirling her)
Rahul: oh Swaru! How are you?
Swara: (Rahul is still lifting her up and swirling) I am all set and please put me down else I will faint. You mickey!
Rahul: (keeps her on earth but still side hugging her) mickey?
Swara: yes! I got this name perfect for you. In anger, you were looking like a mickey.
Rahul: (releases from hug) and you look like witch of the day.
Swara: (again slaps him and all look at her hell shocked) you idiot! If I am a witch, then you are Dracula. You know what? Actually, your face resembles monkeys so Darwin’s theory is correct that humans have evolved from animals. You are the link specie between both.

Rahul: you fatty! You forgot how you used to snatch my lunch in break time. God will not leave you for this sin. See how much weight you have gained. (acts as removing sweat from his forehead) you are too heavy yaar! (Swara hits on his chest and he shouts) ah! Swaru ki bachi, I will not leave you. (spoils her hairs)
Swara: you monkey! (throws files on him and he again hugs her)
Rahul: I am sorry doll! I love you!
Swara: (reciprocates to his hug and kisses him on cheek) I love you too my mickey! (laughs sarcastically and he pecks her forehead)
Rahul: thank you for giving such a nice name to me.
Swara: what? I thought you will get irritated! (pouts)
Rahul: oho, Is that so? Come and sit here. You may be tired. Where is your mangalsutrah? (eyes of every one widened)
Sasha: (whispering) is he married?
Naksh: I told you but you did not believe me. See how much he loves her.
Sasha: I can’t believe my eyes. This terminator could love someone?
Swara: why?
Rahul: you don’t look good without mangalsutrah na!
Swara: I forgot.

Rahul: you should not forget it doll! It shows your identity as a married woman.
Swara: yeah!
Rahul: (thinks) my old Swaru is back. Thank you God! (to Swara) you came without telling me. Why?
Swara: because I wanted to surprise you. I want to spend my whole day with you before you leave for US.
Rahul: but I have many works here.
Swara: so first say sorry to this innocent girl.
Rahul: innocent?
Swara: (stamps his feet and he cries ah) say sorry to her.
Rahul: but why?
Swara: because you were scolding her badly.
Rahul: no (all look at him in shock) actually (thinks and gets idea) han wo actually we were practicing for ad.
Swara: ad?
Rahul: yeah! She is the main model so we were practicing scene. (Swara looks at Sonia whose dressing sense is tomboyish.)

Swara: she and model? She looks like a boy. Are you trying to fool me?
Rahul: how can I fool you doll? (makes a puppy face and blinks at her) you are so much intelligent that nobody could fool you. (nods in no) never. And my boss made her a model. We can’t do anything because he never listens to anyone. (Sonia looks at him with wide eyes)
Swara: ah that boss is the dumb most person of the world. He is senseless. I don’t know how he became the boss of these industries? I am sure is face resembles some Dracula. (Sonia coughs and looks at him horrified)
Rahul: I am saying na that she is a model. Hai na Sonia.
Sonia: (confused) voh mein actually sir!
Swara: kya sir sir laga rakha hai? He is your colleague so take his name.
Sonia: (shocked) but mam he is our b…
Rahul: Sonia! You can go now! (Sonia goes from there) doll! I have some work. Let me finish it.

Precap: Rahul leaving for US and some SwaSan moments

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  1. If u want to show rahul and swara as a pure relationship now showing like this, then I m srry to say its very ridiculous thing. Which is not acceptable at all. Every relationship has some limitations but I don’t feel that in your ff.

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    Sorry if i hurt u… dun feel bad its ur story u can rite d way u want… its jus dat v read only swasanz story n here is no swasan jus a title….

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