Sacred Relationships: SwaSan (Chapter 17)


Rahul informs Swara about his leaving to US for office work and Swara advises him to move on and marry someone.
Rahul: (looks at her with blood shot eyes) what? (walks to her and she walks back in fear till she reaches wall. He holds her shoulders so tightly that she starts crying due to pain) what happened? Are you hurt? I am hurt more than this. Never try to interfere in my personal life. I will do whatever I want and you are nobody to stop me. Never ever take the name of marriage in front of me. Understood! (Swara nods and gulps in fear) nobody could take her place. (shouts and digs his nails into her arms) never! Don’t try to act smart. I am happy how I am. I will never let anyone to remove her memories from my heart till death. (pushes her and she falls on bed. He goes out in rage and drives his car rashly. Her words are echoing in his mind. He shouts) I am sorry to hurt you but I don’t wanted to discuss all that with you Swara! I am sorry! (Karan calls him and he asks to meet him in his office. He enters his office. All workers wish him and he gets irritated. He calls his PA and tells him that he is going to US.

PA: (shocked) but sir! There is so much work pending and we can’t do it without your guidance.
Rahul: (tries to control his anger) who is the boss?
PA: (fumbles) sir…voh..voh…
Rahul: (hits his hand on the table and PA gets frightened. He shouts) I asked you who is the boss here?
PA: you.
Rahul: so I will do whatever I want. Who are you to question me. You are just an employee of my company so stay in your limits. And now you are fired!
PA: sorry sir! But please this job is very important for me. I have many small children. Please have pity on me.
Rahul: (shouts) get lost I said! (Karan enters and tries to calm him down)
Karan: offo Rahul! What happened? You get angry on small things just like that. Please control yourself at least for Swara. (PA gets alerted to hear the name of a girl)
Rahul: I know yar! I am doing all this for her. I want to see her happy.
Karan: how much do you love her? I get irritated. You take her name every time while sitting, standing, working and even in sleep.
Rahul: you can’t even imagine how much I love her. She is my life and my world. Ok leave it. you were saying that papers are ready.
Karan: yeah! Only Swara’s signs are required. Then all of your business and property would be in her name. (jaw of PA dropped down to listen this) may I ask something?
Rahul: you don’t need any permission. Just say it.
Karan: why did you not make her yours. I mean you are giving your everything to her without her knowledge. You are much more rich than that Mr. Maheshwari and you could buy hundreds of companies like him in one go.
Rahul: wealth does not make us happy. Only love makes us happy and I don’t want her to be sad. Anyways, I will get her signs on these papers without letting her know anything. This will be a gift for her from my side. And she will not know it until my last breath.
Karan: I am really keen to meet the new heir of your property. After all she stole my friend from me.
Rahul: she will come with me to this office but make sure she does not get to know that I am the boss. Ok?
Karan: ok dude! (PA is stunned and leaves from there unnoticed. He comes out) and your tickets are ready. Tomorrow night at 9:30. Be ready!
Rahul: (smiles and looks outside through window) Swara! This is for you.
Karan: (hits his own head with palm) now stop chanting mantrah of her name. (Rahul is lost and he shakes him) oh hello Romeo! Come to your real world.
Rahul: yeah! (they start doing the work)
PA goes out and gathers everyone. Everyone is keen to listen him.
PA: guys guys guys! The most stunning, hot and breaking news of the world.
All together: what news?
PA: (excited) that Hitler, I mean terminator, no actually our boss. Do you know that Dracula also loves someone? (everyone’s jaw dropped down to earth by listening this)

Sasha: (gets up) no ways yar! It is impossible. Now stop your drama and get back to work. Hurry up every one!
PA: no, I am saying the truth!
Sasha: would you please shut up? I mean he does not know about the “L” of love. He can never love anyone. In fact he is always ready to pounce on anyone. All that he can do is to scold, shout and fire his employees.
PA: no no, I heard it with my own beautiful and efficient ears.
Sonia: (makes faces) beautiful? Yuck….
Sasha: how do you know this?
PA: Karan sir was talking with him.
Sasha: what? Karan? Then you must be saying the truth because he is the only friend of him.
PA: and one more sizzling news.
Sonia: sizzling?
PA: sir has named everything to her. His business and property both. (all look on shocked and suddenly start laughing)
Sasha: (angrily) stop you pranks right now Naksh!
Naksh: no, I am saying truth. (keeps hand on her head) your swear. (she backs off and scolds him)
Sasha: I don’t want to die so soon.
Naksh: you will not die as I am saying truth. Really guys, our new boss is Swara but she does not know about all this.

In fact she does not know anything about terminator’s business.
Sasha: you are unbelievable.
Naksh: ok, you don’t believe me. But when she will come tomorrow to meet sir, then you guys would know. And not let her know that he is our boss. (every one giggles and they don’t take it seriously. Rahul calls Sasha on intercom.)
Sasha: yes sir!
Rahul: I am going to US for a month. I will leave tomorrow. You will have to handle my office in my absence. Ok?
Sasha: but sir this is not…
Rahul: (angrily) no ifs and buts. Just do what I say. You are an employee here and get paid working for me. I will pay you triple times your salary for this.
Sasha: but sir we will need your guidance.
Rahul: (shouts) shut up! In which era are you living? There is internet, skype and video chatting soft wares. Don’t you know about it? from which institute you got your degree? I have a doubt that your degree is fake.
Sasha: sorry sir!
Rahul: keep your sorry with you and do as I say. I will go to airport directly from here so all employees would have to stay here as I will tell them how to do the work before I go. Got it?
Sasha: yes sir!
Rahul: tell this to everyone. (ends the call and she sighs in relief)
Sasha: oh! (holds her head) this terminator was born in mars during his last janam that is why he always behaves like an alien. Oh God! please save me from this workaholic boss.

Precap: Sanskar happy to know that Rahul is going for US and Swara going to Rahul’s office!

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